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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Political, Film and Musical Parodies"

Obama & Bush Impersonators...Sound just like them too. Laughed my ass off watching these videos:
*ROLFLMAO* This was beyond hilarious...Will Ferrell reprises George Bush" at a Sizzler comparing Bush killing a gopher to Obama killing Osama Bin Laden...Funny as hell and Bush again will always be an idiot~~
...In a new Funny or Die video, Will Ferrell reprises his role as George Bush, and he does so from a Sizzler in Texas. President Bush has just killed a gopher in his yard, and he says the world is safer for it. And in other water cooler news, Stephen Colbert and Katie Couric share a bathroom moment.

world news

Obama explains where babies come from~~~

Worst Translator to ever hit the White House~

"And You Thought Your 2-Year-Old Behaved Badly..."

(Tar baby ... naughty Ardi Rizal
takes a deep drag on his cig)

I added this article as a post because i felt that i should share it with the rest of the world. As a mother i was shocked and appalled that the parents of this kid gave him his first cigarette and now he's addicted. He's 2 years old and he started smoking at 18 months because his father thought it was okay???? What kind of parents do that to their own children?? Please read and share. This is a serious call for help!! Both parents and the child need an intervention. Am saddened by it all :((

Little trucker ... Ardi Rizal, two, blows smoke on toy

Click to view video of Ardi Rizal smoking here:.

Find Full Original News Article Link here:.

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Adam and Eve the Story - Our Twist"

In a paradise with perfect measures, Adam lived in harmony with all creatures. He had been fashioned from clay as God’s own unique creation. He roamed the beautiful gardens of Eden sipping in all its peace and tranquility.

Till one day he got bored and very lonely. So God created me from part of his rib and soul, to serve him as a lover and be his mate. He breathed life through my nostrils making me as good as new.

That morning as sunrise broke apart the shadows, and the sun bathed me with its rays, I walked above the ground alongside my mate. Hand in hand we danced down the winding roads of daisy fields full of faith and glory. Running liberated along nature’s path, reaching for supple coconuts to satiate our unquenchable thirst as we shaded beneath palm trees.

"Am happy, am proud", said Adam holding my face between his hands, the sun seems to beam from my heart as the stars dance around us. What is this sensation I feel?" A happy tear ran down his cheek. "What’s the cause? I want to know?", he asked.
“Adam" I answered.. "Just now when we were intertwined, you called the sensation love, I felt it too. What exactly is a “Love?" I asked him as I licked his tears away with my lips. He smiled and said, "Maybe it’s this wondrous warmth we feel. So fresh and clean; and as pristine as snow. Love is a health, it’s a sunshine..." he said, nodding his head.

So smart, my Adam was I thought. This "love" feeling was sunbathing me with warm rays and through it we were lifting each other. It was like a powerful and magic golden rod. There was music in my soul and the sun was shining through my mind. Walking hand in hand down the silver rolling hills, dew lifting in a rising through gentle mist.
We came across the blossoms of an apple tree, lit up like tiny, little lanterns, as the sunlight pierced their fragile bodies with warmth. It was so beautiful, we were enchanted. Then a powerful voice echoed through the clouds. It was from God and he commanded; "Adam my son, do not eat from the apple tree. Your knowledge will disappear and you will realize your fears"

"Eve" said Adam, "God has forbidden us to eat from this tree, let’s eat the cherries from the tree next to it. Then he looked at me with his dazzling hazel eyes, something mysterious swimming below their surface. There was a riddle that I could not penetrate. I watched, holding my breath. "You’re not thinking of disobeying God, Are you? I asked."

Up high in the tree, a serpent watched our unfolding scene below.

"No! Of course not" He said in a composed manner. It’s just that all this time I had only had my body to look at and I never imagined another being just like me.

"Hahaha...!!" My laughter cascaded loudly, frightening a pair of parrots from their roost above us. Oh my love, you are a very sweet and wise being sometimes!"

Adam sat there in silence, watching me, as I continued chuckling to myself. Completely mesmerized by the sensual contours of my body playing in the morning light, as my blush began to deepen at his expense.

Hsssss hssssss hsssssssssssssssss

Hissed the serpent to himself as he slowly made his way down the apple tree. He knew that today would be a great chance to get these two lovebirds to eat the apple. Because of Eve’s present bashfulness, she might just be that much more inclined to appease Adam. Yes, today was turning out wonderfully indeed. Thought the serpent..

Little did he know of the sensation called a "Love"!

The serpent approached us with a bullet proof plan, an apple wrapped around it’s coils. He then proceeded to tell us how knowledgeable we would become if we took just a bite of the apple. He told us that God was so selfish that he didn’t want to share his knowledge with us and that by eating the apple from the forbidden tree, we’d in fact be more powerful than God and we could simple banish him from paradise altogether and leave happily ever after as gods.

We gazed at each other for a while contemplating on our new found friend and his theory to power. Hypnotized by the mirage of our eyes under the serpent’s glimmering scales. Suddenly, we were in each other’s grasp drowning in pulsing waves of milk and honey, smothering ourselves in our primal carnality. Drinking from Adam’s sweet raging sweetness as he hoped to quench the thirst of his throbbing weakness.

“Adam, I cried out...Give me more...I want more...more please...And he grunted.."Eve, Please let me in, let me in..I want in...penetrating my ever changing paradox and scorching me with burning touches.

“Eve...Let our flames devour us in perfect pleasure in an eternal paradise,” Adam whispered. Now inescapable, I could hardly breathe, it was more than just physical and deeper than spiritual; we had morphed into each other completing our tango. My libertine, I thought out loud.. there’s no substitution.

We no longer need an explanation for it!

In our madness, we had both instantly forgotten the serpent and it had finally slithered away in hopes of finding another mortal to corrupt!
It was that feeling called a “love” that had saved our souls from an original sin.

Adam and Eve the story - Our Twist. (LK/SRK)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"My Hero of another kind" - A dedication to my daughter

Eyes, Irises of beauty
Wide and awake, twinkling.
Not of knowing but quizzical,
From the moment I gazed on
your newborn baby face,
I knew I had been blessed with God’s
overflowing gift of grace.

Do you know how much you mean to me?
As you grow into the special being that you will be.
You were born right within,
from just beneath my heart
Its here I hide you always,
Though you swirl right past the years
Growing so first you send me into a whirl.

Oh, how I wish I could stop time
Hold it right where you’re forever,
Alas, this is life’s rush.
But all dreams and goals,
sit before you very near.
As I sing in rhythm of
a mother's heartfelt Love,
Your smiles take away my sorrows and sighs.

My daughter, the love of my life
The world my Oyster,
Earth’s angel, my shiniest pearl
Endless words not enough to capture
the depth of my love for you.
Discoveries at your feet..
Love of life, animals, music, films
Cute little laughs, your cartoons.

Watching, my sweet reflection..
Amazed! Noticing your inner beauty
and individuality.
Sunlight reflecting through your curls,
Humming little unknown tunes,
As you skip about your day..

Night-time, forever in my head
Our nightly rituals, piggy-back rides
en-route to bed.
Wishes, Winnie the Pooh
cuddly big hugs,

A million kisses, lullabies
When you lay down your head to sleep
with little praying whispers,
I thank God each and every day,
asking him to keep a watchful eye on my rare
and unique treasure.

Protecting you always
for you “my little girl”,
I love you so infinitely...
Probably more than you’ll ever know
My hero of another kind.

With all my heart & Love-
Your Mummy

"You’re Mine to Keep" - A father’s love For his daughter on her birthday

Dear Princess of my heart,
I care for you so much,
Loving the fondness in your wide beautiful eyes,
the tenderness in your little touch
Your memories so great,
Bringing me a heart of joy.

A powerful sense of fatherhood,
So innocent and pure
The twinkle of your eyes shines greater than any star,
The smiles you give me, keep my days so bright
I watch and pray as you grow,
Bringing me love and faith,
beauty and grace.

You’re my pride, my unconditional love I pledge,
You’re my sunshine, undivided bond I cherish,
You’re my little angel, my hugs and kisses
I shield you from the ups and downs of the world.

Days in, full of sunshine and bliss,
bike rides and water sports.
Seeing you run and jump,
shouting and calling out my name,
No love that I have ever known,
could ever feel the same.
Nothing can over shadow the bond that we retain

Nights out, watching you sleep
dreaming of things that I can only wonder.
That innocent look upon your face
just makes my heart grow fonder

When I asked God for a flower, He gave me a bouquet
When I asked him for a second, He gave me a day
When I prayed for an angel, he gave me you
My very likeness, he carved you
to the very tip of your nose..

The perfect gift,
because on this very special day of your beginning,
God gave away a gift of love,
from up above so unique and so rare..

May Allah bless you my dearest angel
especially on this day, that marks your birth,
for all the unique ways that you’re
You bring a bit of heaven into my world,
with tender kisses all over my face,
My little princess, you're mine to keep.

With All My Love,
Your Papa~ SRK

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This poem is a special dedication to me and a loved one from someone very dear. I hope you enjoy it as I did~

Their eyes were gazing
on his vivid face
printed like a rainbow
on their blinking eyelids
desperate bids
yearning for their master
to blow in their ears a whisper
like a bullet into their ribs
one daring moan slips
uncovering their smashing beats
as meeting treats
that burst
with lust
was that shining ebony
a rare dashing beauty
soaked in his forbidden dips
of spice
with the exotic ivory
sprinkled chili pepper
in his veins she was a dripper
flavored as fire
tickling yet sauer
bitter sweet
a triumphal retreat
untamed resistance
kept shaking his existence
once they bend
salt and pepper trend
they both lean on his bare skin
shivering within
only adjusting the taste
rolling in haste
unveiling that rippled wave
kneeling before his majesty and crave
for his touch of life
to resurrect their soul
offering their all
asking for none
dancing around their sun
like hailing stars of pleasure
enchanted with his spicy leisure
pulling on his wild trigger
shooting his beating spots
signing in with million dots
along with three initials
crossing to an absolute climax of unseasonal satisfaction.


Find Original poem here:.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Johnny Depp to Play Russian Spy "Alexander 'Sasha' Litvinenko"

Johnny Depp has been planning a film about a former Russian security agent whose poisoning in London has touched off an international mystery, according to the trade magazine Variety - one of three possible Hollywood projects about the case.
One of the other projects, involving the director Michael Mann, came after Columbia Pictures agreed to pay $1.5 million for the film rights to a book about the former Russian agent, Alexander Litvinenko, being co-written by his widow and a close friend Marina Litvinenko.
Warner Bros., which was outbid for that book, acquired the rights to a book by Alan Cowell, a New York Times reporter, which was published in 2008 by Doubleday. Depp's production company, Infinitum Nihil, is currently producing the film and the actor will star in it.

Mann is known for his crime sagas such as "Collateral," "Heat" and "Miami Vice," while Depp often takes on eccentric character roles in films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Finding Neverland" and "Edward Scissorhands."
According to earlier Variety reports, Columbia envisions an espionage thriller "exploring the collision between the deep rooted Russian power structure enforced by the KGB ... and the new wave of wild west capitalism" that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. The book that will serve as the movie's main source was published in May, 2007 by Simon & Schuster's Free Press imprint.

Braun Entertainment Group, based in Beverly Hills, Calif., stated in 2007 that it had bought an option on film rights for a third potential project - based on Litvinenko's own book "Blowing Up Russia: Terror from Within."
Braun - which previously produced for "Freedom Road," a movie starring Muhammad Ali, had been in talks with Litvinenko's widow, Marina, for its own project around the same time.
The former security agent's book was published in 2004 with financial support from the self-exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky and alleged the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB - an agency that replaced the KGB - was behind bombings at Russian apartment buildings in 1999 that killed more than 300 people. The Kremlin blamed the attacks on Chechen separatists.
An updated version of the book was released in Britain in mid January of 2007 as confirmed by the London publishing house Gibson Square.

Litvinenko fled to Britain, was granted asylum and became a Kremlin critic in exile. The former FSB agent died on the 23rd of November, 2006 several weeks after falling ill with what was later determined to be poisoning by the rare radioactive isotope polonium-210. Before his death, he said he fell ill after meeting in London with an Italian security expert to discuss possible suspects in the killing of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya a month earlier. In her coverage of Chechnya, Politkovskaya was highly critical of alleged human rights violations by Russian forces and by Kremlin-backed Chechen officials.

The film project is set to be done by 2011 and just to clarify, Johnny will star in the "Sasha's Story: The Life and Death of a Russian Spy" film version of the book by Alan Cowell made by his own production company (Infinitum Nihil) not Mann's version based on "Death of a Dissident", a book co-written by the poisoned ex-spy's widow Marina Litvinenko
Follow Link for the 2007 News article:.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Sweetest Taboo"

My Beloved...
My King in this life and the next...
and the one after that...

He touches me with his whispers so sweet,
My body's engulfed with heat
So vast is my love,
So tormenting is my desire
He turns me on..
With such common words; Hope, unseasonal showers, rock & roll..

My heart's afloat,
I feel it pound...
Oooh, I want him so bad....
Would this be the right time to say so?
Or should I just let it go?
Hmmm... just common words,
But he turns me on so bad.
I look at him...The way he beautifully stands tall,
I close my eyes as he touches my body..
He's already touched my mind...My Soul is his for eternity,
He tells me his desires...His Dreams....
I tell him mine
Just plain old desires and such big dreams
We can accomplish and achieve them together I know...
He knows it too
Hmmm..., I want him so bad...

Then I say to my beloved...Look into my eyes,
let your hands see for you instead.
My heavy-lidded gaze means my body
understands the language
of your touch..
It is a dialect known to all,
but the nuances are only fully appreciated
when accompanied by familiarity.
Your deft fingers know
every rise and curve,
and each secret softness of my flesh.

Like a much-read book,
which falls open to a favorite passage,
so is my body to the ministrations
of your caress..

You already know the story,
but it only serves to whet your appetite
for the denouement and...
Climax of this dramatic plot of events.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"My Master is Home"

It's been too long, home at last.. home at last
He brushes back my hair and gazes down at me
quietly watching me curled safe in our bed
Nuzzling my neck, softly he whispers in my ear..
My sweet loving pet, your Master is home.

I lay deep in slumber wrapped in his robe,
peacefully dreaming of pleasures shared..
A smile like a wolverine's flickers over my lips
I sit next to him feeling his warm flesh
I slowly expose his olive skin to my touch..

He wets his finger in his mouth to write his name
between the mounds of my full ripe roses,
Warm letters spell out his love upon my skin,
He blows gently over them, his breathe cooling,
soft tingling breeze, like mint on the tongue.

Smiling, wriggling deeper into my dreams,
I quietly sigh and surrender my cavern to him,
Suddenly; am billions of miles away in a galaxy so enchanting
Touching each star as It melts warmly in my hands
Holding on to my Master’s every fiber of life
His arms supporting me like a feather..
Master...Are we still alive? I mourn..
Then he exclaims as he gasps...we have just landed!!
Grinning devilishly his dimples magnificently curved
On the handsomely face...
I kiss one then the other then his forehead
Then each eye slowly and sweetly..

He watches over me in the flickering candlelight,
like a wolf watching over his sleeping mate
I raise my head to meet his gaze
seeing the glimmer in his eyes..
I dart, burying my face in his chest as
he hangs on to me with all his superhero might
I smile..I’m home.
My sweet loving Master, your pet is adorned..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"I Touched"

Your eyes
I lost my soul within...
licked your salty tears
Your nose
rubbed mine against its curves
Your silky hair
I fingered the strands with my palms
around and around

Your ears
I nibbled with my sweet whisper
as you tickled with sensual laughter
Your neck Ooooh...
With my tongue, my lips, my teeth
I kissed giving it a gentle bite
Your strength...my earth..
I touched..

Your belly to back
I caressed the soft flesh
Your feet they rubbed
the back of my calves
Your hands to my hands
your arms to my arms
And even your heart..
Yes especially your heart
It beat within me

My cheek to your chest
As it rose and fell
Your breathe in my hair,
The wind to the leaves
Oh yes these all I touched..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"The Conversation Between our Fingers and Skin"

The most important discussion we’ve ever had
was the conversation between our fingers and skin
Deep in our blue you found our love, peace and tranquility
Like a fire fly, a spark, a glow, a match in the darkness;
I went wherever your light took me
The bumps and scratches along the way
gave us the texture we now call life..

How we felt when we got there
is the only thing we had control over.
The more we forgot ourselves
the more beautiful we became
We suffered together and held each other tight
because when we touched each other,
we knew; We were never alone. Ever!

All your work. All your play. None of it compared to the one night
spent next to the warm body of the one i love
I had looked up by mistake and fell into your eyes.
Sometimes, it feels like I was flying all along...

You had no idea how close we had become to each other.
You may have called this life whatever you wished to call it.
An adventure. A challenge. A call to arms.
But I called it history.
As I was watching you. While you watched me.
Watching back. Slowly melting with you..

The dirt you and I share and have shared forever would grow a tree
so high it would kiss a star, each leaf a promise,
each stem a new beginning
I will wait for you here,
here is the last place I lived our conversation..

Now, I spend most of my nights outside,
looking for ways to make you smile
When I look up at the sky, all the constellations look like you
Forgetting the air, I breathe you instead
I am holding you even now...
A lover's fingers on my cheek and
a drunkard’s elbow in a crowded bar, You’re!
So I smile. Because you are in that too.

As you see beauty or pain, life or death,
love or fear, then you see what we normally see
when we look at the world..Ourselves.

I gaze upon you noticing
how brightly you burn and how big you’ve grown,
until you looked back, you hadn’t realized
how amazing you have become.

For now, the world will tell you that the way you say things is more important
than what you say. The world is wrong because what you say..
how you do it is more important to me than how you say it.
I love you because you took the time to
read this sentence and all the paragraphs before and after
And somehow, I knew you were doing the same. Thinking of me.
Thinking of you..

We then took our next conversations on the wires..
I wanted you to keep growing in our memories...
so I remind you of this,
I continue to burn...Until you return.
Just so you know, I checked and it's all going to be okay.
I promise!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


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