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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Through Their Eyes"

Through their eyes
Door to door
Street to street
Her walk, little feet leaving imprints
Of mud and innocence,
selling her fruits and tins.
5 cents a fruit
20 cents a fish
10 cents per yam
The basket on her head
That is too big for her to carry
Weighing down on her steps and slowing her heart;
She cannot go home until it is all sold.
What will the little mouths eat?
She has a shawl draped
over her thin and weary shoulders,
With her thin and weary face
Are sharpened eyes that smolder
Telling of the truth, and the ways
And the days of their lives
That are not ever comfortable or playful;
It is why she does not smile.
Disappearing is the sun
as it sinks to the other face of earth
So that other little girls
May start the fires on their hearth
Or whatever it is that other little girls do.
This one walks on and on
vanishing out of sight
And she knows, though she keeps knocking
Door to door to door,
street to street to street,
there will be no meal for the little mouths
and that there will be no bed for her tonight.

All over this world trouble remains
Every man thinking about the rules of the game
But no-one is praying for the answer to find
The secret to happiness for all of mankind.

Every day, a little hope fades
Lost in the ocean, consumed by the waves
Of poverty and hunger, felt in the hearts
Of my young sisters living so far apart.
And into the distance of the path that we walk
We’re surrounded by silence for we never talk.



Desert Rose said...

This is real honor to be read and i felt every word,i live in Egypt..we have still these problems,i see these little girls in traffic lights selling boxes of Kleenex and sometimes their eyes beg for a smile back along with the money,these girls touch my heart deeply,i won't be long but that piece really touched me larvy,these young girls are so precious and we must take more action to help them more.
thank you for writing in such a noble topic,it is a striking write as usual darling..:)


CityMom2 said...

Your words are so beautifully crafted, yet leave an ache in my soul. reminded me of all the things "the world" turns its back on.


Galaxyhera said...

I read this one LarvK and i cried, was so sad, felt bad for the young girls but felt relieved to have someone as special as you bring this to light. Thanks for sharing with us darling. Your poem is beautiful beyond words.

Love & Hugs,

signed...bkm said...

young girls always pay a high price when living in proverty ....young boys too...we are so blessed and should never take it for granted....nice write..bkm

moondustwriter said...

For every mouth that is fed hundreds go without. I am saddened because often governments prevent the assistance from coming in. In their greed they keep the food at arms length for those most needy

thanks for the raw truth wrapped in beauty

One Shot needs to hear and see

Moon smiles and thanks

Brian Miller said...

oh you broke my heart with this one for the girl and her family that do without. we sponsor a child in africa...a small part...until we can do more...nice one shot!

Ed Pilolla said...

you really bring the reality of these women out. i mean, i don't feel sorry for the woman you describe. she is much too proud. i respect her, and her hard life, and her resilience.
the photos as amazingly vivid.
great to see you again!

dustus said...

You made me weep and consider heartbreaking widespread suffering in parts of the world I have never been.
Don't think I could ever forget this post. humble thanks

TALON said...

"Her walk, little feet leaving imprints
Of mud and innocence,..." - those two lines paint such a powerful image, Wild Rose. This poem will stick with me...and remind me of the importance of giving when we have so much to share. Beautiful writing!

meetika said...

Your words are always moving. This one reached straight to the heart because in spite of the fact that the child (girl or a boy) is the future of the nation yet every society fails to nurture, nourish and flourish their own future. Thanks for this thought provoking piece of writing.
.. a little care and some warmth coupled with love is all that I want says a child
please save me before I die softly utters the innocent mind.

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful poem - and so relevant. Thank you.

Pete Marshall said...

as you know i am out of work and heck its a struggle but in our western culture my children will never suffer like these poor mites..cultures need to change and nations unite to help countries change their ways..without our support this unfortunately will continue..a very sad, excellently written piece..thanks pete

Claudia said...

this was written with so much empathy - it was shining through every line...
we sponsor a child in a children's home in india to help her get some education and a place to live and hope she will make her way in life - only a drop on a hot stone, but at least something one can do...

Couture Carrie said...

Beautifully written, darling!


Beachanny said...

Great word picture of the world around us where children must be the caretakers, must provide, know no toys or games, eat very little and wither too soon. Beautifully illustrated as well. Thank you.

Beachanny said...

I left a long comment. Don't know if it was accepted. Just to say again I enjoyed your poem and think it is a great realization of a heartbreaking image. Well written. Thanks

Wine and Words said...

Very touching. It seems the definition of insanity. Wandering, wandering, with no reward. A useless loop. And yet, how to straighten the path when the options look far worse. Heartbreaking. Kills me I can't save them all.

willow said...

Raw and haunting. Beautifully told.

Monkey Man said...

Very touching and at the same time sad.

PattiKen said...

This is an absolute heart breaker. It makes me weep. It makes me angry. It makes me wonder when the humanity left the hearts of so many who consider themselves human. Thank you for this post, and for the beautiful words you wrote to illuminate the horror that is "life" for so many.

joanny said...

Until all our children & all our sisters are free globally, we are not free,for we are all in this together.
I can go on about this topic but it requires a whole blog dedicated to the subject matter.
Thank you for this compassionate post.



magnificent, dear lady of the roses! magnificently said and done! thank you for thinking of these issues and for the courage in posting of them! brava!

Amanda Sablan said...

Aww, that was a touching one. Just goes to show how much we take for granted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Larvee for writing this poem, it brought tears and heartache to me. I wish we could all make it better for them :(

Your Sun

Buttercup said...

Being born and growing up in Africa, I am all to well aware and have seen so much pain and suffering. Thanks for addressing this so very important issue...It has touched me deeply. Hugs to you dear one xx

Nevine said...

An absolutely beautiful write, Wild Rose... and so very very sad. This is a reality for so many... women... and children... in so many countries... and so many cities. And many don't even bother to think about them. But you, with your tender heart, did... and wrote so fluidly, so eloquently... and with such a raw feeling. Touching and eternal, this one!


Terry Stonecrop said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking. So much misery in the world. Lovely post.

Kavita said...

This poem gave me the chills! It was so powerful and strong, J!!

There are voices everywhere, and all we hear are the hums of our cars.. there are so many bleeding hearts to feel, yet all we feel is the love for all material goodies that surround us... there are so many scary sights to see, yet all we see are the greens and tall buildings before us...

I wish we LIVED and did something for our fellow-humans. Instead of making war, I wish we spread peace and love.. and helped in bringing about some well-deserved happiness to all...

This was such a sad, but beautiful poem, Julliette!
Thank you for sharing ti.. we all need some eye openers time and again!

Wild Rose said...

Desert Rose -Thank you for the kind words, good you know what we need to do dear xo

Citymom2 -So glad you love my words and it means a lot to me thanks

Galaxyhera -I cried writing it to because i have seen girls in such situations so many times so this was almost personal to me. Thank you for your love and support darling xox

Signed...bkm - Very true girls pay such a high price in society and it a bit unfair for them and painful to watch. Thanks for stopping by.

Wild Rose said...

Moondustwriter - Thank you and it's true most governments ignore what's right underneath their noses, it breaks my heart that we can't do more because i know we can. Nice to have you around and you're welcome back :)

Brian - So nice to know you do sponsor a child in Africa and i feel your pain as this hurts me too seeing those girls in such dire conditions.

Ed Pilolla -Thank you Ed, lovely to know the images seem so alive for you and nice to see you again.

Wild Rose said...

Dustus -I know how you felt because i cried throughout writing it and watching the videos makes me cry even more. It will stay with me for while too, thanks.

Talon -Thank you my dear and yes we should share and try as much as we can to make a difference for those less unfortunate than us.

Wild Rose said...

Meetika - Very deep and kind words. And without a doubt true, i hope you will be around some more love seeing you and hearing your thoughts.

Talli - Thank you doll always love your comments.

Wild Rose said...

Pete - Yes i know your situation and we can't even begin to compare what we have here in the United States to what those that leave in developing nations have especially when they are struck by poverty and so many health ailments. It's so frustrating to not be able to do much more.

Claudia - Real happy to know that you sponsor a child in India, when i hear that it makes me believe there's hope to make life better for these young girls. Thank you!

Wild Rose said...

Couture Carrie -Thank you darling hugs xoxo

Beachanny -We the adults should be the caretakers not these young girls but they're left with options, no freedom to play and do what other young girls do because their parents either abandoned them or died and so they assume these responsibilities. Thank you for stopping by, i appreciate it.

Wild Rose said...

Wine and Words -It's the very definition of insanity for these young girls and it hurts me beyond words. Thank you!

Willow -Thanks you for the lovely compliment.

Monkey Man -Thanks, I appreciate it.

Wild Rose said...

Pattiken -I wept with you to and still weeping, it's absolutely horrific what is happening to these children both girls and boys :(

Gypsywoman -Thank dear gypsy, i had to share this.

Wild Rose said...

Amanda Sablan -We do take a lot for granted sweety and if only we could share give to these children what we so easily throw away..

Buttercup600 -Great because then you have seen this first hand and you know how heartbreaking it is. Thanks sweetheart xx

Terry Stonecrop - Thank you babes xx

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous -I didn't mean to make you sad or anyone for that matter but had to share the pain and horror i saw. So glad you feel the way i do as we must change it all for the better darling, your words do touch me always xoxo

Nevine -My sweet delight you sing in a language i understand so thank you for your sweet words always xox

Wild Rose said...

Joanny -Thank you dear maybe i should make another blog entirely for this topic..

Kavita -Thank you doll and who could have said it better than you as we do need some eye openers to these issues so we don't just give them a blind eye. We have to do more for our children and society as a whole.

hoiden said...

hm...made me think how lucky i am...fantastic poem:)

Ann said...

Beautiful words yet so sad. An eloquently written reminder of the hardships that so many face on a daily basis.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Space Cowgirl...you are a beautiful soul, reflected in your words. Having traveled the world over, it is truly heartbreaking to see how destitute some really have it.

Wild Rose said...

Hoiden -Thank you and welcome again!

Ann - Lovely to have you around and hope you keep coming back for more.

The Urban Cowboy -Right on point my dear friend, we're so lucky and blessed with what we have that we don't realize how bad others have it~

Jessie said...

so beautiful, touching, and alive. it was a honor to read. thank you,

warm hug and smiles,

Wild Rose said...

Jessie -Thank you dear your words humble me and am delighted to have you as a follow as well x :)

Jingle said...

what a heartfelt piece..
who cares the rule of the game,
hunger and poverty are striking fact many fact, small acts may do big wonders....

love your big heart
and beautiful versions.

dan roberson said...

To hear about suffering makes me sad, to see suffering makes me cry, but to feel suffering makes me remember. Thanks for letting me feel.

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