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Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Translation London"

Wet night shivers,
unfolding lotus soars,
a scream under the waves.


TALON said...

"wet night shivers" - three words that by themselves say so little, but put together speak volumes.

Lovely, Wild Rose!

Wild Rose said...

Talon, thank you sweety, sometimes i am a woman of few words :)

Galaxyhera said...

Very arousing, i love it LarvK it's just hot!!!! I need a smoke and a good drink ASAP ;))

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Galaxyhera, you're really a wonderful friend for all you do for me. Stay blessed sweetheart~

Much love~

The Urban Cowboy said...

Very nice...you convey so much with very little. Those are my favorite nights. :)

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Urban Cowboy, they're my favorite nights too :)

Desert Rose said...

Wet night shivers,
unfolding lotus soars,
a scream under the waves
musk of your after shave
dripping rivers
of storming pleasures
of you and me
blinking desires
in two sparkling fires
when we breathe our ecstacy
visit my night
turn all my right
to your wrong
sing me a song
only i would dance
to your madness melody

too many visions you drew in my head with your powerful thought wild rose..
too many words are too little to describe its beauty..love reading you Queen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!for ur msgs.It's so nice and sweet of you to at least response to a stranger:)
Hope I'm a bit familiar now, can't call myself a friend though, Yeah I understand it's a bit crazy as well as silly on my part to ask for ur assistance/favour for any such thing, but tell u something I just felt it seems like u r a friend of SRK and u might just share this bit of request during ur leisure time, but here's a thing to which i guess u'll agree that to approach SRK directly is a highly ambitious thought as it is there are zillions of crazy fans who just want to have a lil glimpse of him, even to get the contact details of his PR agencies or assistants requires a heck lot of contacts.
So if in the near future u talk to him please ask will he be willing to give his precious time for such an endeavour(just 20-30 minutes). Sorry to bother u again,
BTW Awesome poems! & a nice blog to read:)
Regards & god bless,

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Desert Rose for your kind and lovely comments as always :)

Meetika..No problem if i can help i will try when it happens :)

Nevine said...

Why does it feel like I've known you so long, when in fact, I haven't? Your words do glide beneath the skin and lodge... though gently.

I hope this newfound connection will be filled with wonderful reads and exchanges. Here's to new friends... Clink!


Wild Rose said...

Dear Nevine,

Strange as it may sound i feel like i have known you even longer reading your words. I agree let this be a new beginning to our friendship.

Wild Rose~

Anonymous said...

You take me to journeys i never dreamt of. Thank you Larvee... I love your words and simplicity.

Your Sun-

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous: Thank you very much darling, i love your comments always ~:)) xxx

Sara said...

Wild Rose,

I love your Haiku. It always amazes me how Haiku writers can take a mere eleven words and evoke such powerful feelings. I liked the line "a scream under the waves."

While I'm sure this isn't really relevant, but your words reminded me a time I got caught in the undertow of beach waves. I was maybe ten years old and tiny. I couldn't get air. It was like a force was holding me under. Then suddenly I was released and popped to surface, scared and relieved. You never know when you will be tested:~)

Wild Rose said...

Sara for your lovely and most kind words i truly appreciate. And that's the beauty of Haikus', they can pretty much mean anything our minds perceive and i agree we never know when we'll get tested, so thank you so much for sharing that personal story with me :)

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