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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"The Magnificent bird on my Terrace"

Sitting in living room, looking at the glass door lost in my own mind…Daughter brushes against me giving me a gentle kiss to my lips, TV thoughts lingering. A raven lands on our terrace with a distant sweet aura, starring into its eyes wondering what good or bad omen it has come to deliver.

It flaps its wings and for a brief moment I feel the dark joy of parting, the strange pain of separation…The bird stares back as though understanding my inner fears, slowly it lowers its head and tiny whispering sounds seem to emanate from it. As I wait attentively for more sounds, it’s chirping breaks the icy silence and it starts singing to me. I can clearly hear the song. Its cry like ink on wind, words carved with its wings. I watch the message of the bird and it becomes my eyes--

"O King of the land of Bharata and the gushing waters of the Ganges, I bring the biddings of my mistress; smiling on a tarriance here;

Yes! yes, I have come from the spirits' land far North
Where its bright and fair, I come with a voice from the shadowy princess,
To tell you that they love you there!
To say, if a wish or a fond regret could live in Elysian bowers 'It would be for your love she could never forget.
To whisper to your dearest soul, that she watches around you still
Her light and magic veil cast over your woes.

Tis’ true in the silent night when you call
She ofts on a hurrying blast to answer you again and again…
Bidding you remember the laughter, the affection, the joy
not just the recent tears. Cherish the memories, your hopes and dreams.
Hold fast to the love that you share. Be happy with the time you spend together
and being anew."

My mistress psalm...

"Hear me King of Bharata when am not around am not really gone,
I am closer than ever before. As the morning sun rises and throughout the busy day...I am with you. Until the setting sun disappears on the horizon and we watch the day turn into night...I am here.

You may feel a faint breeze stir round your head, while you slumber
as I gently kiss your forehead, "Good night." The stars that shine so brightly in my heavenly sky help me watch over you and keep you from harm.
I am the wind in the trees and the song of a bird.
I am moonbeams in a midnight sky and a glorious rainbow after the storm.
I am morning dew, and freshly-fallen snow.
I am a smile on a stranger's face, a gentle touch, a warm embrace.

Listen to the wind for my message of love. Watch the sun rise and set in the sky with me. Feel my essence encircle you with warm memories.
Open your heart to know...I am not gone. Reach deep into your soul...You will find me.

I am here.
Have no fear.
I am with you,

As a mere messenger on wings…She bid me say that in unfading flowers and key board notes,
You'll find in the path she trod, But my plaintive strains tell you in life,
She loves, oh! she loves you still and forever more.
And a welcome you’re; true to her deathless bowers,
pronounced by the voice of reason fly back to her on wired notes.


Desert Rose said...

I hear you
you bird of love
I feel you
right from the heaven above
I am there
In your everywhere
safe and sound
In you and always around
our everlasting bound
Is infinite
to remain
through the pain
we shall overcome
as long as i have you in my arms
we are never apart
where you bend we start
covering you with our warmth
we are your wings
when you need to fly
your silent dings
If you wondered why
we are the answers
and the whispers
you are never alone
no matter hidden or shown
we are there
when you close your eyes
the shivering lid will lead your sighs
even if the bird flies
your love is life that never dies
kiss the bird and the thought
the roses are only yours
forever and more.

Again ..you just never seize to drive my words to where you shine my lovely Queen..tears in my eyes bring out my verses just for you and my king ..love you darling :)
forever and more.

Anonymous said...

Dear Writer,

Your thoughts and imagery are spectacular. You write amazingly and the emotions flow making the story very interesting. Your message i believe has been received. Thank you for distant love and dreams.

Your Sun-

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog, your poems and stories are brilliant.

Pete Carrigan

Wild Rose said...

Thank you again Anonymous as usual you put another smile on my face. Very much appreciated darling ~:)


Wild Rose said...

Welcome Pete, thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment :-)

Wild Rose said...

Thank you desert rose for your sweet addition, i loved it xx

Anonymous said...

Very refreshing and birds have been known to deliver messages of love since time immemorial. It's just amazing how you can create a story from a simple thought or tweet. Am touched and feel your emotions in this story through out.

Galaxyhera (twitter.com/galaxyhera)

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