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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Third Strike!"

Rise before me...
Take your shirt out of your jeans.


I didn’t say you could look at me.
You just earned your...

First strike!

Kick your shoes off and spread your legs apart.
I want bare feet
Spread them wider
I can see the pulse jumping at your throat.
You’re breathing fast, baby...
There’s no reason to be afraid of me.
At least, not yet.
I can always smell you.
Your scent’s caught on my skin
and when I taste it on waking
My smile soaks into my day
and spreads like honey through my limbs
You smell like sandalwood and tonquin musk
with white chocolate
I’ll never be hungry again
Or soiled

Unbutton your shirt from the bottom to the top.
I shouldn’t have to repeat myself.

That’s the second strike!

Throw your shirt near your shoes
and take a deep breath.
If you look at me again,
I’ll pull one of your chest hairs out
with my nails and feed it to you.

You know...literally?

I’ll place my lips against yours
and tug them open
With my incisors and a guarded heart
Don’t worry, I won’t be gentle
I’ve started to need you
So I’ll bite hard this time.

I’m going to hurt you tonight
In three delicate ways
So that you don’t hurt me
When your hand gets tangled
in my hair as we sleep
Pull your jeans just below your hips
And be still...

Such marvelous lines to fall into here
my throat aches..am thirsty...

There’s a muscle twitching beside your belly
when I reach out with my two hungry fingers
You almost flinch.

That is the third strike!

You know what that means...

Come here boy... *I Love You* ~:)


Desert Rose said...

Fourth strike

Whip in hand
daring stand
you at your epic
eyes covered
feel this breath
landing on your skin
yes, your aroused sin
twirling within
your moans
tied in red hand-cuffs
you bend
not allowed
just still
one more refill
creative juices

Fifth act

sprinkled amber
murmured whisper
you want it now?
it is hard stuff
wanna do it rough
let's see
you break into me
like a thunderous storm
savagely destructive
get me there
in your everywhere
feel me sliding
on your aches
longer takes
is my number
is your act
wondering blinded
on the tips
of my fingers

act six
lines of lust
all over your roraing nerves
of me
at your shivers
pulling your triggers
it is my heaven and your hell

see, this is how you take me places where only you and me can roam, exotically ;)
MIND BLOWING my Wild rose, He is certainly IN DEEP TROUBLE..haha ;)
CRAZY one shot and SO my type..;)

Ed Pilolla said...

whew. that's hot. great art. thanks for the fishnet at the beginning:)
i grinned when you said you want the shirt unbuttoned from the bottom up. it made me wonder how i unbutton my shirt (usually from the top:)
great language. guarded heart surprised me. severe honesty.

Brian Miller said...

omg. i am glad i am home now...now where did my wife go....and great continuation desert rose...wow. tight one shot...smiles.

Wild Rose said...

Desert Rose - I told you am finishing of from your girly stuff and concluding this **** babe haha...loved your finish i think am gonna add some gentleness on this fourplay to sweeten him up some more...:)

Seventh Strike!

Ride the wave of desire
to surging, awesome crest,
crash upon my shore,
break over the rock of me -
Loving that?
Fierce, hard storm at
my high tide.
Lave the mounded dunes
with your salted foam,
consume me into you.
Abrade me. Erode me.
Reform me into some
new shape that now
conforms to your rhythm,
not with gentle caress
nor too much tenderness
but with raw power of
passionate embrace.

8th Strike!

Swallow me greedily,
lift me,
weighty with need,
thighs whisper push me,
pull me
surrender to the
pounding beat
accelerating your lower body
undulates back and forth and back
vibrations ripple
skin on skin...pulsating
face to face your mouth slides
onto and into parted lips
connect the movements quicker
quicker now....you lift me
bend me, holding...
hold me while the notes explode

Pull me away with you
into a riptide of ourselves
breathe.....Are you calm now?
I hope so... It's just your heaven and hell here...:~))

Timoteo said...

Okay, ladies...are you trying to drive me crazy or what? ;)

Wild Rose said...

Brian - Thank God you're home you better find your wife fastt :)

Ed -So glad you enjoyed it and i like the fishnet stockings too. I agree many people do unbutton their shirts from above but i like doing it from below :)

Galaxyhera said...

LarvK this one am not to be left out am joining also in the fun, so turned on with it. My attempt here -
sophisticated bodies glide
forward, backward,
heads cocked
hip to hip we promenade,
juices flowing endlessly ;)
This one is the best yet and stunning and also provocative, so in love, thank you for more glasses of wine on our sweet Majesty King, i took my clothes off too hott those pics and poem ;P

Love, hugs & million kisses,

Wild Rose said...

Galaxyhera - Beautiful words my sweetest darling, see how you flow you should start writing and please join us we can't have this party without you he has to have all of us. Love and the warmest hugs to you too, don't finish the wine, we're not done yet :) xoxo

betweenhearts75 said...

Amazing writing, why is it I blush like some kid when I've had a child of my own already??!!!! Wonderful work and definitely enjoyed reading! Wild Rose/ Desert Rose/ Galaxyhera such a "passionate" team. You should ALL write a book together! I bet the collaboration could prove rewarding as you all work well together!!! =)

dustus said...

Think you just change tonight from One Shot to Ten Strikes! lol Always a pleasure reading your work, as well as the comments of your friends. Excellent One Shot, I mean 10 Strikes :)

Glynn said...

The intensity and energy of this -- the focus -- almost a seduction -- no, there's no almost here at all. Incredible.

TALON said...

I'm going to share this with my husband....yeah...I think he'd like it! Thank you, Wild Rose! And Desert Rose and Galaxyhera great work!

moondustwriter said...

Ladies - wow in rare form. I'm going to the gym gonna work off some ...

Nice 10 Shots!!!

Moon smiles

gautami tripathy said...

I am not a fan of Shahrukh khan!

Apart from his pictures, I liked the sensuous piece!

nowhere island

jason evans said...

I love the raw, primordial passion tucked just beneath the tease.

SuziCate said...

You guys are in rare form, all I can say is WOW! Extremely creative...hit a lot of senses with this one!

Shashi said...

Exotic and Exciting....Ecstasy at its touching best...
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

signed...bkm said...

Wild Rose, you have pictures of the most gorgeous males on here...very sensuous writing..you are keeping passion alive and that is a good thing...bkm

Couture Carrie said...

Love it, darling!


Steve said...

Seductive, with a delicious tinge of edginess. I like the interplay of photography and verse.

Eric Alder said...

You've certainly stirred things up with this one...

Batter up! LOL!

Terry Stonecrop said...

Great pix! And the strikes are facinating.

Sexy and sensuous as always!

Dulce said...

Who could one refuse him or you!!

Cold shower a few will need after reading such a hawt piece
Loved it!

Maureen said...

Turn about's fair play.

Maybe this should come with a warning. . . .

joanny said...

Who said night was for sleeping???

Raw, sensual powerful, the nectar life is made from. My imagination is overflowing tonight...


and to think I changed my photos on my blog three times for my ONE Shot thinking -- maybe too much ---

Jingle said...

what a hot piece.
the image draw one right in.
beautiful poetry.

Anonymous said...

Fourth Strike... I surrender to you ma'am ha ha. What do i do with you darling? This made me feel so special inside...

Your Sun

Anonymous said...

Fourth Strike...I surrender to you ma'am ha ha. What do i do with you now? I don't think am the only one here to say it but this made me feel so special darling...

Your Sun

Refuge Insomniac said...

I am “extremely” impressed with your writing, and cannot encourage you enough. Desperately looking forward to all future post. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind. Cheers, David

Pete Marshall said...

one shot and i am done!!!!!! haha...a really great hot piece...beyond sensual..excellent..pete

G-Man said...



Thanks for visiting Wild Rose..

Mui caliente'

Claudia said...

…omg…guess i need some fresh air now to cool down….

Anonymous said...

Hey this "Third strike!" is a really sensual striking capable of hitting imaginations;) sorry i don't think so i can ever strike that note correctly so I better stand outside and enjoy the rest of strikers hitting-Meetika

Sara said...

Whoa...this one is HOT:~)

I loved these lines,

"Your scent’s caught on my skin
and when I taste it on waking
My smile soaks into my day
and spreads like honey through my limbs..."

That is so sensual and happy at the same time. If I give you quote credit, can I use these lines and put them on boyfriend's pillow? He'd faint...:~)

Then, add in the combination of you and Desert Rose...well, Sugar and Honey In Tea, who needs the X-rated film:~)

Nevine said...

This read was like a slow striptease... slow and dark and deep. Mmmmmmm... that was truly delicious, Wild Rose. You captured every moment perfectly. And now I'm feeling numb and... no more. ;-) And sandalwood... aah! What could be more perfect? If that is not the highest aphrodisiac... I loved every delicious word!

Warm hugs my dear,

The Urban Cowboy said...

Hi ya Wild Rose. Sorry I haven't been around lately...been busy. How are you doing? Awesome stuff here, as always, you get my heart a beating.

kavisionz said...

Holy Macaroni!! This was deliciously hot!!
I see how much you adore SRK, Julliette! Jeeeeeeeeeezzz!!! You crazy lass! :)
And the additions by Desert Rose and Galaxyhera - whooaa!! I think I went places on reading this one, my wildest Rose!! :)
Now drenched
Our thirsts quenched
Tired, we rest
This unending quest
You stroke my hair
I know you care
But this desire fierce
And your eyes that pierce
Can I really resist
If you choose to persist?
Go on, my sweet
This heart will beat
Till you say so
I'll never say no...

I just couldn't control my fingers here,
J... ;-)
HAD to write in a 11th... who says it has to stop at 10 strikes?! ;-)

Gosh!! You have a way with words, sweetie!! Poor hubby o' mine!! :)
Write on, Wild Rose... write on.. mwah!

Samantha Vérant said...

Woah. I'm wondering where I landed. Why, it's here. And it's kind of hot in here. Boiling, in fact.

Francine said...


Ah, yes, nothing like getting a man to perform personally for one's own pleasure!

Nicely done, and not a crack of the whip did I hear.


Sir Thomas said...

thats a perfect 300...

but now all the balls are blue...*grins*

I feel like I have just been to the most exotic SC in the world...

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Love your powerful descriptive ability here. :)
The images and emotions that this piece conjures are really quite marvellous!

Have an inspiring weekend!

Fireblossom said...

Well now, look at that. I got in this time! Persistence pays off.

Synchronocity is what it is, because i had just been thinking about former times when I was....more malleable than I am these days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! ;-)

PattiKen said...

Wow, a hot one! And I love the dominance. Three strikes and...

Sorry to have been absent. I'm so far behind! Arrgghhh...

Wild Rose said...

Timeteo -Thanks for stopping by and will plead the 5th on that :)

Betweenhearts75 -No shame in love and hope you stop blushing soon sweetie :)

Dustus -Thanks Adam for always enjoying my work means alot :)

Glynn - Lovely compliment and am humbled.

Talon - So glad when you told me your husband enjoyed it as well, hope to keep giving you ideas for fun with him sweetheart xo

Moondustwriter - Hope you had a good workwout nothing cools one better than that sweetie :)

Gautami - We all have someone who doesn't like who we're but that doesn't change much about us, glad you enjoyed the poem.

Jason -Thank you and i love having you around.

SuziCate - Much appreciated Sue

Shashi -Thank you for visiting and you're welcome anytime

Signed...bkm - Nice to always hear your thoughts and thanks.

Couture Carrie - Love having you darling xo

Steve - So nice to see you around and hope you keep coming.

Eric - Yes we have :)

Terry -Babe you make me smile always muah xo

Dulce -Thanks for loving it dear

Maureen - Will put a warning sign next time haha..thanks for stopping by.

Jingle - Great having you around and many thanks

G-Man - Thanks and you're welcome

Claudia - Yes you may need that :)

RefugeInsomniac - So very humbled my friend and thank you, really appreciate your compliments.

Pete - Am laughing and thanks dear friend.

Urban Cowboy - No sweat happy you're doing fine and will talk to you soon.

Samantha - Nice to have you around, hope it's not too hot for you :)

Francine - Welcome and who needs a whip with such a stud, he's too good and compliant haha..

Pattiken - No worries you can catch up with time.

Fireblossom - Glad that you never gave up, nice to see you.

Sara - I truly enjoy having you around and i loved those lines too very much x

Betty - You're such a lovely soul and i love your comments. Thank you! x

Meetika - So sweet darling and thank you. Sending you warm hugs xo

Kavisionz - Loved your 11th strike and no we don't have to stop there my sweet doll so keep going and writing as well. Yes i do love my Shah, there's just no other way about it...simple xo :))

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous - You made me blush with that question...Thank you for the sweet smiles that you give me with your words. Deeply touched always my darling, you're too kind~ :) xoxo

Nevine - Sweetest delight, love your thoughts always and warmest hugs and kiss. xoxo

Amanda Sablan said...

Sexy stuff. My eyes were wide open on this one! :D

(sorry it took me so long to get here; I just haven't been blogging that much this past week)

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Yeah, hot! Nice to get to know you and yr blog. Thanks for the visit and kind words

Warmest Salad


kkrige said...

heard tell that this was good last week and wow, was it ever. Hot and steamy and oh so nice

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