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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"You’re Mine to Keep" - A father’s love For his daughter on her birthday

Dear Princess of my heart,
I care for you so much,
Loving the fondness in your wide beautiful eyes,
the tenderness in your little touch
Your memories so great,
Bringing me a heart of joy.

A powerful sense of fatherhood,
So innocent and pure
The twinkle of your eyes shines greater than any star,
The smiles you give me, keep my days so bright
I watch and pray as you grow,
Bringing me love and faith,
beauty and grace.

You’re my pride, my unconditional love I pledge,
You’re my sunshine, undivided bond I cherish,
You’re my little angel, my hugs and kisses
I shield you from the ups and downs of the world.

Days in, full of sunshine and bliss,
bike rides and water sports.
Seeing you run and jump,
shouting and calling out my name,
No love that I have ever known,
could ever feel the same.
Nothing can over shadow the bond that we retain

Nights out, watching you sleep
dreaming of things that I can only wonder.
That innocent look upon your face
just makes my heart grow fonder

When I asked God for a flower, He gave me a bouquet
When I asked him for a second, He gave me a day
When I prayed for an angel, he gave me you
My very likeness, he carved you
to the very tip of your nose..

The perfect gift,
because on this very special day of your beginning,
God gave away a gift of love,
from up above so unique and so rare..

May Allah bless you my dearest angel
especially on this day, that marks your birth,
for all the unique ways that you’re
You bring a bit of heaven into my world,
with tender kisses all over my face,
My little princess, you're mine to keep.

With All My Love,
Your Papa~ SRK


Desert Rose said...

i love the way you make me laugh
i forget the world
and when you are telling me stories
i love the way your face shines
as if you read my lines
i love when you put me to bed
i would crawl in your arms instead
feeling i am forever safe
in a your kingdom of tenderness
i love when you share my day
take of your time to carve me a way
to be with you
so many things we want to do
i love when you hold me close
and let me hold your hand and pose
i love when you listen to my complains
and kiss my tears and heal my pains
i love when you let me sneak into your study
to get my books and when you play with my teddy
i love when you kiss my forhead at night
and i love it more when i hold you so tight
i have so many things i love about you
and much more blessings i have to count
one more thing
i love it when your dimples ding
and when you tenderly call my name
i know you love me the same
i thank God every day
because he already gifted me in every birthday
one priceless blessing i am to keep
cos papa..
you are really mine to keep.

From Suhana to Papa

(i loved writing it as much as i loved reading Papa Talking )

you are our sweetheart

The Desert Rose

Desert Rose said...

I miss you larvy...:(

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the poem, reading it made me think of my daughter. Love the words very sweet.

Your Sun

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