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"I read everything including the laundry list that comes at my home. When I used to stay in a hotel and couldn't find a book to read I used to read the instructions on how to escape in case of a fire. I love reading and like to read almost every book. I need to read before I sleep" ~@iamsrk

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Black Slick"

Boats build keenly, birds
gloating burials pleading
buoyantly, limply.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"A Qualified Driver"

He moved away from the edge as the lights turned yellow and then green accelerating hard, the race was long and it was going to be tough. His competitors were faster; it seemed it was getting pretty rough. As the first corner beckoned, it got a bit tighter. But he dove down inside and got it just right. Exiting the bend while the rear end was sliding, my qualified driver relaxed nearing 96 laps ‘til the end. He had had some good races in the past and qualified seventh, his experience helped him make up to fourth and then third place. By the end of the 97th lap he was sitting in second but he knew what to do as my driver was no nerd. While burning flames were spitting from the exhaust he was braking for the turns.

Though slippery from the oil, he had learnt to use this to his advantage in the past as he remembered bit by bit how to maneuver. He passed other drivers showing his true grit, half way through the race he was in the lead but he had to stop at the pits because he needed new tires and another swift adrenaline boost on 60 seconds. Regaining the lead once more he outwitted his rivals, seemed the strategy was working. On lap 98 and just two more to go, he feared things could go horribly wrong at this point but he refused to show his worries. He was a man of his word always finishing the challenges ahead of him. He calmed himself down becoming one with his car; such a beauty he had. Lovingly he stroked its steering wheel the car VRRRrrrmed as he raced deep into the finish line, the superstar had won! Receiving a Superhero trophy on the podium, he shook hands with his rivals and went to caress his baby one more time, an equally titled fine-tuned supersonic speed machine.


"il Mio Mediterraneo"


Sailing a symbolic sea today,
mooring our tale with maritime metaphors,
plying port, spinning starboard,
veering, steering.
Simply bobbing the gentle waves of this little
jubilee of beautiful memories and bonds shared.

It's been seventeen bright and buoyant years.
I thank you! "Ti amo mio re infinito"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


You set out on a journey to Ithaca full of adventure and knowledge, as emotions touch your body and soul, the fierce Poseidon rises within you. Your thoughts remain lofty entering ports seen for the first time. Souring through the secret ruins of Istanbul, Roma, Barcelona and Athena; stopping at Phoenician markets and purchasing fine merchandise. Mother-of-pearl and coral, amber and ebony. A beautiful voyage, arousing sounds of lutes and lyras entice your ears. Lovers dancing on the isles of Greece, where Sappho loved and sung bring a smile to your immortal face.

Reminiscing of a past encounter your temperature raises, Athena sensing it sees the string of your kite and follows it straight to you like the scent of fresh roses and delicate thyme. Her skirt flutters covering your face as you bend down to pick up your Spanish guitar. Her sensual perfumes provoke the scorpion phoenix in you, causing an abrupt urge to yell..., " Today, I shall play these strings to quench my Athena’s thirst." Your words stir up the heart in her breast, she watches you as you caress the strings of the guitar a delicate flame running beneath her skin. Yearning for you to release her from the grueling anxiety that her soul longs for, she’s almost scared to admit that the adventures of your body much like your voyage excite her. That on multiple occasions she has heard your calls of starving and craving as she ached and wanted you even more.

Tongued hesitation builds up the tension along the border of her skin eyeing your fingers teasing the instrument at hand. Her body ablaze, her admission to you comes as no surprise, she runs down every path of you exhausting herself in the many patterns of you. You run your fingers down her bare back and circle to her belly knowing where her gate is latched, Athena in turn lovingly savoring where your slope is anchored. Muscles harden, sights, smells and sounds, her limbs shaking slightly as your own ravenous appetite surrenders to her every will...you sigh. You knew you had always wanted her, and that despite your different latitudes, she had always belonged to you. Your surroundings erode as you play harder her rhythm enticing you, leaving you wanting more. Her skin static to your every touch sends sweet shivers down your spine while the madness of your musk leaves her without an identity. A perfectly calm afternoon of shopping turned into a tempest of emotions as you create flames from the friction of your humid bodies.

Your mind ticked over, your whole world explodes! Everything at that moment belonging to only you and her. "Don’t let me lose the wonder of your eyes", you mutter. "Sssh...! You are mine, mine, I go shouting it to the afternoon winds. I found your kite...It was sweet tasting it and it belongs only to us", she replies. Her eyes filled with mischief, a giggle escapes her tender lips. You smile back at her holding her in your arms as you gaze at Mt. Olympus in the horizon. You close your eyes hoping Zeus will keep your secret at bay.

Monday, June 21, 2010


She sat at the piano with a her fingers posed,
and the beauty flowed out into the keys,
she never once stumbled over the arrangement.
Her desire painted the tunes,
had she chosen a different life,
she wouldn’t have played the song so beautifully.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Feminine Intent"

The evening is young, you’re relishing the views and noises of the ancient city of Kusadasi from your balcony. You decide to take a walk to the hotel bar, realizing its Turkish night you sit down for a drink.

The bartender hands you a Raki as the drumming beats increase, the evening celebrations have began. Taking a sip of your drink you scout around and notice her noticing you. Clad in belly dance attire she gets up, smiles at you and starts gyrating her shoulders to the percussion. You take another sip of your drink and smile back at her.
Like a shot to the brain your senses suddenly awaken, you light a cigarette your eyes focused on her. She places her hand on her leg slowly moving it up her thigh knowing you’re watching.

Arching her body backwards she twirls and shimmies with mesmerizing hip rolls to the tempo of cymbals and piccolo.

Swaying all the right parts with such emotion for you, lovingly telling you as she picks up pace, showing the beauty of her female form.
Your heat reverberating to the depths of her soul like an aphrodisiac uncurling sensual side, rousing your loins with mysterious eyes wide.

Come hither your smiles do, sweet feminine wiles, Turkish delight. Framed and bejeweled in the evening light, her golden coins tinkle and chime as she moves through the dance floor all a while reading your smile. All are spellbound as she continues to perform but she’s only dancing for your pleasure.

Imitating a serpent uncoiling to the ancient Mizmar,
she writhes and glides sensuously to the ancient sounds, of the eastern moon. She enters your psyche, taking over your mind, hands palpitating, pulse beating to heady rhythms carnal entwining.

Her hips pounding out to the beats of Darbuka;

Dum, Dum Taka Tak Dum, Dum Taka Tak...

Rising seductively to the music, not a beat amiss.
Moving closer and closer to you she weaves her way to your chair, she calls out to you in tradition, "Buyurmak Sevgilim...Come darling dance with me.." You oblige and stand up but then she sits you down parts your knees and proceeds to dance between them. You let out a sweet gasp unbelievable, her every shift redefining a different kind of ecstasy within you.

Staccato hip moves,
Hip Twist, Hip Bump, Hip Thrust
As she grinds Up and Down on you.
Arm waves, shoulder rotations, Head slide,
You mourn, such is your desire to finish her as you watch her belly trembling like wind ripples, she gains speed suddenly, leading you to Nirvana, a constant state of bliss.

Circles, eights, camels, snakes accentuating, your body heat swelling,

Cleopatra in Caesar’s arms…heating your passion in sweat, exploding with antagonizing pleasure...And then climax, fast and lively, grand finale as she bathes you in her erotic embrace. Her audience still in the state of hypnotic trance.
Here in the blissful presence, she’s all yours...you gracefully tangle, the drumming settling into silence as the dance concludes. Never have you known a better night than this.

She whispers in your ear, "Tonight, I wanted you just like this...such was my feminine intent."

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday .

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Father's Day"

A Father who teaches his own to find their own paths, and to put their best foot forward,
In so doing they find themselves starring at your footsteps.
Shah, you have never needed a manual, never asked for directions,
And have even made a few wrong turns;
despite insisting that you knew where you were going.
But you have always managed to steer your little ones in the right direction, time and time again.

Fatherhood requires that you wear many varied hats,
I gotta say, you wear them very well.
From me, a happy father’s day to you means I love you first of all,
G. One...I thank you for all you do.
You’re an amazing and wonderful father in a million different ways,
and you merit loving compliments and accolades of praise.
As the best dad in the universe, you’re like a solitary mountain,
with all your love rock-like, steep, and strong.

Papa Shah, you’re the
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
The masterpiece complete,

In you I see my own father,
In you I cherish my loving mate,
In you I glow in my best friend
But most importantly, It means you mean a lot to me,
and that I honor you as the father that you’re.
This is for you baby for being an understanding, patient, loving, sharing, funny, silly, serious, caring, and extremely imaginative father, actor and lover.

Happy Father’s Day Shah…*ILU*~

With All my Love~


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Friday, June 18, 2010

"In Response"

Blue turns to purple when all the red is added.
Nights are only dark when all the lights aren’t yellow.
Could it be true?
I met you,
And now we were two?
No! Scrap that..we made three,
You my moon and him my sun.

It may sound strange but it’s so perfect,
My cup only half full, without you.
So go your own way and do what you do,
but half of me follows you there with half of you.

So when I slide, you slide,
When you glide, we glide
With pride and dignity, we walk with our heads held high
Our hearts set ablaze, our minds flying.
Our days halcyon never seem slow,
Despite occasional steep plateaus,
It’s your beauty and beautiful words that fall upon my ears each night.
Talking and giggling, together as comfortable as never before,
Our lives merged and blended,
Our songs matching a crescendo,
Stronger as a force, working to overcome the others’ past.

Peering through the looking glass one day,
our future was unknown, partners without a face.
You were drown to me,
I as equally followed your scented whiff,
running across wildflowers in our wilderness,
We bounced through space and time.
Our laughter uncontrolled, our bond unmatchable,
The confused crowd before see us biased,
Perception, unlike matching gloves,

But we raised our wings,
like two glowing doves sealed by Hera and Eros
our time ticking as three mounted clocks,
in response to one another like a music box.

This poem is in response to this dedication from one so close to my heart: (Best Friends!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Funniest Boondock Episode 7 - Season 3: Fund Raiser"

Last night i watched what had to be the funniest episode of Boondocks yet (Episode 7-Season 3) For anyone who has seen the show, you know how satirical it is and how hilarious Riley Freeman can be not forgetting how much he curses. His lines and speech in this episode totally had me in stitches. Read, in his own words, "coldest speech in da history of cartoons"

"Fuck you, fuck the plane you flew in on, fuck them shoes, fuck them socks with the belt on it, fuck yo gay ass muthafuckin’ accent, fuck them cheap ass cigars, fuck yo yukmouth teeth, fuck yo hair piece, fuck yo chocolate, fuck Guy Ritchie, fuck Prince William, fuck the Queen. This is America. My president is black and my Lambo is blue, nigga. Now get the fuck out my hotel room. And if I see you in the street I’m slappin’ the shit out of you"

Watch the story of Gangstalicious here!

The clips above are not from the same episode am referring to since it takes a week for them to be posted online. But I needed to add some videos for reference so just enjoy. The second clip is The Story of Gangstalicious who is Riley's favorite rapper. Gangstalicious is shot and hospitalized in Woodcrest hospital. When Riley goes to visit the rapper he finds more than he anticipated... like maybe rappers that make songs like "Thugin' Luv" aren't necessarily as tough as they seem. Go figure. So enjoy and have a good laugh~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"A galactic color coded Journey: You, me and us!"

Galactic journeys, my rife. Responsibilities, sign here and there.
Paperwork phobia, 'please stop jumping me I will be back', he proclaims.
Yes Sir! Due projects, last minute meetings, crunch time and shaking!

High fevers? No worries darling, 'I love daughters, get well very very soon sweet angel my love,' he prays.

Kiddies, forgotten goodies,
Heavens! Unpacked mess,
Find me Sir, am a pink thin Ipod.
Papa, don’t forget the blue literature notebook.
Scrambling, looking up on shelves,
Peeking under the beds, Aaaargh...Between the sofa cushions,
Aha! Blue literature book, living room table ornate a dimpled smile.

Up and down the stairs, searching,
dragging sofas, playroom squirks! Huggy pooh bears,
Ouch! Code tripping, Shrek 3, Lord of the Rings, ....
Oo...pink Ipod, Sigh!

Random Access; my companion shadow..access two,
unison bonding,
Flying Istanbul, London, South Africa, Rome, galactic journeys,
a never ending conclusion.

Access two, happiness, boundaries unknown.
You, me and us, time and distance irrelevant,
Reaching out to you, giving in to me, taking all,
Challenging the journey, opening your soul inside out
You, engulfing my heart, outside in.

Tear drops of joy flooding my eyes, winning over your doubts,
putting all your learning in practice, achieving our dreams.
Both crossing the bridge, life teaching us new lessons,
taking us to new places.

Loosening your belts, setting my wings far and wide.
Letting the wind fly us above the clouds, directing us towards the sun.
Walking on your galactic path, feeling the wisdom of yesterday,
rejoicing in what will come and dare,
giving way for a journey worth taking.

Words achingly indescribable, singing our seventh hour trebles
A color coded galactic journey, making it all we want.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Soccer and Rains Turn-Ons Extraordinaire"

Euphoria, goes FIFA 2010...

South Africa hosts World’s United Soccer front,
World Cup Soccer Fans..
Mad, wild, sexy, fanatical, loving the ball
King, remembering my muse, touching your soul.

Emotional, frenzy, missing mum,
Up all night mother and I watching,
Rudi Voller, Rumeinnege, Socrates, Maradona
so far, so good, for me Love.

Excitement, fever, kids, en route South Africa,
My own kitty team, butterflies angelic.
Our Favourites;
Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, England

O Mother if thou were here..
So love, so me, that’s when,
The joy I felt, I feel again.
Stumbling within reach, yet so far,
Stars, heavens, Harmony.

Crowns climaxing,
Messi unbelieveable, Kaka unstoppable, Ronaldo speed and grace..
Torres cool unpredictable, Rooney a bull, Ballack missing, Xavi surprise.

Rockets playing,
Zico, Platini, Beckenbeuer, Paolo Rossi, Baggio, Ronaldinho.
Graceful, strong, Soccer so beautiful.

Rains shower me, singing, dabbling
Heat, sweating, kicking, huffing, puffing
So fair, so soft, so free.

Drenched sticky Oooooh..

You're here again, waiting,
till morrow takes us there,
So try, so long, till then,
Soccer and rains turn-ons extraordinaire.

(Inspired by SRK/LarvK Soccer Fever)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hollywood Is Stunting Our Brains

Hollywood Is Stunting Our Brains
Hilarious article by thinker's room, have read...~

"The Magnificent bird on my Terrace"

Sitting in living room, looking at the glass door lost in my own mind…Daughter brushes against me giving me a gentle kiss to my lips, TV thoughts lingering. A raven lands on our terrace with a distant sweet aura, starring into its eyes wondering what good or bad omen it has come to deliver.

It flaps its wings and for a brief moment I feel the dark joy of parting, the strange pain of separation…The bird stares back as though understanding my inner fears, slowly it lowers its head and tiny whispering sounds seem to emanate from it. As I wait attentively for more sounds, it’s chirping breaks the icy silence and it starts singing to me. I can clearly hear the song. Its cry like ink on wind, words carved with its wings. I watch the message of the bird and it becomes my eyes--

"O King of the land of Bharata and the gushing waters of the Ganges, I bring the biddings of my mistress; smiling on a tarriance here;

Yes! yes, I have come from the spirits' land far North
Where its bright and fair, I come with a voice from the shadowy princess,
To tell you that they love you there!
To say, if a wish or a fond regret could live in Elysian bowers 'It would be for your love she could never forget.
To whisper to your dearest soul, that she watches around you still
Her light and magic veil cast over your woes.

Tis’ true in the silent night when you call
She ofts on a hurrying blast to answer you again and again…
Bidding you remember the laughter, the affection, the joy
not just the recent tears. Cherish the memories, your hopes and dreams.
Hold fast to the love that you share. Be happy with the time you spend together
and being anew."

My mistress psalm...

"Hear me King of Bharata when am not around am not really gone,
I am closer than ever before. As the morning sun rises and throughout the busy day...I am with you. Until the setting sun disappears on the horizon and we watch the day turn into night...I am here.

You may feel a faint breeze stir round your head, while you slumber
as I gently kiss your forehead, "Good night." The stars that shine so brightly in my heavenly sky help me watch over you and keep you from harm.
I am the wind in the trees and the song of a bird.
I am moonbeams in a midnight sky and a glorious rainbow after the storm.
I am morning dew, and freshly-fallen snow.
I am a smile on a stranger's face, a gentle touch, a warm embrace.

Listen to the wind for my message of love. Watch the sun rise and set in the sky with me. Feel my essence encircle you with warm memories.
Open your heart to know...I am not gone. Reach deep into your soul...You will find me.

I am here.
Have no fear.
I am with you,

As a mere messenger on wings…She bid me say that in unfading flowers and key board notes,
You'll find in the path she trod, But my plaintive strains tell you in life,
She loves, oh! she loves you still and forever more.
And a welcome you’re; true to her deathless bowers,
pronounced by the voice of reason fly back to her on wired notes.

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