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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Sweetest Taboo"

My Beloved...
My King in this life and the next...
and the one after that...

He touches me with his whispers so sweet,
My body's engulfed with heat
So vast is my love,
So tormenting is my desire
He turns me on..
With such common words; Hope, unseasonal showers, rock & roll..

My heart's afloat,
I feel it pound...
Oooh, I want him so bad....
Would this be the right time to say so?
Or should I just let it go?
Hmmm... just common words,
But he turns me on so bad.
I look at him...The way he beautifully stands tall,
I close my eyes as he touches my body..
He's already touched my mind...My Soul is his for eternity,
He tells me his desires...His Dreams....
I tell him mine
Just plain old desires and such big dreams
We can accomplish and achieve them together I know...
He knows it too
Hmmm..., I want him so bad...

Then I say to my beloved...Look into my eyes,
let your hands see for you instead.
My heavy-lidded gaze means my body
understands the language
of your touch..
It is a dialect known to all,
but the nuances are only fully appreciated
when accompanied by familiarity.
Your deft fingers know
every rise and curve,
and each secret softness of my flesh.

Like a much-read book,
which falls open to a favorite passage,
so is my body to the ministrations
of your caress..

You already know the story,
but it only serves to whet your appetite
for the denouement and...
Climax of this dramatic plot of events.


stairway to heaven said...

the sweetest taboo
forbidden and inviting
loving and enchanting
tender yet dangerous
lustful and miraculous
a true blend
a royal descend
of madness
and pleasure..:)
i so loved it ..it is another amazing masterpiece that moves the heart and shakes the senses..SHINE ON my Queen..i am right there with you..:)

LarvK said...

You nailed it my dear Queen, as forbidden as our sweetest taboo is, we have to have it to save our lives and humanity.. How awesome would it be to do it together and how enjoyable would it be for him :))

Yes, we have to fulfill this destiny for his sanity and our madness...The perfect blend of royalty..

Anonymous said...

i will cry too when you will cry

Anonymous said...

Yes, I just appreciate the humorous King ..
Forgive me, but I'm not laughing now
I opened my eyes when she heard azan.
I opened my eyes and tears flowed from their own.
I felt like hurting my friend.
as his breath quickens and my heart and wants to escape from the chest.
as he desperately wants to hide the pain in the guise of a smile ..
I still feel it ..
Tell my friend that he is not alone.
I gather all my tears in the mattress
(As if - the mattress out of the water)
I'll put you to sleep on it.
I can not be close to your lonely nights ..
But my tears, will you as a bed.
They will lull you
if the mother wants to embrace peace with my child.
Above the waves of my tears you'll swing
And you'll sleep in your tears.
And somewhere far away, desperately, someone will make you a new bed, my dear Friend

Nubian Rose said...

To be honest i can't keep doing this if you want to be helped by us then be straight forward and we'll do our best to assist you in whatever quest but at this point i can't help you if you're not straight with me or my friend so i will stop all this and forget everything or that i ever knew somebody like you. Go tell the person you love in their face what you want and see what they do!

You understand me yaar??

stairway to heaven said...

@LarvyK I agree with you..comments on blogs should be either related to the topic or just straight forward and making sense to the readers or else it would be really kinda difficult to understand especially when the one who is saying them is not being clear about himself or herself .it is really not so funny and i do respect our blogs much more then that. if we are being nice that doesn't mean we can't handle it but it means we are still trying our best not to hurt anyone. this blog is an open forum that everybody is welcomed to read and share their views in a relevant respectable way. other than that it not really appreciated not to you nor to me. i seriously do hope everyone is aware of that by now.
you are just too beautiful my larvy,and your tenderness shines all the time..keep being you ,you ROCK! :)

Wild Rose said...

Thank you for the love and support Abeer darling, it's good to have someone so sweet and loving like you in my life. I enjoy having you shine on my blog always because you adorn it with such loveliness and spice :-)

Anonymous said...

so, you can delete my posts, in the end I'll never write, d't worry..
ur poems so nice..
be happy always
without me :)

Anonymous said...

It's a great feeling to be the desired sweetest taboo. I think am in love ha ha.

Your Sun-

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