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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"My Hero of another kind" - A dedication to my daughter

Eyes, Irises of beauty
Wide and awake, twinkling.
Not of knowing but quizzical,
From the moment I gazed on
your newborn baby face,
I knew I had been blessed with God’s
overflowing gift of grace.

Do you know how much you mean to me?
As you grow into the special being that you will be.
You were born right within,
from just beneath my heart
Its here I hide you always,
Though you swirl right past the years
Growing so first you send me into a whirl.

Oh, how I wish I could stop time
Hold it right where you’re forever,
Alas, this is life’s rush.
But all dreams and goals,
sit before you very near.
As I sing in rhythm of
a mother's heartfelt Love,
Your smiles take away my sorrows and sighs.

My daughter, the love of my life
The world my Oyster,
Earth’s angel, my shiniest pearl
Endless words not enough to capture
the depth of my love for you.
Discoveries at your feet..
Love of life, animals, music, films
Cute little laughs, your cartoons.

Watching, my sweet reflection..
Amazed! Noticing your inner beauty
and individuality.
Sunlight reflecting through your curls,
Humming little unknown tunes,
As you skip about your day..

Night-time, forever in my head
Our nightly rituals, piggy-back rides
en-route to bed.
Wishes, Winnie the Pooh
cuddly big hugs,

A million kisses, lullabies
When you lay down your head to sleep
with little praying whispers,
I thank God each and every day,
asking him to keep a watchful eye on my rare
and unique treasure.

Protecting you always
for you “my little girl”,
I love you so infinitely...
Probably more than you’ll ever know
My hero of another kind.

With all my heart & Love-
Your Mummy


Desert Rose said...

one little face
two bright eyes
innocence in flesh
so fresh
sweet giggles
loving bubbles
tender skin
touch me within
when i imagine having one
i tremble of joy
i keep holding my toy
and telling her my stories
night cuddles
soul settles
within such tiny arms
that save me from the world
one day i will tell her
that she made a more beautiful person
once she just took her first step
stumbling in my emotions
when she managed to finally spell
as she reached my arms
after a few tiny kisses on my face

one day your beautiful rose
will grow to a heavenly creature
one that will make you proud
and will make you turn around
and give her the warmest hug in the world

for you both
I give you my love

still in tears..
hugs tight.

Luke Prater said...

Hi there -

Thanks for the visit and the kind words. Like you I am simple and complicated...

Some nice imagery in yr poem above; nice work :)

Warmest Salad


Wild Rose said...

Thank you Luke it was nice reading you as well :)

Anonymous said...

Daughters are all so sweet. I love the poem and she's very lucky to have you as her mother. (L)

Your Sun

Jingle said...

dynamic piece.

abthomas said...

Truly a fine piece to read -thanks

Teresa said...

This is wonderful! I just love the part about your daughter being born "from just beneath my heart." Very beautiful!

Kavita said...

Awww...this was super sweet! I take it personally, cuz I am a daughter, and the ONLY child at that! :)
I am sure my mom felt/still feels the same...

This was a very special tribute to all daughters, and I thank you for this lovely ode!

May your love for your daughter, and hers for you, ALWAYS grow...

Hugs and Kisses to you both!!

Olivia said...

A lovely poem for a lovely girl. They are a bundle of surprise for everyone around.. they emerge as a winner and the strongest one going around..

Here's mine:

All the Best

Olivia said...

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