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Saturday, May 1, 2010

"The Conversation Between our Fingers and Skin"

The most important discussion we’ve ever had
was the conversation between our fingers and skin
Deep in our blue you found our love, peace and tranquility
Like a fire fly, a spark, a glow, a match in the darkness;
I went wherever your light took me
The bumps and scratches along the way
gave us the texture we now call life..

How we felt when we got there
is the only thing we had control over.
The more we forgot ourselves
the more beautiful we became
We suffered together and held each other tight
because when we touched each other,
we knew; We were never alone. Ever!

All your work. All your play. None of it compared to the one night
spent next to the warm body of the one i love
I had looked up by mistake and fell into your eyes.
Sometimes, it feels like I was flying all along...

You had no idea how close we had become to each other.
You may have called this life whatever you wished to call it.
An adventure. A challenge. A call to arms.
But I called it history.
As I was watching you. While you watched me.
Watching back. Slowly melting with you..

The dirt you and I share and have shared forever would grow a tree
so high it would kiss a star, each leaf a promise,
each stem a new beginning
I will wait for you here,
here is the last place I lived our conversation..

Now, I spend most of my nights outside,
looking for ways to make you smile
When I look up at the sky, all the constellations look like you
Forgetting the air, I breathe you instead
I am holding you even now...
A lover's fingers on my cheek and
a drunkard’s elbow in a crowded bar, You’re!
So I smile. Because you are in that too.

As you see beauty or pain, life or death,
love or fear, then you see what we normally see
when we look at the world..Ourselves.

I gaze upon you noticing
how brightly you burn and how big you’ve grown,
until you looked back, you hadn’t realized
how amazing you have become.

For now, the world will tell you that the way you say things is more important
than what you say. The world is wrong because what you say..
how you do it is more important to me than how you say it.
I love you because you took the time to
read this sentence and all the paragraphs before and after
And somehow, I knew you were doing the same. Thinking of me.
Thinking of you..

We then took our next conversations on the wires..
I wanted you to keep growing in our memories...
so I remind you of this,
I continue to burn...Until you return.
Just so you know, I checked and it's all going to be okay.
I promise!


stairway to heaven said...

this is most beautiful conversation i ever read and had my queen..so true it is as he is our only shelter where we burn in the pleasure of love..
skin is shining with drops of truth and laying within our layers of total lust..
only him deserves it..and we are just his promises of everlasting happiness..:)

love you so much larvy
your sensation is beyond words..
big warm hugs darling.

LarvK said...

Thank you my beautiful and sweet queen Abeer and love you too, your words touched me deep. Someone so special to me once said "strange how memories get attached with stars & they become important"...How right he was because he grew in me so quickly and before I knew it he was every part of me.

Am so glad God thought it fit to bless us with such a star. These conversations define us, they keep us alive and they bring us closer and closer. Thank you dearest King for all.., because such bonds are priceless *ILU* ~:)

Anonymous said...

poem so sweet..

ajib hai..
but people can not keep promise !


stairway to heaven said...

Dear anonymous..
sometimes the most kept promises are those who are silently made to be forever held in the hearts..:)

LarvK said...

Dear my_Prem,

Thank you for your compliment and it means a lot to me. Now to promises broken or kept, I keep all my promises and if it will take me my whole lifetime to fulfill a promise i hold so dearly then so be it. I will make sure i fulfill it. Obviously you don't know how determined i am otherwise you'd believe that a few of us do keep promises!

I will say this again and this time with total conviction!

My promise is to keep loving this King of mine unconditionally, when the love i feel for him hurts, then I simply love him some more. And when that love hurts some more, then I love him even more, if that love hurts even further, then I love him some more till it hurts no more... I will love him so much no matter what hurt i feel, or how much I miss him until my love for him will bring the Gods and the heavens to their knees and eventually that love will deliver him to me and he will come happily and my promise will be fulfilled ~:))

stairway to heaven said...

AMEN larvy..!for that love we have for him is a mere blessing from God..feeling it that strong only beating in my heart gives me hope to live some more. Even if it hurts sometimes but as you told me once, i just love him some more and more till it can hurt no more..you said it right larvy..:)
so dear my_prem..when we make a promise we live only to keep it..unconditional and happy..:)

Anonymous said...

tell my friend that he was not alone
Tell him that if need to in a moment i thrown myself into the fire for him.
unless he gave me a chance to be close to him really
I would open his beautiful eyes to love
he deserves that kind of love which he has
I know this person, more than 10 years.
she dedicated to him his life 16 years from 30
and all this happened in my eyes ..
but in any case, I'm always with my friend

Anonymous said...

dear, i will cry too when you will cry :(

CityMom2 said...


Your gift for painting with words is incredible. The title alone brings to late a relationship we take for granted everyday. You make me stop and think about each sensation we are given.

Collective Epiphanies said...

When I read prose like this and I am reminded that words never ebb, never dry out. The title in and of itself is simply splendid, illuminating the whole piece with sensuality thus drawing one into a world of indescribable ecstasy.

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