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You are in my guts Shah and I am acting because you are alive... *ILU* ~@LarvK

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"You're My Everything"

Ocean deep and heaven high
The farthest extremes of perfection
You’re my poison, death I implore
you’re my soul, you give me life.
You are everything

The only song I want to sing
The melody that dances on the wind
You're the candy, ever so sweet.
you're my addiction, hard to beat

You are the thunder that rolls across my skies
the lightning that flashes in my eyes
you’re the air, just what I need.
You're my depression, my tears I bleed

My earth, my sky, my moon
The very soil beneath my feet
Every star up above
You turn me on
In so many ways
I'm walking around
In a daze

You're my heart
I go crazy
When we are apart
You’re the blood flowing through my veins
My past, my present, my future
Everything in between

When we walk down the street
I feel so proud
I want to climb up a tree
And shout out loud...

You mean more to me
Than mere words can say
If you wanted to leave me
I'd beg you a Million times to stay
You’re everything I could ever ask for

You are the gates that swing open
always asking me in
You are the tallest tree
dancing in the wind

You are dreams in wake
You are wishes answered
You are prayers granted
You are fantasies lived
You my Love, are my everything...


stairway to heaven said...

OMG..i just love this one! LARVY..you are writing from both our hearts..i am sure he reads&feels ..this true and pure feeling touches him as much !

LarvK said...

Thank you my sweet doll :)
Hmmm....If he loved doughnuts then what would you wish for?
...I would wish i was the doughnut so he could have it for desert every night and taste the sugary sweetness added to his delight...
All that sugar coating on the doughnut would just be for fun and it would be easy to grip with a hole for the tongue filled with custard cream delicious on his taste buds...Ooooh...~:)))

Anonymous said...

i'm dying!!!!!!!


LarvK said...

Dear my_Prem,

Please don't die if you felt it that deeply then just rejoice. We only have one life to live and I intend to live the rest of mine with this love. When we love someone that much, nothing else matters. Yes love has both pain & joy and more but please for now just smile always when those around me are sad it also breaks my heart. Try for all of us dreamers but when you absolutely have to be sad then come and share your sadness with me and my other Queen and we'll cheer you up, we do that for all those who enter our circle of life so graciously :))

Thank you!

stairway to heaven said...

Dear my_prem..
I call her my soul mate and so she is!we are both always there for each other in our love we are living it with total devotion..nothing is there to explain..it is just the only thing that makes sense for me to go on with life. this love saved it many times God just sent it to me as my sign for my being.
so no no..please don't die..live this pleasure of love and it will fill you with joy always..:)
and i am with my Queen here if you ever felt sadness raise your head to the sky up above and you will see two tiny shinning stars sparkling there,they will feel it if you just leaned on them ..:))
Right Larv..?

stairway to heaven said...

had to come back for that doughnut thought..haha i mean ..i am so much in love with doughnuts ever since ha! the idea of being a sugar coated doughnuts for desert is more than dangerous..haha especially if coated with chocolate syrup on a very hot night ..only delicious breeze will rise around..;)

LarvK said...

Right my dear queen...we're after all the three musketeers with our Vampire Knight..No less and No more ~:))

Anonymous said...

but in general someone
who loves ?

Anonymous said...

How can you be so kind and so loving? It brought tears to my eyes..so much love..You have taken my heart.

Your Sun

Wild Rose said...

To know that it had such an effect on you makes me know am on the right path. Thank you so much darling xxx~ :)

Collective Epiphanies said...

Mysterious, hypnotic, entrancing. A song of an open heart reaching out to touch another soul with love and undying devotion.

Thank you so much for stopping by my place and commenting.

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