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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Black Slick"

Boats build keenly, birds
gloating burials pleading
buoyantly, limply.


Galaxyhera said...

Sad to see this devastation with the the oil spill, wish they could find a quicker way to stop it. I feel so bad for the animals and birds caught in the spill.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Really sad to watch the devastation unfold.

Amanda Sablan said...

The BP oil spill is by far one of the worst tragedies of the year, and what's worse is that it may take years and years for the oil to clear up. D:


Merci pour ton premier passage sur mon blog,
En France, nous avons souffert à plusieurs reprises de ce genre de catastrophe écologique, notamment avec le naufrage de l'Amoco Cadix, super pétrolier géant qui pollua toutes les côtes nord de ma région d'origine, la Bretagne. En dehors du côté économique, la faune marine, dont beaucoup d'oiseaux furent mazoutés et tes photos me rappellent de très mauvais souvenirs.
à bientôt,


TALON said...

It's beyond sad...and the feeling now is beyond hopeless and that makes it even sadder...

Wild Rose said...

Yes Talon as much as i hope for the best, i feel like it's a lost cause. But surely life can't be so cruel, there's got to be a solution.

Wild Rose said...

Merci Roger, je ne savais pas des catastrophes similaires en France. Bonne chose que vous avez partagé ces informations et revenez bientôt, vous êtes les bienvenus :)

Wild Rose said...

Galaxyhera, Urban Cowboy and Amanda..I hear you and it saddens me even more. Like Obama and his administration don't have enough on their plate and now this? I pray they find a solution soon but it seems so hopeless.

Nevine said...

Well, Wild Rose, I've finally made my way over here. And I have to say your haiku is sad and beautiful. Such deep words... and such painful photos. And thank you for leaving me your train. Now I can stop in for visits... :-)


Ed Pilolla said...

i'm ashamed to say this, but i'm starting to become immune to these images. it's like one of our 'wars' we can't stop, and all the civilian casualties and senseless deaths of soldiers for the very thing that is causing the death of so many ecosystems in the gulf. actually, i don't think i'm feeling immune, but rather helpless. i actually don't think we the people are helpless but we seem to be at the moment.

Wild Rose said...

Nevine, nice to see you here and thank you for stopping by. Of course Micasa es Sucasa. Stop by anytime :)

Wild Rose said...

Ed Pilolla i totally agree with you.

Desert Rose said...

Oil spill
in chains of still
Frozen with life
deprived of a strife
unanswered calls
lost in ocean falls
where to go
it is all suddenly raw
not even able to scream
or breathe our freedom show
crippled wings
trapped in oil strings
in a black slick
how would it ever again fly?
we shed tears
and throw a useless sigh
always wondering that hopeless why
yet i wish there is something more to do
instead of watching and helplessly shouting a cry.

thank you for that post Dear Queen,as much as it hurts to see the photos ,it is a brave call for help. hope they can really solve it soon.

love you always,wild rose.

Wild Rose said...

Lovely finish @Desert Rose, though sad yes~

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