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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"And You Thought Your 2-Year-Old Behaved Badly..."

(Tar baby ... naughty Ardi Rizal
takes a deep drag on his cig)

I added this article as a post because i felt that i should share it with the rest of the world. As a mother i was shocked and appalled that the parents of this kid gave him his first cigarette and now he's addicted. He's 2 years old and he started smoking at 18 months because his father thought it was okay???? What kind of parents do that to their own children?? Please read and share. This is a serious call for help!! Both parents and the child need an intervention. Am saddened by it all :((

Little trucker ... Ardi Rizal, two, blows smoke on toy

Click to view video of Ardi Rizal smoking here:.

Find Full Original News Article Link here:.


Desert Rose said...

It is really saddening larvy,i do agree with you..it has to be dealt with firmly! smoking as a whole is a bad habit for adults,how can a father gives it to his 2 years old son! that's too heartless and i m really shocked! serious help is required for both for sure. thank you darling for sharing this with us,even tho it broke my heart but people should be aware somehow.

Wild Rose said...

Yes Desert Rose, i hope the parents soon realize just how much they have destroyed their kid or better yet help stop him from smoking :(

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