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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Soccer and Rains Turn-Ons Extraordinaire"

Euphoria, goes FIFA 2010...

South Africa hosts World’s United Soccer front,
World Cup Soccer Fans..
Mad, wild, sexy, fanatical, loving the ball
King, remembering my muse, touching your soul.

Emotional, frenzy, missing mum,
Up all night mother and I watching,
Rudi Voller, Rumeinnege, Socrates, Maradona
so far, so good, for me Love.

Excitement, fever, kids, en route South Africa,
My own kitty team, butterflies angelic.
Our Favourites;
Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, England

O Mother if thou were here..
So love, so me, that’s when,
The joy I felt, I feel again.
Stumbling within reach, yet so far,
Stars, heavens, Harmony.

Crowns climaxing,
Messi unbelieveable, Kaka unstoppable, Ronaldo speed and grace..
Torres cool unpredictable, Rooney a bull, Ballack missing, Xavi surprise.

Rockets playing,
Zico, Platini, Beckenbeuer, Paolo Rossi, Baggio, Ronaldinho.
Graceful, strong, Soccer so beautiful.

Rains shower me, singing, dabbling
Heat, sweating, kicking, huffing, puffing
So fair, so soft, so free.

Drenched sticky Oooooh..

You're here again, waiting,
till morrow takes us there,
So try, so long, till then,
Soccer and rains turn-ons extraordinaire.

(Inspired by SRK/LarvK Soccer Fever)


Desert Rose said...

OMG...hahaa loved that one larvy! SOCCER FEVER it is! really really amazing1 you are creative darling that is one great aspect about you..and yes he is a real turn on,along with soccer RAINS..;)
WAKA WAKA ..all the way to SOUTH AFRICA baby,,;)

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic..Soccer, rains and girls my love ha ha..

Your Sun-

Anonymous said...

OMG Waka Waka and waive your flag just rocking all the way!! I love soccer, being rained on, SRK and your creative talent. How do i learn to write like this? Teach me sometime please @LarvK ;)

Love & Hugs
GalaxyHera (twitter.com/galaxyhera)

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