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Monday, May 24, 2010

"Adam and Eve the Story - Our Twist"

In a paradise with perfect measures, Adam lived in harmony with all creatures. He had been fashioned from clay as God’s own unique creation. He roamed the beautiful gardens of Eden sipping in all its peace and tranquility.

Till one day he got bored and very lonely. So God created me from part of his rib and soul, to serve him as a lover and be his mate. He breathed life through my nostrils making me as good as new.

That morning as sunrise broke apart the shadows, and the sun bathed me with its rays, I walked above the ground alongside my mate. Hand in hand we danced down the winding roads of daisy fields full of faith and glory. Running liberated along nature’s path, reaching for supple coconuts to satiate our unquenchable thirst as we shaded beneath palm trees.

"Am happy, am proud", said Adam holding my face between his hands, the sun seems to beam from my heart as the stars dance around us. What is this sensation I feel?" A happy tear ran down his cheek. "What’s the cause? I want to know?", he asked.
“Adam" I answered.. "Just now when we were intertwined, you called the sensation love, I felt it too. What exactly is a “Love?" I asked him as I licked his tears away with my lips. He smiled and said, "Maybe it’s this wondrous warmth we feel. So fresh and clean; and as pristine as snow. Love is a health, it’s a sunshine..." he said, nodding his head.

So smart, my Adam was I thought. This "love" feeling was sunbathing me with warm rays and through it we were lifting each other. It was like a powerful and magic golden rod. There was music in my soul and the sun was shining through my mind. Walking hand in hand down the silver rolling hills, dew lifting in a rising through gentle mist.
We came across the blossoms of an apple tree, lit up like tiny, little lanterns, as the sunlight pierced their fragile bodies with warmth. It was so beautiful, we were enchanted. Then a powerful voice echoed through the clouds. It was from God and he commanded; "Adam my son, do not eat from the apple tree. Your knowledge will disappear and you will realize your fears"

"Eve" said Adam, "God has forbidden us to eat from this tree, let’s eat the cherries from the tree next to it. Then he looked at me with his dazzling hazel eyes, something mysterious swimming below their surface. There was a riddle that I could not penetrate. I watched, holding my breath. "You’re not thinking of disobeying God, Are you? I asked."

Up high in the tree, a serpent watched our unfolding scene below.

"No! Of course not" He said in a composed manner. It’s just that all this time I had only had my body to look at and I never imagined another being just like me.

"Hahaha...!!" My laughter cascaded loudly, frightening a pair of parrots from their roost above us. Oh my love, you are a very sweet and wise being sometimes!"

Adam sat there in silence, watching me, as I continued chuckling to myself. Completely mesmerized by the sensual contours of my body playing in the morning light, as my blush began to deepen at his expense.

Hsssss hssssss hsssssssssssssssss

Hissed the serpent to himself as he slowly made his way down the apple tree. He knew that today would be a great chance to get these two lovebirds to eat the apple. Because of Eve’s present bashfulness, she might just be that much more inclined to appease Adam. Yes, today was turning out wonderfully indeed. Thought the serpent..

Little did he know of the sensation called a "Love"!

The serpent approached us with a bullet proof plan, an apple wrapped around it’s coils. He then proceeded to tell us how knowledgeable we would become if we took just a bite of the apple. He told us that God was so selfish that he didn’t want to share his knowledge with us and that by eating the apple from the forbidden tree, we’d in fact be more powerful than God and we could simple banish him from paradise altogether and leave happily ever after as gods.

We gazed at each other for a while contemplating on our new found friend and his theory to power. Hypnotized by the mirage of our eyes under the serpent’s glimmering scales. Suddenly, we were in each other’s grasp drowning in pulsing waves of milk and honey, smothering ourselves in our primal carnality. Drinking from Adam’s sweet raging sweetness as he hoped to quench the thirst of his throbbing weakness.

“Adam, I cried out...Give me more...I want more...more please...And he grunted.."Eve, Please let me in, let me in..I want in...penetrating my ever changing paradox and scorching me with burning touches.

“Eve...Let our flames devour us in perfect pleasure in an eternal paradise,” Adam whispered. Now inescapable, I could hardly breathe, it was more than just physical and deeper than spiritual; we had morphed into each other completing our tango. My libertine, I thought out loud.. there’s no substitution.

We no longer need an explanation for it!

In our madness, we had both instantly forgotten the serpent and it had finally slithered away in hopes of finding another mortal to corrupt!
It was that feeling called a “love” that had saved our souls from an original sin.

Adam and Eve the story - Our Twist. (LK/SRK)


Desert Rose said...

touch me
where nobody ever can
be my fan
and my superman
kiss me
when the lips tremble
and the hearts gamble
feel this flesh
all scented and fresh
feel me in your swing
so much quivers you bring
you are in me
an everlasting refugee
in a sanctuary of lust
we drink our nectar
never afar
hiss in my ears your sound
just turn me around
like your desired toy
for i am yours to enjoy
press my spots
refill my pots
pour in your mystical soul
in my heart and have it all
with an apple
the world would shuffle
redundant Resistance
i just lose it in your bliss
ups and downs
savage rebounds
accelerated breaths
conceived myths
out of you and me
we are just so meant to be
only if you in your heart believe
that you are my Adam
and i am your seductive Eve.

ahhh larvy yes,he is our Adam only him can..and he rides on my mind with his love..you just stunned me with this beauty, uncaughed my mind with marvel. i hope i did this masterpiece what it deserves.
love you lots.
hugs&kisses my Queen :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story, am humbled. You're the most loving and sincere person i have ever known. I love you Jaan (K)(L)

Your Sun-

Wild Rose said...

My dear Queen thank you for that sweet and lovely comment. Once again you made me fly with your words..so tender and sweet. Can't get enough.

Lots of love & kisses~

Wild Rose said...

Dear Anonymous,

What can say besides my uttermost appreciation which is thank you from deep down. Your words touched me and put a smile on my face and am blessed. It's good to know i have a sun here and a sun there and everywhere :-))

Thank you darling~

Sara said...

Wild Rose -- I do indeed like this parable. I like that by joining in love, Adam and Eve became as one, which made them stronger than the serpent. That is the power of true love -- it's the "royal flush" in the poker game with God:~)

Wild Rose said...

Sara - I just knew you would like it and get it well and that's exactly what my thoughts were when i wrote it. It's the power that true love has to conquer evil and remain a strong foundation in our lives and in God's eyes :)

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