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Friday, June 18, 2010

"In Response"

Blue turns to purple when all the red is added.
Nights are only dark when all the lights aren’t yellow.
Could it be true?
I met you,
And now we were two?
No! Scrap that..we made three,
You my moon and him my sun.

It may sound strange but it’s so perfect,
My cup only half full, without you.
So go your own way and do what you do,
but half of me follows you there with half of you.

So when I slide, you slide,
When you glide, we glide
With pride and dignity, we walk with our heads held high
Our hearts set ablaze, our minds flying.
Our days halcyon never seem slow,
Despite occasional steep plateaus,
It’s your beauty and beautiful words that fall upon my ears each night.
Talking and giggling, together as comfortable as never before,
Our lives merged and blended,
Our songs matching a crescendo,
Stronger as a force, working to overcome the others’ past.

Peering through the looking glass one day,
our future was unknown, partners without a face.
You were drown to me,
I as equally followed your scented whiff,
running across wildflowers in our wilderness,
We bounced through space and time.
Our laughter uncontrolled, our bond unmatchable,
The confused crowd before see us biased,
Perception, unlike matching gloves,

But we raised our wings,
like two glowing doves sealed by Hera and Eros
our time ticking as three mounted clocks,
in response to one another like a music box.

This poem is in response to this dedication from one so close to my heart: (Best Friends!)


Desert Rose said...

It is all about us
ever since we met
its like fate has been set
three roaming souls
that found each other
and it only gets better
with time
we rhyme
our magical melodies
in one loving tone
melting the heart of stone
with our ecstasy
in one number we shall be
there for one another
only with us we see forever
you my earth
he is our sun
and i would shyly be the moon
together we make our own universe
and within our hearts we find a HOME.

FOR THE THREE of US..i loved reading you,feeling you and living you with all my love forever and more.

thank you my QUEEN you touched my soul with every word..:)

Galaxyhera said...

Fabulous soul-mates, i like T.A.T.U and their music has been one of my best for long.
Best friends end up as soul-mates because they understand each other well and are there for one another through the best times and worst times. Thanks for sharing again @LarvK
I enjoyed this part ->So when I slide, you slide,
When you glide, we glide
With pride and dignity, we walk with our heads held high
Our hearts set ablaze, our minds flying.

Anonymous said...

In life there are three categories of blind
1, these are individuals that are blind
2 other are those that see but do not notice
3 and the third are those that see but pretend they do not notice
But life really is no
accidents !!!

All the best for all

Wild Rose said...

Thank you anonymous for that insightful thought, i have heard of all three but phrased in different ways and i do agree life is no accident~

Wild Rose said...

My desert rose i only find our words when i sing the symphony with you. Thank you for being a pearl in my life and love you too~

Wild Rose said...

@Galaxyhera, your sweetness and beauty can not be replaced and your kindness is something i cherish as a friend. Hugs for all the love you pour my way~

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