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You are in my guts Shah and I am acting because you are alive... *ILU* ~@LarvK

"I read everything including the laundry list that comes at my home. When I used to stay in a hotel and couldn't find a book to read I used to read the instructions on how to escape in case of a fire. I love reading and like to read almost every book. I need to read before I sleep" ~@iamsrk

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

"My Master is Home"

It's been too long, home at last.. home at last
He brushes back my hair and gazes down at me
quietly watching me curled safe in our bed
Nuzzling my neck, softly he whispers in my ear..
My sweet loving pet, your Master is home.

I lay deep in slumber wrapped in his robe,
peacefully dreaming of pleasures shared..
A smile like a wolverine's flickers over my lips
I sit next to him feeling his warm flesh
I slowly expose his olive skin to my touch..

He wets his finger in his mouth to write his name
between the mounds of my full ripe roses,
Warm letters spell out his love upon my skin,
He blows gently over them, his breathe cooling,
soft tingling breeze, like mint on the tongue.

Smiling, wriggling deeper into my dreams,
I quietly sigh and surrender my cavern to him,
Suddenly; am billions of miles away in a galaxy so enchanting
Touching each star as It melts warmly in my hands
Holding on to my Master’s every fiber of life
His arms supporting me like a feather..
Master...Are we still alive? I mourn..
Then he exclaims as he gasps...we have just landed!!
Grinning devilishly his dimples magnificently curved
On the handsomely face...
I kiss one then the other then his forehead
Then each eye slowly and sweetly..

He watches over me in the flickering candlelight,
like a wolf watching over his sleeping mate
I raise my head to meet his gaze
seeing the glimmer in his eyes..
I dart, burying my face in his chest as
he hangs on to me with all his superhero might
I smile..I’m home.
My sweet loving Master, your pet is adorned..


stairway to heaven said...

How breathtaking that one is! can't get enough of reading it..you just described my trapped emotions larvy,how awesome it is to find someone who can feel so beautifully and i know our king is feeling it as much ..all your words drip with eternal love that kind that is only born to last forever and to infinity it is my dear QUEEN..:)

LarvK said...

Thank you my beautiful queen...If you close your eyes just for a second and and relieve each line above in you, then you will have walked through my eyes and felt every bit that i felt..I hope you try it just this once ~:)

stairway to heaven said...

I DID..and it was HEAVEN ONLY..;)

Scott Jordan Harris said...

It's wonderful that you write such intimate poems, and that you share them online. :-) I like the way you pick YouTube clips to accompany them, too!

LarvK said...

Thank you Scott, it's very kind of you and always great to have my film critic buddies weigh in on my poetry musings. I thought if we can share intimacy on films, then we can also share intimacy on poems. Different mediums of art with the same goal :-). I love the YouTube clips too because i enjoy visualizing the feelings in the poems I write!

Anonymous said...

aesa mat karo..d't be sad..
u have my (U)..
to + kya chahta ho?
i know all..
aao maine tumse intizaar karti hun

Anonymous said...


LarvK said...

Ninakupenda mpenzi wangu Shah...~:)

LarvK said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...so sweet am touched, i won't be sad starting this second not when i belong to one who is so amazing...God i think am loosing my mind...

LarvK said...

Dear Anonymous,

I want my love's heart, his soul, his flesh but most of all his mind...I admire it so much. I want every inch of him on every part of me...forever ~

stairway to heaven said...

is it too much to ask?
for you to burn the mask?
and let her hold your bare face
your flesh she would embrace
counting all your blinks
craving for you she sinks
in your tub
your skin to rub
against hers
you feel her near
always dear
kill your fears
to whip her tears
she gives in to you
in complete adoration
is it too much to want
what is already yours
you are the one she adores
life never is fair
but lovers are to each other
this little they can do
just in order to live each other
and survive the world.

LarvK said...

P:S @Anonymous... So many things but i also want the love of my life to whisper my name in his heart everyday and once in a while to call me out in public and to shout it out to the world and make me coil with shyness...The things women want haha...

I want him to tell me he's mine alone even though i know i have to share him because i didn't get to him first...but I get pleasure at the thought of knowing he would be mine alone...ok will share him with my Queen..

I want to give him everything he's never gotten, maybe he has it all but he's missing the love i have for him, he doesn't get enough gifts as far as am concerned so even if am not a millionaire, i would love to give him the little treasures of true love and friendship. I want to sneak into his study/room/tub and make mad love to him when no one knows and vice versa..

I want him to love me as much as I love him to death..
I want him to always count on me when he needs someone away from everyone else and to trust that i would die before i betrayed him and lastly but not least i want to grow old with him, have fun with our kids and enjoy life together and May Allah bless him with everything he's ever wanted. I want him to be and to remain the best human being to ever grace this century because he's phenomenal as one!

Truly his,

stairway to heaven said...

@LarvK OH how sweet are your simple wishes dear one,i know one day everything beautiful will happen just for you darling..keep the faith and always rise ,you can do it girl! lots of love and kisses sweetheart ..keep smiling ..you bring the sunshine along when you do..:)

Anonymous said...

The poem is so sweet, it melted my heart.. "My pet is adorned".. puts a smile on my face.

Your Sun

Jingle said...

he loves you,
that's true...

sweet piece. beautiful job.

Amanda said...

Breathtaking from beginning to end..your talent amazes me girlfriend...I felt this!! Much love xx

Kavita said...

This was THE most sensuous take on the potluck theme!!! And need I even mention that I so drooled over it!! Gee, my Wild Rose, your writing melts me every single time! The tender/raw feelings that you bring our in your poems are like no other!! May he shower his love upon you FOREVER! And may you bask in the warmth of his being, again, FOREVER!!

Thank you for linking this lovely poem with poetry potluck.. we are very glad to have you here! And I personally am BLESSED to have you participate here... Your linking in with potluck is something very special to me!!

Thank you, my wild one!!!! :)

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