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Monday, August 30, 2010

"My Predicate"

Words seem so inadequate
When I reach for you.


I want to
Precisely convey
The trace of my fingertip
Along the nape of your neck
or along the soft dimple in
the small of your cheek
as i stroll down the furrows
of your chest...

But how?

Each night as I envelop you in my arms
Your love’s scent mocks my attempts
to attach these predicates
called words
And when I awake and
find your hand in mine
I desperately search for
An unused phrase,
And unrepeated clause
That paints best a picture,
That speaks to you and of you
Of this delight that you sketch
Within me beyond definition

Yet what else is there for me to use?

I am no painter or actor
Is there another language
I must learn
That can portray
The way we fit and
The safety we feel
As we hold one another?
Our gaze meets and
our dreams are intricately
Every night I madly search
The heart’s dictionary
The soul’s thesaurus
And once more
The words slowly abate
Your loving glance becomes the
rhyming composition
Your laughter the emotional verse
The brush of your lips become
my pausing sonnet
Your arms wrapped around me
the Academy
This game is astoundingly frustrating
yet thrillingly beautiful


It is Evolution, an Atomic
Fusion of electrical transformation,
an Inception
That needs to catch up
Where the Predicate
And our heart space is so
Undeniably intertwined
That one learner cannot survive
without the other
Certainly that is what already is,
Our never ending comma
An everlasting trend.


Brian Miller said...

love the pic you paired with this...and sometimes it is more than words. or predicates, what happen there in that comma...smiles. nice one shot!

joanny said...

Clever witty , way with the words. But it is also a heartfelt longing felt in the heart of lovers, that deep feeling that keeps us coming back for more. C'est la vie.

Love the song by Leonard Cohen "I am your Man"


Ann said...

you have such a talent for the poetry. I could never begin to put it together the way you do

KB said...

Wonderful sensations descibed here.

My poem is here.

TALON said...

"the heart's dictionary" - that's such a wonderful phrase, Wild Rose. The whole poem is full of that indescribable love that you still manage to describe perfectly. Your words always lead me on a beautiful journey.

Desert Rose said...

let the words speak
what the hearts bare
still we stare
loving you was never an option
we just do
infinitely and beyond
you are our vampire knight
somethings just are this way
hard to explain
such as our non-grammatical predicate
we are simply
rules that are never made
in a language
that is yet to be invented.
one that is just

my tears are rolling..waiting for you to come back and whip them away..love you so much soul mate.

Galaxyhera said...

What a talent you have in poetry and stories. This love you describe is sweeter than honey, how you make us love, desire our Knight is beyond. So much in your deepness that i feel am in there like a dream. Love you and come back safe. Get well soon. Am soo inlove with the videos of Leonard, Jay Sean & The sexy last one deeper so damn hot, will be drinking many glasses of wine just thinking of this poem!!!!!! ;))

Love, hugs & billion kisses,

moondustwriter said...

there will never stop being poems about love because of the very intricacies that you divulge
love will go on and on

thanks for sharing with One Shot

moon smiles

ninotaziz said...

Love speaks.

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful poem and illustrations, darling!
Fab songs too!


Sir Thomas said...

your words reach into my heart and tug at my soul... I want to release it but.....

you are so right words do not do it justice....

so I shut my lips and just let mmy soul roam your landscape

Talli Roland said...

Oh I love that sketch at the start of the posting! And beautiful words too!

Pete Marshall said...

you pour so much into your work, it really is a joy to visit...for someone that struggles find the words to express love i really do enjoy reading your work..cheers pete

Terry Stonecrop said...

Love the way you played with the words here. The heart’s dictionary and the soul’s thesaurus, particularly clever. Beautiful work:)

Caty said...

well you sure found some great words to use for imagery in this poem. This was fantastic :)

Sara said...

And yet your words portray so much about love...

This is beautiful. It's the kind of poem, I want to read over and over again, just to capture the glory of how the words fit together so well...

I loved these lines:

"Your loving glance becomes the
rhyming composition
Your laughter the emotional verse
The brush of your lips become
my pausing sonnet
Your arms wrapped around me
the Academy..."

Ed Pilolla said...

astoundingly frustrating and thrillingly beautiful. can it be any other way?
pretty, pretty stuff. i'm with brian about the art, too.

emily wierenga said...

very sultry and exotic.

kavisionz said...

Oh my my my!! You spoke my mind, Julliette! Everyday, I look at my hubby and this is how I feel. I have so much to say when I look into his eyes.. and yet, I feel like I keep saying the same words over and over again.. If only I could eat up a dictionary, learn new languages or something by which I can describe this feeling.. everyday in a new day..so that he doesn't just smile at what I say :).. but then that's I do when I listen to his words to too..
How beautifully you have captured this moment, my dear... I was absorbed INTO your poem.. it spoke to my very heart! I think, I know how I will tell all this to him today.. I am gonna read out this poem to him.. at least he will know :)

Thanks for sharing this, my lovely Wild Rose... your fragrance will linger for a looooooooooong time to come..

Teresa said...

This is great! I love the words for a loss of words. Your phrases "The heart's dictionary; The soul's thesaurus" are brilliant! I love this!

Amanda Sablan said...

I asolutely loved how you combined passion for someone with various writing styles, painting, and even the dictionary! A very unique take.

Anonymous said...

You have more than words that reach my heart and soul...starting to like these predicates...clauses and phrases. Loved the videos so sweet they captured me whole...am in love.

Your Sun

Nevine said...

"Words seem inadequate..." Yes they do! Yet, you have found just the words to bring these images into being. Sometimes, words are really quite unnecessary. But as our hearts clamor, we can't keep our lips closed, and the words slip through. And, common as they might sound in our own ears as we speak them, to the Other, the one who waits impatiently to hear them, our words are just the medicine that they need. This is how true love should be. If we start to worry too much about finding a word that was never used, or a language that doesn't exist, the moment of expressing the love in its heat is lost. Loved your words, Wild Rose. And I'm off to work with these delicious images in my head. ;-)

Warm hugs,

Fickle Cattle said...

Erotic. Sensual. Powerful.


Dean said...

I'll simply say alluring and gorgeous!

My Best

joanny said...

Wild Rose

funny how you were visiting my post, and I had just come from yours, have been thinking about you lately-- and hoping all is going well,

Have a lovely week end,


Dulce said...

You say you are not an artist?
Only artists can write this way, specially about love... only artists can pray other artists and choose such music...

Thanks for your so beautifull comment!

I like this blog of yours- I'll stay- and you are so welcome to do the same! )


Wild Rose said...

Brian -Thank you, and so much does happen in those commas a agree :) I loved the pics too.

Joanny -Thank you sweetie always a pleasure to read you and a blessing. Leonard Cohen is some musician got to admit, i like his raspy voice :)

Ann -Thank you for that very sweet compliment, and am sure you can write as well just believe you can.

KB -Thanks for the visit and nice to see you here.

Talon -Dear you always warm my insides with your gentle words thank you happy to keep you glued as always :)

Wild Rose said...

Desert Rose -To have a soul-mate like you and him makes the world a beautiful place to reside in. Thank you for the love and support and no more tears, huh you know i can't stand anyone crying, breaks my heart. Love you too always xo

Wild Rose said...

Galaxyhera - What can i say darling except you're a blessing and a sweet friend and love you as well. Always lots of hugs and many kisses, save me some of that wine doll. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo

Wild Rose said...

Moondustwriter -You said it right without such we can't write about love sweet moon and always nice to have you around and read your thoughts. Thank you~

Nino -Love does speak and thanks for visiting.

Sir Thomas -You needn't shut your lips, let your words sail along and your soul as well, happy to take you along this journey and i enjoy your thoughts as well anytime. *Smiles*

Couture Carrie -Thank you fabulous darling, love having you around xo

Wild Rose said...

Talli -Always sweet your comments and so nice to have you dear friend x

Pete - Thank you for that kind comment my friend and yes sometimes we lack the words to express these kind of deep love but we somehow get around it. Cheers back :)

Terry - Babes you always know how to make me smile and love having you around always with our sly detective Gardner West, give him a crushing hug from moi doll :) xo

Caty - Thank you and so nice to have you back~

Wild Rose said...

Sara -You always touch my mind and give me such a lovely feel when you stop by so thank you and i hope you will keep enjoying my words. At least i will try to keep you smiling and loving the all. Keep coming love having you around too :)

Ed -Thanks my friend really there can't be any other way than this.

Emily -Sweet as always thanks and i enjoy your presence here too.

Teresa - Thanks for stopping by and happy to know you loved it too.

Amanda -Sweetie thank you and big hug and kiss for your smiles x

Wild Rose said...

Dean -Alluring is a lovely word and happy to see you again

Fickle Cattle - Welcome and thank you

Joanny -Thanks sweetheart for the thoughts, you sensed right was sick at the hospital got a little surgery done but it wasn't life threatening and so glad for your support, means a lot to me :)

Dulce - So nice to have you around and yes please do stay as much as you like i like your blog too a lot dear :)

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous - Sweet darling it's a beautiful feeling to be in love isn't it? Ecstatic that you loved the videos and more so that you enjoyed the poem. Thank you so very much for all and your feelings and thoughts do flow deep within ~:) xoxo

Wild Rose said...

Nevine - Sweetest delight, i always lie peacefully on your words, feels so homely like you know exactly how i was feeling when writing. That serene feeling you describe flows through my very soul and thank you for those warm hugs they just keep me going and going darling. Biggest and warmest hugs back with a kiss xo

Wild Rose said...

So sorry again everyone for not catching up sooner, i came from a minor surgery and just trying to get everything back to normal in small steps but truly appreciate your comments, love and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart~

Wild Rose~

Wild Rose said...

Kavizionz - You're such a beautiful person inside and out and it's a good feeling to know am not the only one that goes through these matters of love with our lovers. So i will feel honored if you read your husband my poem as it will give me such pleasure. Thank you Kavita my sweet doll xo

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

What a lovely tribute to love!
Loved entirely this poem!

Could it be any more beautiful?
No, I don't think so.

Loved the image you paired with this, too.
You're a gem..you really are.

Just found you! :)

Hope you're having an amorous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Now I know why tis said that "love is the poetry of the senses" coz ..."that speaks to you & of you".
Thanks for sharing this dear, I liked it! Nah nah..just loved it!lozza love to you dear and have a speedy recovery & thanks for the love you share through ur poems and shower through ur messages:)
Regards & warm wishes,
Meetika aka doll;)btw i crossed that 60 mark, tweeted some too, check them out...God bless!

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Stopping by to thank you for the follow and to return the same.
Nice to meet you and have a lovely day!


betweenhearts75 said...

Absolutely gorgeous dear one!!! Love it, and thrilled to be back online! =) Missed reading your work!


oh but you truly are a painter and a writer, painting this magical picture with your love and passion - unsurpassed this one!!! beautiful, lady rose!

Wild Rose said...

Meetika - So happy for you that you reached that 60 mark for your poems sweet doll and i do hope you will get published soon and thank you for your sweet words and prayers as always i do cherish them so much.

Betty - It's such a pleasure to have you on my blog and your words made me smile. Thank you. I liked your blog as well, so lets keep up with one another. x

GYPSYWOMAN -Beautiful gypsy, thank you sweetie happy to see you again. Love and appreciate your feedback always~

Wild Rose said...

betweenhearts75 - Thank you my sweetheart and so happy you're back online, missed you as well xo :)

joanny said...

Wild Rose

Happy to learn you are doing better, I just had a funny feeling about something may be not right.

So pleased to see you writing beautiful poems again.

My best prayers for you dear one, and may you always be safe and protected.


forpuck said...

I liked this. Very sweet and mellow-kind of...

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