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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hollywood Is Stunting Our Brains

Hollywood Is Stunting Our Brains
Hilarious article by thinker's room, have read...~


Desert Rose said...

Media will do anything to more gains and they are investing any success for more commercial profits.I seriously think it needs more flteration not all shows should have seasons,it becomes useless and redundant in a way.only medical ones attract me,like ER or Grey's Anatomy for they always have something to say..scrubs brings a laugh sometimes but they do go to extremes with some other shows for sure. the point is the audience is not stupid,ppl should be more aware now. hope Hollywood tries to regain track of some interesting values that are lost along the path of fame and bucks chase.

Anonymous said...

Very funny, thanks for guiding us there.

Your Sun-

Wild Rose said...

Ha ha Anonymous, glad you enjoyed. It's genius ~:)

Wild Rose said...

Very true desert rose ~:)

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