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Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Jungle fever illation"

It was a lovely early morning in the wild, the sun was just mounting up high in the sky and the hill-side whitened with blossoms of mountain ash. Late autumn colors flashed hues of red, yellow, drab, purple and light to dark shades of green. A rich coverlid of grass— exotic animals and birds—with private untrimmed banks of primitive apples and pebble-stones all negligent of one another as beautiful fragments. That is what I called them or thought of them. Drooping shy and unseen were our love thoughts of love yielding and acts of love climbing. Hands and arms of love, lips of love, phallic thumbs of love, breasts of love, bellies pressed and glued together with love. An all earthly chaste of jungle love it seemed.

Watching our body of love--the body of the man I love with me as the morning dew airs blew from the southwest, nature unraveling--the hairy wild-bee murmured and hankered up and down— griping the full grown lady-flower, curved upon her with amorous firm legs, took his will of her, and held himself tremulous and tight till he was satisfied. In the wet of woods through the early hours, the curious roamer kept at work; his hands roaming all over the body with bashful withdrawing of flesh where the fingers soothingly paused and edged themselves. The mystical delectable night—the strange half-welcome pangs, visions, sweats, had brought us to pulses pounding through palms and trembling encircling fingers, a rocking conclusion at the horizon. Flushes after flushes, surfing in the rain as everything seemed better when wet. Hot hands seeking to repress what would master him; his voice carrying me into a land of open grass plains, a place where anything and everything was possible. Jungle fever driving us mad. Then a wholesome relief, stillness, content with fulfilled sighs. Work was done as we tossed carelessly to fall where we could in the beautiful wilderness, our safari concluded.


Galaxyhera said...

Awe! This is the best safari conclusion ever LarvK, i got into it hehe thanxs for sharing it. It's too early for my wine but this has done it again mwah ;)

TALON said...

Now that is a wild safari! You pack so much sumptuous imagery in your writing, Wild Rose. It makes it very steamy :)


fabulous words again, lady!!!

Nevine said...

What a lovely write, Wild Rose! So rich and pulsing with eroticism. And all of those parts of love... they threaten deliciously to reach out and gobble me up. Such beautiful images and sensuous delights... every word a trickle of magic. Loved it!

Have a glorious rest of the day, Wild Rose!


The Urban Cowboy said...

What a wonderful safari to be in. Beautifully written Wild Rose.

san didi said...

you are very talented - well done!

Desert Rose said...

living you
is my forever
in our jungle we meet
like a speechless noise
we crack
it is all coming back
with a wild touch
that concluded a lifetime
of pleasure

loved it darling..felt us there,melting with joy :)

love you always ~

Wild Rose said...

Hiya Urban Cowboy, thank you and am glad to see your spirit back :)

Nevine sweetheart, you're wonderful with words and i get touched by them always. Lets just say you're a complete delight to me and my day is going great thanks to you and all of you here who are kind to my musings and most of all am grateful for the man that inspires me to write so wildly Shah :)

Wild Rose said...

My dear Galaxyhera i hope you kept some wine for me too haha...your support and love is amazing thank you so much, you're such a darling kisses~

Talon sweety, i wouldn't know any other way because i love visuals and enjoy picturing myself in the scenarios :)

Gypsy babe thank you again i do enjoy seeing you around so keep coming girl :)

San didi Thanks and i have feeling i know your ID from twitter.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Hi Wild Rose...my spirit is still wounded, but on the mend. Glad to be back.

Wild Rose said...

Good to hear Urban Cowboy and stay strong.

Thanks always Desert Rose, nice you saw yourself in it. That's the point babe :)

Anonymous said...

Was wondering if its okay to be the hairy-wild bee...Shakira is very sexy and very adorable.

Your Sun

Wild Rose said...

Hahaha....You can be anything you want to be in here Anonymous. Thank you xxx ~:)

joanny said...

Wild Rose

I love the way your mind comes from a purely sensual natural being, pulsating with life.

Love this one too, I have become a follower of yours.

My one shot poem was not the caterpillar one but liquid dreams you might like this one.

Wild Rose said...

Hello Joanny, thank you again for your comment and my mind usually moves from loving to sensual to erotic and other emotions it's my soul that sometimes pushes it's way out more :) Will check your liquid night now and by all means i will be following you too.

betweenhearts75 said...

Amazingly written, your words are fascinating. I loved how this merged together passion, love, and the aspects of nature entwining! An incredible talent in this, merging of many emotions really....the love aspect in it all is wonderful. Excellent skills you hold. =) ~April

Wild Rose said...

Great to see you again April am touched by your words and can only say thank you for that beautiful compliment. Hope to chat with you when i get back on twitter, a little lazy on that :)

joanny said...

Here are two awards for you, http://thedowsersdaughter.blogspot.com/

go here for explanation.

Wild Rose said...

Thank you so much Joanny am honored but must admit am so bad with this award thing need practice to keep up will check it out :)

Sara said...

Wild Rose,

I'm enjoying visiting writings I haven't seen.

This one was nature in full bloom:~)

I love your writing. As others said, the imagery is captivating, wild and erotic, yet gentle, soft and loving. Great job:~)

Wild Rose said...

Sara - It's really a pleasure to see you around always and thank your for your lovely compliment dear and you're welcome here anytime :)

Ed Pilolla said...

what a lush safari.
great alliteration, like
dew airs blew.

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Ed :)

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