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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Gold on Film"

The alarm shrilled
lingering briefly
he invited the morning sun rays in.
Just another day on his calendar
the morning was as the previous,
but this one was strangely
full of hope and belief.
How could he have realized it then?
No signs had laced into his dreams.
Building up anguish seeped into his bones,
he did not turn to his wife to voice it
nor did he kiss her good-morning.
He had decided to change the rules to the game
No longer a game player,
he had become the game changer.

He dressed up and ate his breakfast
reveled in his children’s eyes,
the goodbyes at the airport were short.
Going into the day that was every yesterday
of his tomorrow, his work on the film sets.
On location during a shoot she walked in,
exuberant her cheeks swallowed
each step she took left a foot print upon his heart.
Shifting her gaze; his eyes followed
concealing her dying heart inside a rib maze,
his world spun in only her direction.
Silence filled every hour she was out of sight
limbo rocking his heart back and forth.
His need had grown patient arms
but it was her tears that undid him.

Then they met again and again there after,
every moment tasting different
sweeter than the last.
He was quiet and unassuming in his disposition,
the gentle elixir for all she’d known before.
Her spilling joy was everything
missing in his uniform existence.
He knew her ache was boiling
beneath her jubilant crust,
she couldn’t bear to see him alone
not even for a second.
She had vowed to watch over him every night,
he had sworn to dance with her every day.
She loved him beyond her dying heart,
he loved her beyond all reason.

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday .


buttercup600 said...

I could feel the passion and emotion pouring of the screen. You make this poem come to life and it's edged in my mind!!!! Wonderful girlfriend. Thanks for sharing ~ Amanda x

Desert Rose said...

are you the one?
that God has made for me?
are you the one?
that God has made me see
the one who got me going
when i had to hold on
are you the one?
the one you are
no matter how far
we reach
we touch in a soulful anexiety
she lives him
a life she only prayed for
and in her heart he is the one
the one who sets the game
the player,
and the maker
the lover
and the saviour
he is the one
and the numbers fade after him
sacred love it is
and reviving the dying heart forever

ok,first verse is part of my all times classical,Are you the one of Scorpions,i love it.
second,that was so much beautiful that i can't help those glares of excitements..you are way beyond words Wild rose.way too brilliant for mere words to pay you off! love you always darling and so does he..:)

Galaxyhera said...

LarvK, these are the most beautiful love lines i have ever seen. Made me tear up just a bit ;P, i fell in-love once again with this angelic muse we love. Also La Femme Nikita and the songs plus Hey Shona too good for words. Love him, u and your great poems and stories. Thanxs for sharing them.

Kisses & huggies,

Brian Miller said...

excellent story telling...so filled with passion...and that last pic is a really cool accent....thanks for linking up with one shot again!

Wild Rose said...

Desert Rose - He's the one, who else can be that good and that loving besides him? Loved the comment darling and u xx

Brian - Thanks for the nice comment and for coming by again, one-stop is a great medium for poets and you guys did good creating it :)

joanny said...

Wild Rose

You are a "Wild Rose" wicked writing, and truly beautiful.

Exquisite joy,exquisite pain, you are an eloquent and an exquisite writer, and my dear friend you are an incurable passionate romantic.


Carol said...

Beautiful image and poem! Very powerful :-)

C x

Wild Rose said...

Buttercup600 - So sweet of you and i see you as one who would feel that passion intensely, thanks for the sweet comment girlfriend hug and x.

Galaxyhera -You just make me happy every time i see you here and you're truly are one of the sweetest and selfless human beings i have ever met. Love you babe xx

Carol - Thank you dear and for the follow :) x

Tony Single said...

Wild Rose, I love how some of your more abstract turns of phrase bring the mundaneness into exquisite focus. I love this! :)

dustus said...

Impassioned poetry, as I've quickly learned to expect surges of words / fire within lines... The final idea resonates.. "She loved him beyond her dying heart, / he loved her beyond all reason." Romantic and so much expressed.

thanks for joining us once again :)

Wild Rose said...

Tony -Thanks Tony i do have a knack for mixing abstract with the mundane. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Dustus - Great to see you again and the point of the the tale/poem is usually to lead the reader to a more concrete conclusion. As for the fire within the lines, it never misses here. Thanks for the great work at one-stop.

Jessie said...

a beautiful story, filled with passion, spoken with the tongue of a poet. passionate love at its finest!


Talli Roland said...

I love the line 'he had become the game-changer'. Beautiful, as always!

Wild Rose said...

Jessi -That was an exquisite compliment and am delighted to see you here. Thank you dear keep coming i know i will enjoy your comments~

Wild Rose said...

Talli - Thanks sweetie and you're great as always ~

signed...bkm said...

great story of falling into love and the passion it evokes and stirs within...you captured the emotion and put it into words..bkm

TALON said...

Wild Rose, "rib maze" "foot print upon his heart" - loved those! And the last line was just perfect - if we are to love, loving beyond all reason is definitely the way to go.

So sensual, so beautiful.

My word verification was "satin" - isn't that perfect? :)

Wild Rose said...

signed...bkm -Wonderful for you to drop by and thank you. Please feel free to visit anytime~

Talon -You lucky girl.."satin" was your word verification? Haha...see love and passion is in the air and on blogger too my dear. There's no other way to love other than loving beyond reason :) x

betweenhearts75 said...

Very beautifully done! Almost like watching a romantic film reading through your words. So incredibly written and everytime I get the chance to, I am so very impressed at the way you weave them. Loved this! *hugs* April :)

The Urban Cowboy said...

Wild Rose...what can I say that others already haven't?

This one is for you, titled: Wild Rose

Scarlet heart flowing,
her soul reflected in mine,
beauty passion traced.

Please don't laugh at my feeble attempt, for some reason you seem to inspire me to try my hand at poetry.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Beautiful and a sadness to it. Haunting...

Amanda Sablan said...

How many times can I praise your poetry until I run out of things to say?

PattiKen said...

This just boils over with passion. And there are too many wonderful turns of phrase to mention, but my favorite is: "...into the day that was every yesterday of his tomorrow."

Wild Rose said...

Betweenhearts75 - Reading you reminds me of how you write April and how you see things. Am touched and delighted that you're impressed. x

Amanda Sablan -Sweetie i love knowing what you think about my poetry and i will try not to make you run out of words to say. Means a lot to me so thank you again. You can say anything your mind thinks :)

Wild Rose said...

Urban Cowboy - Oh my dear friend, am so humbled by your haiku and i believe you've just crossed over from a story teller to a poet as well. You're getting so good at this thank you from deep down. I loved it as you know x :))

I could never laugh at you ever not when you write such beauty for me am so impressed. Keep doing it pretty soon i will be coming to you for help my friend~

Space Cowgirl~

Wild Rose said...

Terri Stonecrop - Thanks babe and the sadness is the usual in any love not always perfect. Sometimes we go through some emotional upheavals so our love can become stronger which is what am trying to show in the videos. True love has to have a little pain, otherwise how else can you know it's true? Love seeing you around with Gardner West give him a kiss on the chick from me :))


Pattiken -Thank you Patti, glad to see you again and that you enjoyed, it's wonderful.

kavisionz said...

Whoa! That was a whole truck load of passion oozing from every word of your poem there... Love - a weird thing - whether pure of forbidden and dark, who is to define...
I loved how you brought out these contrasting images in your poem... a beautiful read!

Mr. Stupid said...

This was amazing. The poem was beautifully done. Enjoyed it. You are an exquisite writer.
Have a nice day...:)

Wild Rose said...

Kavisionz - True "Love" is a weird thing forbidden or not pure or otherwise...it's love. Lovely to see you again.

Mr. Stupid -Thank you for the lovely compliment and great to have you around. Drop by whenever and have a wonderful day too :)

Nevine said...

Dear and lovely Wild Rose... so beautiful your words... so filled with that moment... when eyes meet eyes... and hearts click... and souls flame. You held me inside that moment, truly. And I did not wish to pull myself out of it. It is love that knows no reason that keeps the bonfire burning in the arid desert, is it not? A simply divine piece, this!

BTW, if ever you are in SA, or near, I would love to meet you... :-)


Wild Rose said...

Nevine - Huh...My sweet delight how i cherish your beautiful words. Knowing i held you there for a moment and longer gives me such tranquility and still my fires rage on. Thank you darling and i will make it a point to come to SA one day and have tea, coffee and then some good wine. Oh the giggles we'll have i can just see it :))

Wild Rose~

Claudia said...

oh my goodness - this for sure is passionate writing!
...his world spun in only her direction..is my favorite - know this feeling well - kind of hidden secret - trying to not let it happen..

Wild Rose said...

Joanny - Sweety i always smile at your comments and love that we're such incurable romantics. Love having you around always :)

Wild Rose said...

Claudia - Thank you for stopping by and i do love seeing new faces around here. Yes that feeling is always a secret kind of and delighted to know you loved that line :)

Anonymous said...

"His need had grown patient arms
but it was her tears that undid him because he loved her beyond all reason..."

Your Sun

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous -You're just too sweet, thank you really you just concluded my day darling xx :)

Sir Thomas said...

this is really good stuff.... So glad you stopped by and I plan on stopping by here lots more...


Pete Marshall said...

Hi wild rose...been away for a week so catching up..wow that was sensual..yet another good story telling poem..thanks for sharing..cheers Pete

Wild Rose said...

Sir Thomas - Its nice to have you around too and yes keep coming for more.

Pete Marshall - Thank you was wondering where you had gone but it's good you're back and hope your vacation was fun.

Sara said...

Wild Rose -- This poem left me speechless for a minute. It reminds me that some loves, good or bad, never end, Yet, we never know when they'll return or what lifetime.

It's the sweet anguish of half a soul finally meeting the other half of the soul again and it's timeless.

Ed Pilolla said...

this is a joyful celebration of love. very pretty.

Chris G. said...

Such emotion! I love the contrasts you put forth, in this vision of love. True romance in this. Wonderful poem all around.

And also, a great hurrah for the La Femme Nikita bits. Great movie to attach to your writing.

Nimue said...

very very beautiful, heart warming and flowing piece of poetry .. and that shona song was a great addition to post ;) loved it all :D

Wild Rose said...

Sara - That's the amazing thing about love, if one tells you it's perfect all through and full of rainbows then they're not describing real love. We have to have the good and the bad to understand how deep you love one another. Thank you and hope to see you around more.

Wild Rose said...

Ed Pilolla - Thanks Ed and hope all is well with you.

Nimue -Truly glad you enjoyed it because i love that song 'Hey Shona' :)

Wild Rose said...

Chris G - Welcome Chris, nice to see you around. I love La Femme Nikita it's one of the shows and movie that i saw myself in and thought it was perfect for this piece. Thanks and come again, you're most welcome~

Wild Rose said...

To all of you thank you for the lovely comments and support. Just wanted you everyone to know when watching the video clips above know that the La Femme Nikita clips are about two secret agents that secretly love each other and are not hurting each other at all, their hurt wounds and so on are from the work they do from the people they hunt down~

Wild Rose~

Caty said...

this was so terrific. So many lines I loved! "Game Changer..." ...all his yesterdays of tomorrow...". and the passion!

mairmusic said...

Ah, the beautiful treachery of infidelity. Hard for me to read, but I do admire your use of language.

emily wierenga said...

your blog is so intriguing... thank you so much for your thoughtful words on mine today, friend.

Wild Rose said...

Thank you Caty, that line was meant to be the title because that was where my thought originated. loved your blog too and stop by anytime.

Wild Rose said...

@Emily Wierenga -Great to know you admire it and you're welcome, i loved the way you expressed yourself on your blog. Feel free to come again friend :)

Timoteo said...

"Each step she took left a footprint upon his heart." What a great line! This is good stuff.

Wild Rose said...

mairmusic - Thanks for stopping by, everyone interprets poems in their own way i guess.

Wild Rose said...

Timeteo -Thank you and welcome :)

Debbie said...

Just incredible. Perfectly captures the romance without being trite.

Wild Rose said...

Debbie - Thank you and lovely to see you here, you're welcome whenever :)

Brian Miller said...

popped over from emily's and thought i recognized it, it was worth the warm feelings again...smiles.

Wild Rose said...

Thanks Brian i should have just added the link to my blog but this was already there so i just clicked enter, glad you enjoyed it again :)

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