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You are in my guts Shah and I am acting because you are alive... *ILU* ~@LarvK

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

"I Touched"

Your eyes
I lost my soul within...
licked your salty tears
Your nose
rubbed mine against its curves
Your silky hair
I fingered the strands with my palms
around and around

Your ears
I nibbled with my sweet whisper
as you tickled with sensual laughter
Your neck Ooooh...
With my tongue, my lips, my teeth
I kissed giving it a gentle bite
Your strength...my earth..
I touched..

Your belly to back
I caressed the soft flesh
Your feet they rubbed
the back of my calves
Your hands to my hands
your arms to my arms
And even your heart..
Yes especially your heart
It beat within me

My cheek to your chest
As it rose and fell
Your breathe in my hair,
The wind to the leaves
Oh yes these all I touched..


stairway to heaven said...

you left me in tears..your words have touched me in a way i never thought possible. this deep emotion is what is keeping us alive. only for him we would inhaling his existence to give life another chance.. will definitely come back for that one,you just pressed all my buttons that will result in a huge hurricane..:)

Anonymous said...

so lovely..thk u dear..
d't be sad..be happy..
God bless ..


LarvK said...

@my_Prem, It was my pleasure writing it for my love! Thank you dear for visiting, please feel free to stop by whenever you want. You're most welcome ~:)

@Abeer, i say it again please don't be sad, i hate tears and only love them if they're of joy..so if it puts a smile on your face then let's all go dancing and make merry ~:)

stairway to heaven said...

those were not tears of sadness..but of passion,i am not sad actually lately i am only bursting in happiness since i am living my best times ever feeling the only love that is rising in my heart growing to hold me tight to its everlasting joy..:)and for him i will always remain happy ..celebrating our love and yes @larvy..let us just TANGO..;)

LarvK said...

P:S @my_Prem,
I hope you enjoyed the videos underneath the poems, because when am lost in translation or overwhelmed with emotions, i add them to finish my thoughts and visualize my feelings ~:)

@Abeer...Yes, c'mon my dear queen let's go Tango...

Wael Khairy said...

You have a gift. Your words lingered with me long after I finished reading them. I like this one more than the Khan one :P

I love how decriptive you are, a lot of people get touched but I can see from your writing that you're one of the few who can feel the beauty of the touch. (If that makes any sense)


Best Regards,
Wael Khairy

Wild Rose said...

Thank you so much my film critic and friend Wael! Your words mean a lot to me considering i was fighting whether to stay on films or move to poetry, although there's no way i would stop reviewing films knowing myself. But it's great to have another outlet to express my thoughts and feelings.

I knew you'd like one of the others, you're such a guy but I understand. However truth be told, i do get most of my inspiration from him :)

Anonymous said...

"Your eyes i lost my soul within".."your heart it beat within me"

Your Rung my Bells..

Your Sun-

joanny said...

It has been a while since I have been here, so sorry all I have been missing, barely able to blog myself these days,

but as always your visuals and poetry compliment and go hand in hand as artistic self expression, so much deep passion beautiful sensual and more...


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