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Monday, June 21, 2010


She sat at the piano with a her fingers posed,
and the beauty flowed out into the keys,
she never once stumbled over the arrangement.
Her desire painted the tunes,
had she chosen a different life,
she wouldn’t have played the song so beautifully.


Desert Rose said...

black and white
my day
your night
our musical twilight
shaking keys
humming bees
love and pain
we lose when we gain
but we go again
life never stops
we are our own drops
nothing lasts forever
not even the pain
but together
we make our own refrain
like the piano serenade.

so sweet piece larv! loved reading it..made me go back to my childhood where i used to listen to my best friend play piano,i couldn't play,she is an expert!but i loved listening to her,always took me places out of time.lovely piece!

love you darling~

Anonymous said...

Kids amaze me when they can play instruments like a dream. They do it better than most adults.

Your Sun-

Galaxyhera said...

Heartfelt and sweet, i played piano when i was around the same age from 10-14 years but after we moved, i didn't play much. Will resume someday.

Wild Rose said...

@Galaxyhera, you should resume your piano playing, i bet you're still pretty good at it. You don't forget once you learn it from childhood.

@Desert Rose, thanks your comments are always appreciated.

Wild Rose said...

@Anonymous, you're right kids do it better than adults and your comments always make me smile.
Thank you ~ xxo

TALON said...

"Her desire painted the tunes,
had she chosen a different life,
she wouldn’t have played the song so beautifully." - that is beautiful and so true. Our creations are the sums of our existence.

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Talon and yes its our dreams and desires to create amazing things that define our existence.

Meetika said...

So glad to hear the tune of her passions while you played the keys of your tender subtle expressions! Sweet:)
It's been longtime haven't read u poet queen,
Love n regards,

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