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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Tête-à-tête (Head to head)"

Head to head..Face to Face..
His lips touch hers as his fangs brush on her skin and mouth…
“Will you be my bride and share my cozy lair?"
He asks...
Together we can conquer the madness

She answers..
As beasts of the dark
saviors of each other’s souls
We can get a shot at happiness

Her heart beats steadily for the last time playing a musical symphony
I taste your blood on my lips..Ah!
She savors the astounding heat and harmony
He utters..the dark night gives us the closure we once madly seeked
Our hearts beat as one
You conceal me in you..

No more sleepless nights
No more cloudy days
We have been...

She finishes his thoughts..freed...
Of the madness
Of the fears
Of the insanity
Of our inhumanity
Head to head, face to face
Eternally one...


stairway to heaven said...

head to head
only their future ahead
face to face
their own madness they chase
lip to lip
their lust will drip
eye to eye
they sink in a wonderful sigh
nose to nose
they blossom like a shy spring rose
skin to skin
their flame starts only from within
heart to heart
this is where they would start
carving their own tale
on the madness rolls of eternity..:)

only him can bring out the best in both of us..:)love it larvy..it touched me deeply..:)

LarvK said...

Thank you so much beautiful queen yes it's our own madness and the only person who shares it with us is him face to face, skin to skin and heart to heart. He gets us and only we get him...precious -:))

Anonymous said...

i'm cry..
Thx 4 love


LarvK said...

No tears @my_Prem,

Why do you cry? It's a celebration of love, madness and more love... so wipe those tears and laugh instead :)) Thanks for love indeed...!

stairway to heaven said...

no more tears from now on..we are messengers of joy and pleasure only filled with love to give ..expecting nothing but the happiness of our beloved..:)keep your smile dear..life is too short for sadness..and if they fell one day,know there are people in this world who will feel it and might be able to whip them away..:)
glad to see you in here..such a pleasure to meet you indeed..:)

LarvK said...

So true my dear queen and @my_Prem...next time you feel like crying or just letting it all out, come and we'll wipe away your tears for you. We love putting a smile on your face and more, if only we could do that for the rest of the world..*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I miss the team, it was fun while it lasted. Lets hope for better next year. Thank you darling.

Your Sun.

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