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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"As You Unravel Me"

As I am
Weaving crosshairs
of your wrapping fingers
shadowing my eyes
I see filtered
behind the hazel of your own
an insatiable intensity
ordering my flesh
To ascend
and descend
into a recruit’s rhyme

"Take me higher"

"Move lower...Ooh... my sweet love..."

I ask of you

Submerging, you trail down to my heart
Hearing its clamorous beat you remove the lace
Undressing the silk of my skin
Untying me
Exposing me
Freeing me
From the crimson veiled phantoms
Bleeding across your bed
Begging to be scrubbed clean


I whisper to you

"It’s not time yet"

Let them be...
Let us drench in each other
Am tainted in your colors
you’re painted in my soul
and we need the camouflage
I need the frequency of your lips
the length of its waves
to hush my moans
transforming themselves
from sound to sensation
Crying to shivering
Escaping from mouth to body
both begging release...
The consequence is the expert
playing of our digits
Surging music from our bones

"Lean closer"...

Your smile begs to be tasted
Heavenly dimples blushing
Something about this feeling
when kissing you is so tender
than the hesitation allowed
The intricate examination
of the texture of your flesh
leaves this raw expectancy
of waiting for more and more
Pausing for the truth of your tongue
as it unravels me again and again...

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