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You are in my guts Shah and I am acting because you are alive... *ILU* ~@LarvK

"I read everything including the laundry list that comes at my home. When I used to stay in a hotel and couldn't find a book to read I used to read the instructions on how to escape in case of a fire. I love reading and like to read almost every book. I need to read before I sleep" ~@iamsrk

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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Harshest of air that fills these lungs
Wouldn't it be easier to set me free?
Starless skies of blackness and loss
Moonless destiny
are you worth the cost?

Memories wrap around me,
they haunt and twist my very soul
The fire of the sun... extinguished...
Shoreless ocean crashing against

never a home to return to...
Perpetual rain falling... infinitely...
no soil, no earth, no home...
No thirsty flowers with petals spread...
No hungry eyes for such beauty as your colors
Lightening flashes
through the angriest of clouds...
to light the paths into oblivion...

You’re writhing with pain
I’m breaking within
Your sadness a sharp dagger piercing my heart

shattering my soul into million pieces

You smiling scatters these grey clouds,
You laughing blooms my garden again
your mind may be at ease soon,
but mine will be restless..

Two is always preferable to one
Your happiness is mine, a double treasure!


stairway to heaven said...

OMG!! Larvy..this one touched my soul ,so very deep is the pain,yet love should be stronger. YOU always inspired me with strength and stood by me in the hardest moments,now i m here for you and him as we know life never treat us right unless we do it for each other. Rise from ur hurricane and let your roses blossom once again,He is in our hearts the knight and the ultimate refugee.
love you so much ,hugs tight.
AND yes,you have a very powerful poet in there..KEEP WRITING,so proud of you!

LarvK said...

I hope i can channel those emotions too, thank you am learning it all from you and Shah! :))

Anonymous said...

Nice music, sad poem and still to the point cool!
Gauravg76 from twitter

Anonymous said...

I believe in you Jaan.. (L)(K)

Your Sun-

Wild Rose said...

Then i believe in you as well, thank you ~:)

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