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Monday, June 14, 2010

"Funniest Boondock Episode 7 - Season 3: Fund Raiser"

Last night i watched what had to be the funniest episode of Boondocks yet (Episode 7-Season 3) For anyone who has seen the show, you know how satirical it is and how hilarious Riley Freeman can be not forgetting how much he curses. His lines and speech in this episode totally had me in stitches. Read, in his own words, "coldest speech in da history of cartoons"

"Fuck you, fuck the plane you flew in on, fuck them shoes, fuck them socks with the belt on it, fuck yo gay ass muthafuckin’ accent, fuck them cheap ass cigars, fuck yo yukmouth teeth, fuck yo hair piece, fuck yo chocolate, fuck Guy Ritchie, fuck Prince William, fuck the Queen. This is America. My president is black and my Lambo is blue, nigga. Now get the fuck out my hotel room. And if I see you in the street I’m slappin’ the shit out of you"

Watch the story of Gangstalicious here!

The clips above are not from the same episode am referring to since it takes a week for them to be posted online. But I needed to add some videos for reference so just enjoy. The second clip is The Story of Gangstalicious who is Riley's favorite rapper. Gangstalicious is shot and hospitalized in Woodcrest hospital. When Riley goes to visit the rapper he finds more than he anticipated... like maybe rappers that make songs like "Thugin' Luv" aren't necessarily as tough as they seem. Go figure. So enjoy and have a good laugh~


Galaxyhera said...

Rolfing^ OMG, its the longest paragraph full of cursing that i ever saw ;P Riley is the funniest character in the show. Thanks for sharing LarvK.

Desert Rose said...

LMAO ..ahaaa now i get it it is hilarious,cursing is somehow still fun to read as much as to listen to,thanks for sharing it larvy,needed the laugh darling..;)

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