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Monday, August 30, 2010

"My Predicate"

Words seem so inadequate
When I reach for you.


I want to
Precisely convey
The trace of my fingertip
Along the nape of your neck
or along the soft dimple in
the small of your cheek
as i stroll down the furrows
of your chest...

But how?

Each night as I envelop you in my arms
Your love’s scent mocks my attempts
to attach these predicates
called words
And when I awake and
find your hand in mine
I desperately search for
An unused phrase,
And unrepeated clause
That paints best a picture,
That speaks to you and of you
Of this delight that you sketch
Within me beyond definition

Yet what else is there for me to use?

I am no painter or actor
Is there another language
I must learn
That can portray
The way we fit and
The safety we feel
As we hold one another?
Our gaze meets and
our dreams are intricately
Every night I madly search
The heart’s dictionary
The soul’s thesaurus
And once more
The words slowly abate
Your loving glance becomes the
rhyming composition
Your laughter the emotional verse
The brush of your lips become
my pausing sonnet
Your arms wrapped around me
the Academy
This game is astoundingly frustrating
yet thrillingly beautiful


It is Evolution, an Atomic
Fusion of electrical transformation,
an Inception
That needs to catch up
Where the Predicate
And our heart space is so
Undeniably intertwined
That one learner cannot survive
without the other
Certainly that is what already is,
Our never ending comma
An everlasting trend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Embracing your chaos"

I wrote this first in long hand in the dark
Wrote you short hand in the dim
to feel the words take me innocently upon the page
the distractions of the colour of life ruled away
Or was I trying to be a secret agent of my words?
Going undercover as I scrawled my
heart speak over an unlit page
hiding my feelings in the dimming
But each letter that fell
I knew where the right imprint of my truth was
I desire to write them on your skin each day one by one
with my tongue dipped in the ink of you
I love you
I love you still
I love you without the need to have a returning page
Eyes closed into the shadow of us
you ate from the goblet of my flames
slowly I consumed the fuel of my forever love for you
I lay quietly, glistening, the stars of my skin twinkling as your fingers passed
You wondered what universe you had led my mind to.
I played amongst the clouds the tremulous symphony
that was neither predictive nor pre-emptive.
Annihilating me you celebrated my fascination
Imbibing our motivation right to the core of the matter
to the nuance of our heart beat with undying emotion.
Such it was...
A knowing that cannot be spoken
A love that cannot be broken.
Day came with a discerning ray of light
And I awoke with a smile of contentment
my lips blurred a little in midnight blue
A no regret kind of awakening morning
It just does not feel wrong
to love the way we do, our biopic.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Through Their Eyes"

Through their eyes
Door to door
Street to street
Her walk, little feet leaving imprints
Of mud and innocence,
selling her fruits and tins.
5 cents a fruit
20 cents a fish
10 cents per yam
The basket on her head
That is too big for her to carry
Weighing down on her steps and slowing her heart;
She cannot go home until it is all sold.
What will the little mouths eat?
She has a shawl draped
over her thin and weary shoulders,
With her thin and weary face
Are sharpened eyes that smolder
Telling of the truth, and the ways
And the days of their lives
That are not ever comfortable or playful;
It is why she does not smile.
Disappearing is the sun
as it sinks to the other face of earth
So that other little girls
May start the fires on their hearth
Or whatever it is that other little girls do.
This one walks on and on
vanishing out of sight
And she knows, though she keeps knocking
Door to door to door,
street to street to street,
there will be no meal for the little mouths
and that there will be no bed for her tonight.

All over this world trouble remains
Every man thinking about the rules of the game
But no-one is praying for the answer to find
The secret to happiness for all of mankind.

Every day, a little hope fades
Lost in the ocean, consumed by the waves
Of poverty and hunger, felt in the hearts
Of my young sisters living so far apart.
And into the distance of the path that we walk
We’re surrounded by silence for we never talk.


Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello everyone, Brian or better known as The Urban Cowboy asked me to do a guest post. Of course I couldn't say no because it was an honor and i was elated. Most of us know him as a decent, loving and amazing human being. I admire him for his generous spirit and lovely sense of humor. Besides that, he can write some mean stories for those who enjoy reading as i do. So if you haven't met him then please stop by and visit him, you won't regret it :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Into Dimensions of You"

You came to me
like the soft strain
of violins
strangely solemn
saxophone sexual
on a bare raw breathe
I bled into your angelic limbs
as I soared through your heaven
you caught my essence
like blood and red wine
you sipped me slowly,
savored of my sweat.

Softly now
My lips linger
like cigarette smoke
on the taste of your glow
My heart warbles a chant
to the hymn of your soul
a tantalizing stroke
on the hull of your want
to the rains, the stars and the moon,
to the quiet,
to the rhythm.
You and I
reach to the sun
beneath the shades of blue
echoes like white shells and sand
hand in hand
You came to me
but linger infinitely...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Tell Me"

She walks through the door startling him, he looks up. For a while they stare at each other. Then she says, “You look tired, it looks like it’s been a busy day.” He replies, "Yeah..you have been busy too." Can you tell me what happened?
She replies, “Maybe someday...”

Then he asks her, "Did I lose you? Did I..?"

She walks up to him and hugs him. Then she answers, “I have known you all my life and even then I only knew half of you...the promise of you. But these past few months, you have fulfilled your promise. How could you ever lose me?
He tightly hugs her tears rolling down his eyes, he kisses her forehead.

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