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Friday, July 23, 2010


Sat on the grass, listening to the crickets,
laid me a map on the ground,
wide and lusty.
Fornicating with the soil it touched my outskirts,
It said, “Take me”
I said, “I will after the beautiful storm”
Looking at the map more carefully,
I realized it was fleshier,
mountainous in all the right places,
with hills exactly where there were meant to be.
Curiosity got the best of me, so I touched it and
Lo and behold!
It was my lover’s body, laid out on lascivious grass,
and it was the best map I could think of,
with all the GPS gadgets strategically placed,
he took me on an exhilarating journey,
to places I had never dreamt of.
So as not to sting him, I used blue and orange thumbtacks
to mark my favorite destinations,
the towns that I’d visit again and again with urge wondering lust,
he led me to the creek where we celebrated our selfness,
leaving a love stain on the leaves,
we mapped out our eternal tomb.


Amanda Sablan said...

That last line was especially cool. ;]

Desert Rose said...

So much loved it darling! another striking arrow of love here..you mastered your lines and the idea is so perfect! as always you capture my senses Queen..would revisit for sure ;)


joanny said...

From one incurable romantic to another, it is simply the best laid out map. Line after line, I was drawn into the poem, thinking of my own love and how wonderful love is, exquisite bliss., exquisite writing.

Have a wonderful journey this week end.


Galaxyhera said...

Ooh wow you're my poetic angel too. The lines are so deep and smooth they read so well. I love Robin Thicke and that is one of my favorite songs so sexy. Also i love that he has GPS gadgets on all the right places & i wish to play with them hehe ;)

Love, kisses & huggles,

Nevine said...

Oh, Wild Rose! You have such a way with romance and love and the divinity of lovemaking in all its beauty! You take me on a journey, every time, with your words... so charged with the electricity of desire. And here, there are mountains and hills and storms... and stings! The best stings! And the most delicious!

I come here to drink of the fires of love... and always leave feeling satisfied. Once again, you have delighted me!


Wild Rose said...

Amanda - I loved that last line as well, nice to see you back.

Desert Rose -You know me well and you understand..thank you my queen. Love always~

Joanny -It's always a pleasure to have you around, we're incurable only love does cure us :)

Galaxyhera -Love all you write and how open your mind is, by all means do touch the GPS gadgets i did and still do :) xx
Love & Hugs back~

Nevine - My sweet delight as always i smile when i see you here and i love taking you on those wild and romantic journeys as you take me on your amazing dreams. Happy to know i do at least give you a little of love's satisfaction. So come drink in here any day sweetheart ~

Hugs back to you with a kiss~

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful! Lovely photos, too.

I love the line: 'wide and lusty'.

faery of the wilds said...

there is a lot of lust in this one... The pleasure is high... nice work

The Urban Cowboy said...

Hey Wild Rose (I like to refer to you as Space Cowgirl), you know how much I love and appreciate your words, right? Well, you once again have cast a spell over me with your brilliant writing.

Terry Stonecrop said...

You paint vivid pictures of feelings, if you know what I mean. The physical senses come alive. Beautiful!

betweenhearts75 said...

Such a passionate journey. Anything to do with nature's placement I feel that "passion" role in even it's erotic journey. Nature has such an incredible sense of beauty it impresses upon thoughts. I very much enjoyed this journey. It had a fun sense within it as well, blending a bit of todays technology (via GPS) :) Love the way this was thought out

Anonymous said...

Why can't all maps be like this? GPS gadgets strategically placed...

Your Sun

Wild Rose said...

faery of the worlds -Welcome and thank you.

Talliroland -I know that line did take me places too, thanks :)

Urban Cowboy -I like that as well and feel free to call me that my friend. You know I enjoy your thoughts as always x :)

Terry Stonecrop - Terri, i know exactly what you mean and glad my words and images come alive to you and that's thanks to my muse as well :)

betweenhearts75 -I love nature and as a water and earth person this always feels so natural for me. Thank you!

Anonymous -I hope all maps i come across are like that except they should reflect the same person for me over and over. xx

Gardner West, private eye said...

Wild Rose babe, I'm not a poetry kind of guy but I really like yours. Any chick who appreciates sex for it's own sake is a real babe in my book.

TALON said...

I love the interplay between a map and a lover - wonderfully unique imagery, Wild Rose!

Wild Rose said...

Garner West -Our favorite private eye haha...thanks i love that feeling of being a real babe and am so glad you love my poetry :)

Talon -Thank you Talon and happy to see you back from vacation, hope you had lots of fun my friend~

Sara said...

Hey, unfair Talon said what I wanted to say! Seriously, this is one of my favorites because you made the map come alive. I loved that you used your "special" thumbtacks so as to not hurt him.

I also love that Peru shows on the map. I visited that country. My ex-husband grew up there. It's an amazing country, but I must admit I had difficulty with the poverty. It really hits you in the face in some areas...like Lima.

Wonderful poem, as usual:~)

Ed Pilolla said...

i feel a deep gypsy love here.

Wild Rose said...

Sara -Thanks Sara and i couldn't bare stinging him unless it's a love sting :) Sure i understand what you mean about poverty in some developing nations. It does make me sad when i see that too.

Ed Pilolla - I am a gypsy and it's this love feels like that :)

Mark said...

Your words invoke erotic and beautiful thoughts. I love the images, thanks for sharing.

Wild Rose said...

Mark - Lovely to see you again and thank you, keep coming, i love sharing my thoughts of loved ones :)


oh, dear wild rose! what a magnificent stirring of all things steamy you have created for us - just fantastic! a great piece and i loved every word!

Amanda said...

You have one awesome blog...I love your poem...leaving a love stain on the leaves!!! Thanks so much for visiting my nook~Hugs x

Sir Thomas said...

Oh Wild Rose I loved this....

its no mystery that i love the outdoors so this beautiful journey of ones lover....


Wild Rose said...

Sir Thomas - I knew you will like this piece as well and yes i know how you love the outdoors :)

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