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Monday, April 12, 2010


You whisper sweet 'I love you's to the virgin's ears
While breathlessly saying her name,
You caress your lover's face that bespoke innocence
You comb her black hair with your hands,
And stare at the shining beauty that is in front of you,

Her eyes that sparkle at the sight of you
Her luscious lips that challenge your resistance
Only you know the depth of her mysteries,
Only you will be allowed to explore
The delicate sweetness that she is

You know her inside out
You would simply be too happy
To oblige yourself to give her all,
To give her everything you want her to have,
And to feel everything she deserves,
with all your best

Her sweet shyness doesn't fail to arouse
The boldness in you.
Her subtle ways of making you know
She wants to be with you,
has always been an exaggeration
To your already weak defenses,

The mere touch of her skin to your skin,
Your smile that melts her whole being,
The look of your love her soul consumes each day,

Her love you'll always cherish the rest of your lifetime
Always she'll fight for your love
Always she'll keep you in the deepest recesses of her heart

A life without her love is not true, and full of doubt,
You've come full circle, you have her whole being.

Her true and perfect love completes your existence
Your irresistible and endearing self completes her
But it's your love for her that fulfills her,
A union of used-to be wandering hearts,
An end and a beginning for two souls,
Your demons no longer a foe,
you have switched sides to hers..You belong with her now
All because of one true, forever, unconditional and perfect love,

You and your woman, together until the end of time...


stairway to heaven said...

WOW..that is too beautiful! i m lpving that poet that is very daring and innocent,madly in love and insane within herself..i love it! you are totally AMAZING woman!!!!!

LarvK said...

Thank you woman haha...I love being insanely and madly in love. I dare my lover because he loves the insanity!!

stairway to heaven said...

HE CERTAINLY DOES! hahaa we are all in the same crazy boat i guess..;) let the storms hit..we are the fearless wilds..hahaa :)

Anonymous said...

So sensual good for lovers i like it, music is very sexy sets mood too. Maybe you should be a poet;)
Gauravg76 from twitter

Anonymous said...

Bonds that are these strong never break. Very taken with this poem. Deeply moved and felt it. Thank you. This is the kind of love you only see in films though its real in our case.

Your Sun

ladynimue said...

this was nice :)) totally loved the ending !!! specially the line about souls !

Wild Rose said...

Thank you ladynimue and so glad you enjoyed it, i love that line too :)

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous you always get me well i love that about you xxx~

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