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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


You set out on a journey to Ithaca full of adventure and knowledge, as emotions touch your body and soul, the fierce Poseidon rises within you. Your thoughts remain lofty entering ports seen for the first time. Souring through the secret ruins of Istanbul, Roma, Barcelona and Athena; stopping at Phoenician markets and purchasing fine merchandise. Mother-of-pearl and coral, amber and ebony. A beautiful voyage, arousing sounds of lutes and lyras entice your ears. Lovers dancing on the isles of Greece, where Sappho loved and sung bring a smile to your immortal face.

Reminiscing of a past encounter your temperature raises, Athena sensing it sees the string of your kite and follows it straight to you like the scent of fresh roses and delicate thyme. Her skirt flutters covering your face as you bend down to pick up your Spanish guitar. Her sensual perfumes provoke the scorpion phoenix in you, causing an abrupt urge to yell..., " Today, I shall play these strings to quench my Athena’s thirst." Your words stir up the heart in her breast, she watches you as you caress the strings of the guitar a delicate flame running beneath her skin. Yearning for you to release her from the grueling anxiety that her soul longs for, she’s almost scared to admit that the adventures of your body much like your voyage excite her. That on multiple occasions she has heard your calls of starving and craving as she ached and wanted you even more.

Tongued hesitation builds up the tension along the border of her skin eyeing your fingers teasing the instrument at hand. Her body ablaze, her admission to you comes as no surprise, she runs down every path of you exhausting herself in the many patterns of you. You run your fingers down her bare back and circle to her belly knowing where her gate is latched, Athena in turn lovingly savoring where your slope is anchored. Muscles harden, sights, smells and sounds, her limbs shaking slightly as your own ravenous appetite surrenders to her every will...you sigh. You knew you had always wanted her, and that despite your different latitudes, she had always belonged to you. Your surroundings erode as you play harder her rhythm enticing you, leaving you wanting more. Her skin static to your every touch sends sweet shivers down your spine while the madness of your musk leaves her without an identity. A perfectly calm afternoon of shopping turned into a tempest of emotions as you create flames from the friction of your humid bodies.

Your mind ticked over, your whole world explodes! Everything at that moment belonging to only you and her. "Don’t let me lose the wonder of your eyes", you mutter. "Sssh...! You are mine, mine, I go shouting it to the afternoon winds. I found your kite...It was sweet tasting it and it belongs only to us", she replies. Her eyes filled with mischief, a giggle escapes her tender lips. You smile back at her holding her in your arms as you gaze at Mt. Olympus in the horizon. You close your eyes hoping Zeus will keep your secret at bay.


Galaxyhera said...

O wow! am itching to write something erotic but am shy so will master up my courage and try again. I really enjoy reading you, this one has some mystery to it and you letting us fill in some of the storyline but still a great story and nice turn on ;) Very exciting LarvK thanxs for sharing.

She Writes said...

Thanks for drooping by. Looks like your subject matter is varied also. :)

Wild Rose said...

Anytime @She Writes :) and Hera always a pleasure to read your comments~

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts calm my heart and soul..my mind is still floating.

Your Sun-

Wild Rose said...


Thank you darling, I hope my thoughts can calm your mind too..read it all on here and it will ease your mind am sure. It always works for my Shah all the time ~:)


Desert Rose said...

loved every word,felt myself there..and yeah,still the mind is floating as well as the heart..

love you forever wild rose.

Wild Rose said...

Thanks babe @desert rose :)

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