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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Into Dimensions of You"

You came to me
like the soft strain
of violins
strangely solemn
saxophone sexual
on a bare raw breathe
I bled into your angelic limbs
as I soared through your heaven
you caught my essence
like blood and red wine
you sipped me slowly,
savored of my sweat.

Softly now
My lips linger
like cigarette smoke
on the taste of your glow
My heart warbles a chant
to the hymn of your soul
a tantalizing stroke
on the hull of your want
to the rains, the stars and the moon,
to the quiet,
to the rhythm.
You and I
reach to the sun
beneath the shades of blue
echoes like white shells and sand
hand in hand
You came to me
but linger infinitely...



stunning - absolutely stunning! taking the words from the hearts and experiences of us all! just beautiful!

Galaxyhera said...

Darling i want to say these things to him in such a poetic manner, you encompass the female feelings and love so nicely. How can anyone love him more than you do, love him too so much. ;-) Thanks for sharing with us all this deep and intense love. AMAZING! FANTASTIC!

Love, hugs & kisses

Pete Marshall said...

once again you explore that deep, sensual side and come up triumphant..thanks for sharing with One shot..Pete

Claudia said...

oh - that was beautiful - and - being a sax player this lines made me smile because i think it's so true
...saxophone sexual... a sax is the most sexiest instrument in the world!!

Desert Rose said...

just you
burn the silence
with your absence
and you
just you
revive the madness
with your existence
you know where to touch
how deep you reach
come closer
breathe into me
all your ecstacy
in a moment that is only
for it is only
forever and more...

you made me fly around in his fragrance,i felt him all over the words..and you know he is always around with us,this wonderful piece spoke my heart out darling..:))
as usual you get me in a glimpse,so perfection this is..touched my heart and soul..;)
love you too my Queen..:)


Wild Rose said...

Gypsywoman -Thank you, that was a lovely compliment and love having you around :)

Galaxyhera -Your words mean a lot to me because you're truly a lovely soul and am blessed to have a friend like you. Lots of love and kisses to you to darling always~

PoeticHeart said...

Amazing =) as always. I wrote one lastnight more along the sensual side of prose, and now way too self-conscious to post, lol. Not for anyone but some flight of dreams.... :) You write them so very well with such assurity. Wonderful work dear friend... ~April

Talli Roland said...

Love the instrument comparisons. A beautiful piece of writing.

Wild Rose said...

Pete -Thank you Pete happy to join one-stop :)

Claudia -Saxophones are very sexy indeed and its good to know you do play one. Play for us sometime :)

Wild Rose said...

PoeticHeart75 -I would have loved to see your sensual poem so do post it dear friend. Be yourself and feel comfortable about it, you got to remember people have to appreciate you for your passion in your writing if not then their thoughts mean nothing. Besides that, am a believer in realistic romance, i know we can't really fly to the clouds thou it does feel like that when we're in love; but in between we can do other special real things so i try to keep my feet on the ground when it comes to my writing. I love all the lovey dovey stuff but like all the more natural and feeling of it within souls~ :)

dustus said...

"You and I
reach to the sun
beneath the shades of blue
echoes like white shells and sand
hand in hand"
that was my favorite part, but the poem was beautiful entirely. cheers

Brian Miller said...

beautiful...i get so lost in th sensual flow of your words...and the imagery is amazing...my lips linger like cigarette smoke...whew. nice oneshot!

Eric Alder said...

A nice, balanced combination of romance and lust. Well done!

betweenhearts75 said...

You are a sweetie! :) Some things I'd rather keep out of public view. I think my write lastnight is one of those. ;) I try not to reveal ALL my secrets, lol. Yes the merging of souls. We are human, and it is nature to be drawn to the more passionate levels of intimacy.
I do feel there is an art to true lovemaking, when it is balanced, and definitely ties in with my written view. :) Maybe one day, I'll share the writing... for now I'll read yours, lol! :) April

Chris G. said...

Ah, another intimate piece. Great job with the instrumental parallels. Beautiful the whole way through.

TALON said...

Soft and sensual - and I linger in the lines. It's gorgeous, Wild Rose!

joanny said...

Wild Rose

Sensual, luxurious, alluring, sexual, natural velvety ecstasy, natural, provocative.


buttercup600 said...

Stunning, it blows my mind every single time I come here, so sensual and am going to read it again....mmmmm...Keep writing dear one, You Rock!!

Monkey Man said...

This one sizzles. Excellent.

PattiKen said...

This is such a languid, sensual journey toward the last line. I really like it a lot.

emily wierenga said...

the power of love. you've captured it.

kavisionz said...

The words are creating images in my mind... There is tender love, sensuality, raw desire... Gosh!! This poem has everything!!
It's amazing how you bring out the the deepest feminine feelings to the fore, and with such ease too... I bow before you, Juliette.. You are the QUEEN of poetic sensuality in my blogging world!
Keep up the awesomeness, my dear friend..

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the "soft" sexiness with your words..
i love your blog..
i will definitely will come back
hello from australia

Nevine said...

A serene and peaceful read that rattles, yet, with its inner sensuality... banging from the inside out... and causing one to tremble with pleasure and elation. I loved some of the spiritual references you made, here. Lovely, my beautiful! Just lovely!!!


Terry Stonecrop said...

You do sensual so well. Beautiful! And thank you for Antonio. He is so sexy, too!

Tony Single said...

Wow, sensual is definitely the word here, WR. I agree with Nevine too... your references to bleeding into angelic limbs and the like. Beautiful. :)

Amanda Sablan said...

Ahh, what an amazing way to end my night. Thank you again, Wild Rose, for your neverending passion. <3

Gwei Mui said...

Rich, sensual very "tactile"
A musical score using words - love it.

Anonymous said...

Poem is so sweet darling...and it's just you for my soul.

Your Sun

The Urban Cowboy said...

Your sexiness has somehow taken me to new heights with this.

Your words have once again tickled my heart.

JamieDedes said...

Wonderful both sensual and visceral ... flows well and is nicely illustrated. Altogether lovely. Thank you!

Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous, darling!


cindy said...


Wild Rose said...

Thank you so much to all you my beautiful friends and close ones. I have been so busy that i haven't had time to reply individually but it will be better next time around for now please accept my sincerest appreciation as all your comments mean a lot to me.

Love to you all~
Wild Rose~

CityMom2 said...

"Saxophone Sexual
On a rare raw breath"
Wow - your words create a visceral response. You are very gifted.

Temptress said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this poem! So beautifully written. Wow!

Wild Rose said...

Dustus -Happy that you enjoyed it Adam and you loved some of the lines.

Brian -Am touched that my words take you on a sensual journey every time :)

Talli -Sweetheart thank you x

Wild Rose said...

Temptress -Thanks for loving it :)

Citymom2 -Nice to read you again, thank you!

Eric Alder -Lovely to see you and thanks

Wild Rose said...

Chris -I enjoy writing such so glad you liked :)

Talon -Happy to know as always that you were touched, means a lot to me.

Joanny -Your input is always amazing thanks :)

Wild Rose said...

Buttercup600 -Touched, thank you! xx

Monkey Man - Thanks :)

Pattiken -So glad you liked it Patti :)

Wild Rose said...

Emily Wierenga -That was a lovely compliment thank you so much that you saw it that way.

Kavisionz - My dear friend you melted my insides with your sweet words, really appreciated xx

Wild Rose said...

Lee Oliveira -Thanks and glad to have you around. Sure come anytime as you're most welcome.

Terry Stonecrop -So sweet of you to say that and yeah Antonio is sexy i agree :)

Wild Rose said...

Nevine - My beautiful sweet delight love your words immensely you know that. Thank you for the smiles always xo

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous -You melt my heart with those sweet sentiments am elated darling xoxo

Wild Rose said...

The Urban Cowboy -My dear friend, i love it when my words tickle you and smiling that you think I've gone to another level of sexiness :)

Wild Rose said...

Tony Single - He's partly angelic and that's why i used that reference and glad you and Nevine enjoyed that part :)

Amanda Sablan -I love making your nights sweety mwah xx

Wild Rose said...

Gwei Mui - Thank you for that fantastic compliment.

Couture Carrie -Thanks babes xx

Wild Rose said...

JamieDedes -Thanks and welcome back again.

Cyndi -nice to see you and thank you.

Ed Pilolla said...

that is such an amazing photo to go along with amazingly composed words.

forpuck said...

I must say that I found the first half really strong, but the second slightly too "poetic", if that makes any sense

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