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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Every now and then you come across people that immensely and single handedly change the way you view life. For me the catalyst has been Shah Rukh Khan. I don’t often get such musings except when it has to do with him. I wanted to share my thoughts about him with whoever adores him like I do and of course with the culprit himself ~:) Read it as you like and enjoy. I follow no writer’s format just what I feel at any given time is what I put down whenever the mood strikes me!

"The richest love is that which submits to the arbitration of time"!

Shah Rukh Khan…has a very distinctive way of perceiving everything that is life, a unique way of writing and speaking. He’s a humanitarian at heart, a happy freak and sometimes a sad fellow. He can be very flirtatious when he wants or quite distant. He completely lacks an ego and thank heavens for that. He’s awfully conscious of what he says or does and with good reason too because he’s always being misunderstood by the media who lack a sense of humor and others who just choose not to see him for the person that he is. He is also a phenomenal and captivating actor; kind of a cross between Johnny Depp, Cary Grant and Robin Williams…Yes I know… tell me about it? I have watched him half of my life and am in my early thirties now. He definitely reminds me of these three actors through the different films he has acted in.

I have an affinity to his writing style especially and his manner of speaking, they have such a calming effect even to children and when you read him or watch him through his tweets, his speeches, his films and his biographies; you just never seem to get satisfied, you want more...lots more. Does anyone understand what am talking about?

SRK as he’s fondly known woes men and women alike and what is amazing is that he isn’t what the general public would consider an ideal male embodiment or what Hollywood considers handsome and sexy and that to me is complete bullshit because we all know there’s no perfect male species in Hollywood. In any case that’s where all the imperfection is and if Shah Rukh looked like David Beckham or Brad Pitt, I probably wouldn’t be that attracted to him. Nor would the many wild and crazy SRK fans...would we now? Think of how crazily insane you all go over him and I will say this until the day I die, I have never seen any actor/star/human being who people practically drool over and scream for like they do for SRK. Thank you Taj Mohammed Khan & Lateef Fatima for simply giving birth to Shah!

He’s the closest you can get to a perfect male species and fully equipped with all the right tools of good parenting. Along with that, he makes life way too interesting than it would otherwise be. The man is so devastatingly sexy, extremely charming, such a gentleman and yes ladies, he loves kids like no other man does… the ideal female magnet!! He gets an OSCAR from me for being the greatest father to ever walk this planet…

All this sweetness, love and radiating sexuality just oozing from him is frankly unbearable in the most delicious manner! Believe me I know what am talking about and dearest ladies am sure I have touched a nerve so far…as for the men who admire him, I encourage it. However, if your orientation leans towards the alternative unfortunately you have no luck. But you can always dream, that much am sure he would allow. He’s just that kind of guy…non-judgmental and accepting of all human beings alike regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. He appreciates all his fans. I can’t say that much for a lot of other celebrities from Bollywood or Hollywood!

All these things about you Shah have a scent that like a blood hound I smell them from miles away and I follow that scent wherever it takes me and only you know the destination. I have often asked myself…Why Shah? Why are you so different from most human beings I know? Why are you not a typical celebrity, star or regular chap? To these questions, I have come up with a million answers and then none at all. Strangely enough, he’s just like any other human being. He makes mistakes like all, he wins some and he loses some. He loves, he laughs, and he cries; he hurts, and smiles occasionally. He curses like some of us…everything that you can expect from your average Joe. But then why in the world do you intrigue me so much Shah, if you’re such a simple human being? I will never accept a simple answer because you’re a complexity that I relish each day and a life less ordinary.

On occasion, I have heard SRK jokingly say his fans know him 2D and his wife knows him 3D…Hmmm…Am willing to bet a million dollars that even his wife doesn’t know everything that is SHAH RUKH KHAN because truth be told there’re 4D and 5D elements lurking somewhere within and around him. But since am not God and neither are you, I will leave you to your guessing as to what else don’t you know about SRK? Haha…It may take you a lifetime ~:)

Dear Shah…I know you, I feel you, I understand you, I love you, I miss you, I pray for you, Am with you here and everywhere yet I could leave with you…365/367 days all year round and still yearn to know more from that beautiful mind. Darling…Go Tick Tock and blast off here or in space it will still be an unforgettable experience and a lifetime to remember… ~:))

On a final and lighter note, I think I would become filthy rich if I created a machine that would allow me to clone you Shah…Because I would create a billion “yous” (not the real you but “like yous”); and I would send them all over the world so others can experience having someone so wonderful in their lives like I do. Just think...! Cash would flow in, there would be letters from people thanking me and giving testimonies on how their lives have been changed since they received a “like you clone”. They would say and rightly so that they have never met someone like you. People would comment on how caring and sincere the clones are (twitter example), how helpful, how generous, how sweet and most definitely entertaining. This would make me feel so good to know that I could share you the love of my life, an amazing person and my best friend with the entire world…Because You’re Indeed Irreplaceable, Priceless, One-of-a- kind human being and am glad you’re a part of my life!!! *ILU* ∞ xo

Yours Truly~



stairway to heaven said...

you spoke my heart larvy..! it is very well written! Shah is way beyond words ..he is touching all our lives in a way that is so amazingly beautiful. not only through his movies,or his impeccable stardom,but through his human nature that is very rare to be found.
I am still trying to gather my words to do this comment its worth,but i find myself short,and speechless,,when it comes to him,only hearts do all the talking..:)

LarvK said...

Thank you Abeer...your words mean so much to me because you understand, you see and you feel and i couldn't ask for more -:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet, kind and sounds about right. Cool description of SRK. wonder what he thought when he read it ;P
Gauravg76 from twitter

stairway to heaven said...

we reached our DM limits darling check you E mail inbox! hahaaa

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