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Sunday, May 16, 2010


This poem is a special dedication to me and a loved one from someone very dear. I hope you enjoy it as I did~

Their eyes were gazing
on his vivid face
printed like a rainbow
on their blinking eyelids
desperate bids
yearning for their master
to blow in their ears a whisper
like a bullet into their ribs
one daring moan slips
uncovering their smashing beats
as meeting treats
that burst
with lust
was that shining ebony
a rare dashing beauty
soaked in his forbidden dips
of spice
with the exotic ivory
sprinkled chili pepper
in his veins she was a dripper
flavored as fire
tickling yet sauer
bitter sweet
a triumphal retreat
untamed resistance
kept shaking his existence
once they bend
salt and pepper trend
they both lean on his bare skin
shivering within
only adjusting the taste
rolling in haste
unveiling that rippled wave
kneeling before his majesty and crave
for his touch of life
to resurrect their soul
offering their all
asking for none
dancing around their sun
like hailing stars of pleasure
enchanted with his spicy leisure
pulling on his wild trigger
shooting his beating spots
signing in with million dots
along with three initials
crossing to an absolute climax of unseasonal satisfaction.


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Desert Rose said...

Three roses for a snake,
one take
soft and tender
two rabbits in hunger..
thou whisper
mourns in laughter
Fire o thou fire
stretching the wire
your majesty
thou sweetness
their madness
Dancing, beating spots, millions..
Three initials..Bound in ecstasy
Three colors..Olive, Ebony, Ivory..
a mixture of ecstasy
Three tastes each on each
together they reach
and all on one
the moon,the earth and the sun
Spice, Pepper, Salt..
their cult
Lust Rise.
fool and wise
a triangle of pleasure
out of time's measure
sailing in their belief
redefined in three initials
bringing out life from each other
craving to their treasure
they shiver
two rabbits and a snake
an immortal shake
of an adjusted taste of spice
shreds in slice
of savage hunger
and resurrected in a quivering whisper of satisfaction.

Wild Rose said...

You amaze me dear Queen, my words your play. Now i know why we dance together in the beautiful fields with flying paper flowers colored in all earth's beauty.

Am fully resurrected with the whisper of satisfaction :)

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