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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Political, Film and Musical Parodies"

Obama & Bush Impersonators...Sound just like them too. Laughed my ass off watching these videos:
*ROLFLMAO* This was beyond hilarious...Will Ferrell reprises George Bush" at a Sizzler comparing Bush killing a gopher to Obama killing Osama Bin Laden...Funny as hell and Bush again will always be an idiot~~
...In a new Funny or Die video, Will Ferrell reprises his role as George Bush, and he does so from a Sizzler in Texas. President Bush has just killed a gopher in his yard, and he says the world is safer for it. And in other water cooler news, Stephen Colbert and Katie Couric share a bathroom moment.

world news

Obama explains where babies come from~~~

Worst Translator to ever hit the White House~

1 comment:

Desert Rose said...

hahaaa that was really awesome watch LMAO the key of awesome ha! LOL now i m more compassionate with Batman..hehee

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