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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Embracing your chaos"

I wrote this first in long hand in the dark
Wrote you short hand in the dim
to feel the words take me innocently upon the page
the distractions of the colour of life ruled away
Or was I trying to be a secret agent of my words?
Going undercover as I scrawled my
heart speak over an unlit page
hiding my feelings in the dimming
But each letter that fell
I knew where the right imprint of my truth was
I desire to write them on your skin each day one by one
with my tongue dipped in the ink of you
I love you
I love you still
I love you without the need to have a returning page
Eyes closed into the shadow of us
you ate from the goblet of my flames
slowly I consumed the fuel of my forever love for you
I lay quietly, glistening, the stars of my skin twinkling as your fingers passed
You wondered what universe you had led my mind to.
I played amongst the clouds the tremulous symphony
that was neither predictive nor pre-emptive.
Annihilating me you celebrated my fascination
Imbibing our motivation right to the core of the matter
to the nuance of our heart beat with undying emotion.
Such it was...
A knowing that cannot be spoken
A love that cannot be broken.
Day came with a discerning ray of light
And I awoke with a smile of contentment
my lips blurred a little in midnight blue
A no regret kind of awakening morning
It just does not feel wrong
to love the way we do, our biopic.


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!
Beautifully written!


Nevine said...

Dearest Wild Rose, the ink on skin... the cosmic breadth of your words... followed by the simple declaration of "I love you"... make for a breathtaking oscillation between high and low. There is much going on... in terms of love... its expression... and other emotion... but it is all happening so quietly... in as serene a setting as one's imagination.

Your lines take unexpected turns like hairpin bends on a road... where the car goes out of control and flies in the air... only to land safely on cushioning grasses.

How lovely it is to embrace chaos... if it is of this kind. ;-)


Sir Thomas said...

ink on skin..... you as the brush..

girl right at this second I can not even think right... this was that hot and in the dark.. I love this...

I would embrace it but I think it would consume me...

TALON said...

From the very first line you drew me in and kept me there in a beautiful place. Just soooo lovely, Wild Rose! I love how the love is just there - unconditionally.

Galaxyhera said...

Beautiful one LarvK, no true love than this that you share for our angel SRK, best biopic with these lines as my favorites - 'I love you
I love you still
I love you without the need to have a returning page'
Brilliantly said and he will be so happy to read it, cos we love him beyond ;))

Love, kisses & Hugs,

Brian Miller said...

oh love the sensualness of your words...wirting with my tongue on your skin...leaving content in the morning....a beautiful kinda love...great one shot!

John's comments said...

Love the way the images fold into each other and stir the narrative along. My poem is The final seaside trip. I hope you have a good week!

Wild Rose said...

Couture Carrie -Thank you doll you always put a smile on my face~

Sir Thomas - I appreciate it good to know the words got to you.

Brian -Nice to see you again and thank you, means alot :)

Talon -Dear you made me smile hard to know you were held throughout the poem. I enjoy your feedback always~

Wild Rose said...

Galaxyhera - Darling you're one in a million friends, who gives without asking for returns and such a big heart. May you be blessed always Hera you're just beautiful and stunning.. and love and many hugs back to you my dearest~ xo

Wild Rose said...

Nevine - My sweet delight, every week you amaze me with your love and kindness and your soul is just beautiful, i really love reading you here and at your home. And yes the chaos are beyond lovely, i feel like am in Inception except everything is sweeter. A lot is going on and am so thrilled that you got that first off having read it, in the midst of loving, making love, giving love and just appreciating one another, a million things have transpired. You're so right my dearest :)

I think we make some perfect pair of written thoughts and dreams, we can conquer the world just the two of us writing. Thank you honey xox

The Urban Cowboy said...

Simply beautiful, to feel the emotions you paint is but a memory for me.

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Wonderful and intricate. I read it a few times, and felt like I got more each time.

If you stop over to read my poem, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Eric Alder said...

I liked the part about loving without needing a return page... that says so much!

Ed Pilolla said...



words from my own heart, wild wild rose! magnificently written! exquisitely beautiful! and own motto: to embrace chaos! always!

and please forgive my tardiness in coming by - my days of late have found the weird bug i had returning with a vengeance plus my having two little ones every day and several nights a week - i am more than remiss with my visiting you and so many others! please do forgive! ;)

kavisionz said...

LOVELY!!! When it comes to love, everything is alright.. the pain, the dark, the cries... it's all okay. Love makes everything okay!

So beautifully you've expressed this, Julliette.. and with such sensuality... phhew! Awesome!!!

You really have a way with words, my friend..

moondustwriter said...

This was so beautiful and for some reason a deja vu for me. So now I will be wandering aimlessly trying to hear the words again

thanks for shooting this over to One Shot

moon smiles

Anonymous said...

I love it very much thank you. Video and pics are nice...biopic melted my heart.

Your Sun

Amanda Sablan said...

I feel like I should be paying you.


meetika said...

Thanks for the blogger suggestion and I felt love reading this poem...though i enjoy all genres of poetry but Romanticism was never my preferred field before but now that I understand the emotions your love words hugged the heart & touched the soul what more one can say when u r left speechless "....the knowing that cannot be spoken, the love that cannot be broken". THIS IS LOVE IN ITS MAGNIFICENCE! SMILES:):)-Meetika.

Talli Roland said...

I love that Dido song! And what a beautiful poem.

emily wierenga said...

secret agent of words... i love this :) you should join me for imperfect prose on thursdays, friend. peace to you, e.

Jessie said...

so many beautiful lines,
written in eloquent verse
passion runs deep
inside the passages of your veins

i loved this!

warm smiles,

Gardner West, private eye said...

For someone who has never liked poetry, I'm hooked on yours, Babe!

Always sexy and seductive;]

PattiKen said...

Beautiful. I love the mental images in the first few lines, especially "going undercover as i scrawled my heart."

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Lovely stuff. Enjoy your blog, it's beautifully presented.

Warmest Salad


Pete Marshall said...

what is it about visiting your blog that makes me feel sensual and loving? you have a great way of portraying these feelings and i feel them everytime..thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

Wild Rose said...

John's comments - Thank you John and sure will stop by and check it :)

Ben Langhinrchs - Yes sometimes you need a few reads to get it and thanks, will definitely stop by yours and leave a comment as well.

Eric Alder - Am glad you enjoyed that line because it does say a lot, loving unconditionally defines some good relationships.

Ed Pillola - Thanks Ed :)

Wild Rose said...

GYPSYWOMAN - Sweet and don't worry we all get caught up with life's busy schedules so stop by when you can breathe :)

Amanda Sablan - Please do pay me am all for it, thanks sweetie for making me smile with that :)

Talli Roland - I love that song by Dido too glad you enjoyed the poem as well.

Moondustwriter - Thank you Moon and knowing you have felt it and had Deja vu from my words gives me a warm feeling inside. Welcome anytime~

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous - I always love your words because they give me such a sweet, beautiful and delightful feeling within darling so glad it touched you, means a lot to me so thank you for keeping me smiling always, i love biopics :) xoxo

Wild Rose said...

The Urban Cowboy - You're one special friend cowboy and such feelings won't be a memory for you too long my dear. Thank you for your words~ x

Wild Rose said...

Meetika - You're such a dear Meetika and am glad you joined blogger so maybe i'll see more of your cute poems soon. True such love that i feel can neither be spoken in it's entirety nor be broken, it's eternal :) x

Jessie - Beautiful words from a beautiful soul thank you Jessie dear and hugs back at you.

Emily Wierenga - Thanks Emily and i honored your invite and posted your link up so yeah count me in :)

Wild Rose said...

Gardner West - Thanks detective you know i love having you around and do me a favor give Terry babes a kiss for me :) x

Kavisionz - Kavita sweet doll am beaming with pleasure that your words give me, thank you :) x

Pattiken - That was one of my favorite lines when i was writing it too, thanks for loving it Patti :)

Wild Rose said...

lukepraterswordsalad - Good to know you love my blog and yours is great too,, welcome anytime :)

Pete - I love making you all feel the love and sensuality around this way you can transfer it along and we'll all end up with happy smiles in the clouds. Thanks :)

Wine and Words said...

There is something about long hand....actual hand to paper, poured. The deepest of heart songs comes through this venue for me. I prefer it, if my heart shall be known. Other times, my hands fly over keys as my heart tells me...listen.

Dean said...

Your poetry is simply gorgeous and alluring!

Terry Stonecrop said...

Beautiful, as always! This line particulary spoke to me:

"I desire to write them on your skin each day one by one
with my tongue dipped in the ink of you"

I have something for you at my blog so stop by when you get a chance:) xoxo

Desert Rose said...

i love you
i love you now
more then before
a sea making love to the shore
i love you more
i love you unconditionally
willingly or unwillingly
unselfishly yours
the one you might be looking for
your ebb & tide
your dreams of wild
by your side
forever and more
for i love you without the need to a returning page.

this piece stroked me the very first time i read it,sorry it took me this long time to comment ..i loved every word.your style is extremely unique,deep..i feel you so much my soulmate..hugs tight

Jingle Poetry said...

elegant, simply breath taking!

Jingle Poetry said...


our poetry potluck is open, if you have poems (old or new) to share, link in NOW,
you can link up to 3 poems, the more you share, the happier we are.
Thanks for the participation!
Happy Monday!

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Jingle will take you up on that offer and see what i can share x

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