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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"il Mio Mediterraneo"


Sailing a symbolic sea today,
mooring our tale with maritime metaphors,
plying port, spinning starboard,
veering, steering.
Simply bobbing the gentle waves of this little
jubilee of beautiful memories and bonds shared.

It's been seventeen bright and buoyant years.
I thank you! "Ti amo mio re infinito"


Galaxyhera said...

I love this title wish i was on vacation in the Mediterranean and it's wonderful sweet and short.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Lovely tribute! Beautiful place.

And thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful photos!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Hi ya Space Cowgirl! Wish I was there right now scuba diving.

Wild Rose said...

@Galaxyhera :)

@Terry Stonecrop and Talli Roland thank you and hope to see you more :)

@Urban Cowboy...damn..you read my mind~

My soul is already there guys :))

Anonymous said...

Naples and the Mediterranean is astonishing..beauty all around. (L) (K)

Your Sun

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous...very happy to know you love it darling..xxx :))

Desert Rose said...

By the sea

The waves took me
To where I have never been before
At your shore
I took a deep breath
Inhaled your essence to clear my mess
Sharp rocks hurt my feet
Bleeded my comfort
In your stillness
Wrapped in my confusion
I invited your roughness
Perhaps I was meant to be
A passing wave in your sea
One you sink within
One you are meant to see
Like a fascinating desire
That you wish to touch
Yet so far away for you to reach
Too close
One you must win to lose
I feel the water between my toes
My sunset wind blows
I scattered my breeds
Set free all my beads
Blown one more kiss
Your way
And I turned around
In my ears I heard your sound
One word you had to say
To make my waves drift away
To make my dreams sail my day
Just to reach your reigning kingdom
And throw my harbor in your night island.

loved your words as many times i reread them,they always touch me deeply..
you are amazingly inspiring Queen.keep being you,wishing you all the love and happiness..

your desert rose.

Wild Rose said...

Thank desert rose, very sweet of you darlin' xo

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