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Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Toffee and Ice-Cream Swirl on Safari"

Trickling in caramel toffee warmth down my back,
he slithers as sugar magic streams through our veins.
My stomach aching to receive the lightness
that is the tone in his caressing voice,
crushing like stampeding animals,
herded through a kaleidoscope rainbow,
remembering to slow down.
Then taking it all in before the atmosphere disappears,
our Safari sketched.
Erupting into chaotic cacophonous diatribe on frailty,
realizing this is reminiscent of nothing ever felt before,
giving new meaning to feelings.

Every fiber in my being driven to call out to your wild,
primitive self,
brooding and emotive yet somehow fragile,
elongated musings drawing out in the middle of the afternoon,
tasting toffee colors and mischief swirls of ice-cream on the lips of you.
Us dripping down walls like water draining,
sapping of energy but still energized enough,
partaking in another rendition of love’s ballad.

Harmonizing elegantly, sensuously, sumptuously,
and scintillating lust masquerading in erotic repose.
None knowing the depths of this passion we share,
giving up all attempts to decipher our puzzle,
meaning only to enjoy this moment.
Hoping for many others that resemble this
delightful melting of ebony and ivory,
titillating, unabated and inebriated spirits morphed into one.
Marathon sessions of exasperations,
sleeping and awakening to start all over again,
drawing in breathes upon shattering release,
losing grip on sense; giving in to shameless enjoyment.
Deploying every trick ever leaned through time,
eliciting the love, pleasures of body and mind.
Electrifying skin prickles with droplets of sweat,
glistening with sheen of exhaustion,
palpitating hearts beating in unison,
so many beats per minute.
Racing to the point of passing out we shout;
"Oooh...now isn't this just the sweetest insanity of toffee and ice-cream swirl?"

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday .


Galaxyhera said...

LarvK this poem is like from a James Bond series with Jim Corbett and i keep thinking of James Bond on a Mission Impossible mission on Safari ;) and the Darren Hayes Video too sexy, SRK better like it @iamsrk ;P Love u handsome Shah!

Galaxyhera said...

I love Black Box too, all her songs were so cool. My God, 80s club music i never hear anyone playing that lately thanxs for taking us back to that rocking time @LarvK love and hugs ;P

Nevine said...

This was such a delicious read, Beautiful Wild Rose... so filled with yummy imagery capturing every sensory feeling. I feel like your words come from somewhere deep inside you, and ring with the truth of your soul. Thank you for leaving this scrumptious treat for us... your humble guests.

Hoping you are enjoying a fabulous Sunday,

The Urban Cowboy said...

OK now, your awesome poem is making me feel 'lonely'

TALON said...

Wild Rose, you've made toffee and ice cream incredibly desirous. :)

A beautiful swirl of emotions and sensations throughout this poem.

Wild Rose said...

Thanks my lovely Galaxyhera i love the 80s and really enjoy Darren Hayes music alot :)

Urban Cowboy, don't feel lonely and everything will work out for you i know.

Sweet Nevine, I love reading you always and the words do come from deep within my soul, i do feel them and live them when i pen them down. It's the only way i can express what is truly inside of me. Thank you~

Wild Rose said...

Talon thank you sweety, i hope you get yourself some toffee and ice-cream soon, it's so delicious :)


girl, i want me some toffee and ice-SCREAM now!!! :) fab fab post, lady!!!

Desert Rose said...

LOVED EVERY WORD ,FELT IT WITH SO MUCH LOVE AND SWEETNESS DARLING..i so enjoyed our Safari there,i have one in the box for you..;)
love you always xoxo

Talli Roland said...

You have made me DROOOOL...


Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I would give anything to have my Safaris and trips this pleasurable and sumptuously delicious ha ha...

Your Sun-

Wild Rose said...

Hey Gypsy babe by all means do scream at the top of your lungs and have some more toffee and ice-cream. Good to see you again.

Desert Rose Real glad you enjoyed it babe xx

Talli and happy Monday to you too, it's that sweet :)

Amanda Sablan said...

Ooh, that was just so sensual!

Wild Rose said...

Isn't it Amanda? :)

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous...hmmm… your safaris and trips will be that pleasurable always and you will have them just like that every time darling just believe so xx ~:)

Desert Rose said...

everytime i read you,you take me places i feel i belong to,with the one man that dominates my being ..thank you for everything darling ..that one is super exciting ;)

ladynimue said...

i really really loved this ... nothing has ever made me feel the way your poem did !

Wild Rose said...

Thank you desert rose happy you enjoyed it.

Ladynimue: Welcome and thanks for your lovely comment.

Pete Marshall said...

the ice cream melted in sensual hands just like myself as i read this amazing piece.. thanks for sharing with one Shot..cheers Pete

Wild Rose said...

Thank you for stopping by Pete and i loved sharing it and knowing that you melted with the ice-cream in sensual hands makes it even better :)

anthonynorth said...

A lot of power in this. Nice one.

Brian Miller said...

i think i just passed out...
that was smoking...chocolate...safari...really i must try it...stunning imagery and you use words masterfully as well. very nicely played. and thanks for linking up to oneshot.

Wild Rose said...

Athonynorth Yes it does especially the wild animals. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.

Brian Miller: Great to see you around and i hope you recovered from passing out haha...You're very kind with your lovely compliment. Stop by anytime and i enjoyed linking up to one shot :)

betweenhearts75 said...

Awesome masterful provocative, writing here, loved this, such a passionately blended ICE CREAM! =) lol! Linked to blog through blogger (but usually write more in wordpress lately) - A kind friend of yours directed me here and glad she did...such an amazing gift you have! I think I could go for some ice cream now at 2:30 a.m.! LOL

joanny said...

This poem has it all heart, soul, deep passionate feeling for life, love, a truly sensual being bursting with life running through your veins, then the words come tumbling out on paper, I am in AWE. Love,love,love this poem.


came by one shot wed,

Wild Rose said...

Betweenheart75 Thanks for the awesome comment and very glad for the follow. Please have some ice-cream blend on me, it will make me so happy..hope to see you around more often :)

Joanny your compliment is very touching, my sincerest appreciation. Nice to meet so many nice writers from One shot Wednesday really great idea. And know you're welcome to drop in anytime.

Thanks to my new friends from One Stop and my old friends your comments do make my day and are immensely appreciated.

divisoria said...

first of all, i love the pictures...

and thank you for making the point that safari and toffee ice cream swirl really go together.

this piece is delicious

Wild Rose said...

Divisoria - Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by~

riikainfinityy.com said...

Sounds tasty to me XD, Omg you are making me hungry with this poem =3, anyways thank for sharing and have a delicious day ahead^^

Wild Rose said...

riikainfinity.com - Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Never knew words can be so deliciously chocoholic, smooth and melts exquisitely:)
Your delicious toffee ice-cream swirl on safari is PICTURESQUE!

Wild Rose said...

Thanks Meetika :)

Sender D. said...

Love your style and the words you use. Absolutely mind altering for me... Bisous, Love and Light, Sender

Wild Rose said...

Sender D. -Thank you very much :)

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