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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"The Child In Him"

I love
The child in him
so innocent and sweet
The mischief in his eyes
The blush upon his cheek
The tender way he speaks
I love
That he shows me that he cares
And tells me he loves me in his own invented
The little colds disturbing his ever
Strong immune system
That give him a stuffy nose,
How he sweetly agonizes
On everything smelling less
How I make him chicken noodle soup
And give him lemon with sweet honey
Cold remedies concocted in the
Pharmacy of my soul
Honey lemon syrup of passion and
Hot ginger filled in his laughter

I love
The touch of his warm hand
That gently touches my hair
When he’s feeling better
And he holds me in his arms
The warmth from his chest on my face
as I lay on my forever home
I love
When he wears "the pink eye glasses"
The way he says my name
When I kiss his nose
The smiles that we share
That fill my life with glee
For when I’m with him
I find the child in me.


Sara said...

Oh, this one is one of my favorites. I loved everything, but I teared up at this line, "as I lay on my forever home" Wow. That really touches me.

Well done...it's nice to find someone who frees the child in ourselves. Beautifully written:~)

Desert Rose said...

I love
his childish laughter
the way he swings restless
when someone is watching
drawing circles with his feet
I love his treat
when i say the right words
in the right time
I love when i heal his pain
kiss his tears and share his rain
I love when he feels weak
and only my arms he would seek
I love when his dimples shine
seducing looks as i say he is mine
I love when i hear his stories
in his arms after major glories
we both achieve
he would never leave
my heart
my sight
I love
when i unfold as a wet napkin spread
on his feverish forehead
taking all his pain inside me
I love when he loves me
the way i feel myself his child
and he is the living child in me.

what can i say,you darling just made me flow..hope he feels better soon,or else he has US to deal with it ha! extremely beautiful post Wild Rose..big tight hug darling..:)))

Brian Miller said...

a beautiful love poem...and love like that can make you feel the giddy adventurousness of a child...and that gives me big smiles. very nice one shot!

Ann said...

I just love the way you write. "cold remedies concocted in the pharmacy of my soul" Loved that line. Another lovely poem

Galaxyhera said...

I love that we love him so much and also when he's sick we also feel so sick. Praying for him to tenderly heal. Darling you rock with your soul and love for him. Makes us love him lots and lots more. Thanks for sharing with us the child in him and you. Love you my angel.

Love, hugs & billion kisses,

Amanda Sablan said...

Aww, that was so sweet! My favorite part:

How I make him chicken noodle soup
And give him lemon with sweet honey
Cold remedies concocted in the
Pharmacy of my soul
Honey lemon syrup of passion and
Hot ginger filled in his laughter

It gives me shivers, but the good kind!

KB said...

Beautiful words.

TALON said...

"as I lay on my forever home" - that was so so lovely, the image so sweet. Your poem is so beautiful. To feel young at heart because of love is a wonderful gift.

Teresa said...

I absolutely love your line "as I lay on my forever home." Beautiful. Very sweet and touching.

TALON said...

I loved this poem, Wild Rose. Love that keeps you young at heart is such a gift. "...as I lay on my forever home..." - is just so beautiful. The image is just so arresting and soothing.

signed...bkm said...

very nice and romantic - the pink sunglasses the beauty of young love...keep loving and writing ...bkm

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

I smile cuz I wonder if you were inspired while 'he' was sick and at his most boy "ish"

Amazing the different strains of love

thanks for sharing your wonderful pieces with One Shot

Moon Smiles

Anonymous said...

All my colds are cured after reading this sweet and medicinal love. Darling...how can anyone get sick when they have this unconditional love?

Your Sun

Glynn said...

A beautiful love story -- with the innocence of children.

Talli Roland said...

Wonderful, as usual. Shame they can't always stay that child. :)

Nevine said...

I love the playfulness of this piece, my dearest Wild Rose. It is fun... like the heart of a child... but it is filled with a mother's emotion that can only be expressed for her child. That "invented language" is so very precious, isn't it? Both of you will remember it forever. And it's funny how children can truly bring out our own inner child. They have that contagious effect on us.

Wishing you both the happiness and joy that can only exist between mom and child... and wishing you a remainder of the week filled with sweet delights, my dear. :-)

Warm hugs,

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous verses, darling!


dustus said...

Real love remains in sickness also. That's the test not everyone passes, especially when confronting serious illness. Thought-provoking, beautiful love poem.

Dulce said...

oh... And I love this so much!
Great poem!


betweenhearts75 said...

The sweet nurturing soul of love, so very well written as only you can, love it!! :)

Terry Stonecrop said...

I can feel the caring in this. The tender love of helping him feel better.

And the end, so sweet and touching: "For when I'm with him
I find the child in me." :)

Eric Alder said...

How very romantic and sweet!

I may make my own chicken noodle soup, but the 'little boy' in me is still alive and well.

Wonderful One Shot!

Leo said...

how very romantic this is :D the title in itself is very attractive!

good shot ;)

mine is Here

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Another gorgeous poem, Wild Rose!
You've got hooked.
Beautiful verses and great pictures to accompany it, too.
Love it love it greatly!
B :o)

P.S. Wishing you both happiness and
joyful surprises around every corner.

joanny said...

Wild Rose

You are at it again with beautiful thought provoking prose. I think this one just might be my favorite one of yours... Time will time, for you always manage to come up with something sublime.


Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Oops,I just noticed something. I meant to say "You got me hooked".

Ed Pilolla said...

you capture the fun and loving energy of the love of a child so well here. one of the best i've read on the subject. very well done.

kavisionz said...

Ooohhh darling... innocent love is the purest form of love ever!! Makes everything so transparent, and yet so beautiful!
How ugly we make it look these days, with all kinds of names attached, masks, falsities and what not!
But the love that you have mentioned here... THIS is what I call "bliss"... individuals sharing this, are the luckiest! And I am blessed!!
This one melted my heart, J... you really have a way with words... they seem to find the right spot in me, and tickle my senses...
Love ya loads sweetie! Keep writing.. and I will always keep reading your amazingly delicious poem...

Ever yours,
~ A Poem

Wild Rose said...

Sara -Beautiful words from a beautiful soul thank you am touched~

Desert Rose -Thank you sweetheart i always enjoy your cute comebacks xo :)

Brian -Yes indeed Brian it does make you feel giddy with pleasure :)

Ann -So sweet of you and i appreciate that

Galaxyhera -Thank you darling am beaming with your sweetness, that's what you always do to me xo :)

KB -Thanks very much~

Wild Rose said...

Amanda -My cute sweetie i love giving you shivers any day x :)

Talon -Yes dear when we love this way we always feel young and liberated both in mind, soul and heart. Thank you. x

Teresa - I truly loved that line too~

Signed...bkm -Thank you and i will surely keep writing and feeling this love as long as my muse keeps loving me back. he give me the wings to fly to uncharted territories :)

Wild Rose said...

Onestoppoetry -Thank you sweet moon and yes i was inspired while he got sick as he becomes so adorably vulnerable and his boyish little self comes out from the man he is that i can't help it but ran to his rescue. Besides, he's so irresistible when he's like that. Thank you all for inviting me to oneshot, i do enjoy it :)

Glynn -Thank you it is beautiful.

Talli -I agree with you and we never want them to grow out of that. Wish they could stay that sweet always x

Wild Rose said...

Nevine -My sweetest delight yet again i revel in your warm and tender words and and always feel that closeness we have and the biggest hugs with warmest kisses back to you. Enjoy your weekend as well my dearest~

Couture Carrie -Thank you lovely darling xo

Dulce -So nice of you and thanks :)

Dustus -True love has to sustain both sickness and health equally, and your words are so much appreciated.

Pete Marshall said...

and i love..the way your poems make me feel...this was so well written...kinda lost in the image too..once again great stuff..cheers pete

Wild Rose said...

betweenhearts75 -Sweetheart what a beautiful compliment thank you x :)

Terry -Babes i love everything your write for me so am just smiling away xo

Eric Alder -Thank you and it never hurts to make your own chicken noodle soup, next time i bet you will fix it for your lover :)

Wild Rose said...

Leo -Thanks Leo and glad to have you around.

Betty -It gives me pleasure to know you're hooked with my words so am humbled and love your blog too. Both your comments duly noted and i figured that is what you meant too :)

Ed -Your lovely compliment is greatly appreciated. :)

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous -Truly darling your words make me feel so sweet within and melt me, thank you so much. You're a treasure xoxo ~:)

Wild Rose said...

Joanny -Dear you're too sweet and very caring thank you for both your comments and for your support x

Kavita - Sweetest doll thanks you do make me fly with your lovely comments as always and yes do keep coming as i will always read you too. Thank you so much xxx

Wild Rose said...

Pete and Forlock - Thanks guys i did publish your comments but they aint showing so maybe blogger is acting up again...bear with me~

SuziCate said...

very touching, absolutely lovely.

Pete Marshall said...

i am there but still waiting to be hunted.....

Wild Rose said...

Pete -Thanks again and my friend :)

SuziCate - Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment.

jason evans said...

What a charming and sweet tribute. I have no doubt that he loves the way you can see him.

Wild Rose said...

Jason -Thank you very much and yes, I know he loves the way i see him too. And am giving you a follow back as well :)

joanny said...

Wild Rose

I would love you comments, but I am not on twitter, interesting though what the comments are..

thinking of you,



oh, this beautiful piece SO reminds me of my friend whose pure unadulterated child-like qualities i so love! and how you have captured them here - and my responses, like yours - you've been wandering the passages of my own heart, dear lady - wonderful to have you there! ;)

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Good stuff, enjoyed. Keep writin'

Warmest Salad


Wild Rose said...

Luke- Thanks Luke and keep reading :)

Wild Rose said...

GYPSYWOMAN -Much appreciated as always for your cute visits lady :)

Joanny - Glad to know you like my twitter comments / updates and you can always check them here you don't need a twitter page sweety :)

Jingle said...


hello, friend:

I invite you to Attend Thursday Poets Rally Week 29, linking in a poem by commenting,

Happy Thursday!

I was late hopping around to visit.
the Rally runs a whole week, thus please feel free to link in by Sunday if you wish.

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