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Friday, October 1, 2010

"Don't Question My Intelligence: SRK!!!"

I love posting anything that i find interesting and there're a million reasons why i adore Shah Rukh Khan as a man / star / actor and human being. Below is one among those many reasons. Here is an example of what simple human rights (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion, Equality excetera...) are and how they're interpreted and misconstrued by others. This is an article from the Times Of India and my thoughts come after, some translations are included...

Anshul Chaturvedi, TNN, Sep 30, 2010, 12.00am IST

SRK ke affair ki story mein ek byte communal harmony ka bhi chala do (While talking about SRK's affairs let's throw in a byte about communal harmony too) is how stars' perspectives on national issues are treated, says SRK, which is why he doesn't always say what he thinks. Except, of course, to TOI

Last week, the Mumbai police asked cine stars to appeal to people to maintain communal harmony as the Babri verdict approaches. You've spoken earlier – after Emraan Hashmi's press conference on not getting a house in Mumbai – and you'd said that you have a point of view, but you're defensive about expressing it because a) it's always misinterpreted, and b) the media doesn't take a stand. Today, if approached for bytes on communal harmony, are you willing to go beyond the one-liners?
Perhaps we should not be taken very seriously because we are film stars. You don't go to every engineer or doctor to take his viewpoint on communal harmony. The contrary argument to this is – oh, but you guys are public figures! My contrary argument is, we are public figures to the extent that we are entertainers. Beyond that, if there is an issue that I want to talk about, it may be personal, it may be women's education, I'll say it. You don't have to take it seriously, but if I felt it, I said it. If somebody takes it seriously, wonderful.

But I do feel that the line between how seriously we can take movie stars is rather fuzzy; we ask every movie star to talk about a national issue – whether it's the games, a cricket match, communal harmony, using contraceptives, polio vaccines... And on the same hand, we ask them some really silly things too. By virtue of subjecting a profession to two diverse thoughts – arre, bataiye, aap ne toh wahaan badi badtameezi ki thi, aap to sharab pi kar danga karte hain, humne suna hai ki aap ne toh...(Please tell us, you behaved so badly in that place, you drink and create havoc, we heard you .....) – you get a little schizophrenic. Am I someone who should talk about a larger issue in the overall interest, or am I someone who is just meant to be doing tomfoolery?

Yeah, the last time you spoke on this, you said, I'm just a dumb, vulgar star, why should I have an opinion?
Yeah, so why do I have to answer all this... so you are always in two minds when something like this is said. There are days when you feel, I'm not gonna speak, yaar. Because with the stage and the time of the work that you are doing, you reach a point when you cross just personal satisfaction. Then you think, I'll do this because cinema will look better. Of course you want your films to do well, but at some point you also begin doing it with a thought beyond just the BO returns.

But people only weigh it like that – that you can't think beyond your next film's future. That makes me go back to a thought – films and filmmakers and actors are part of a strange art form, which is only measured by the yardstick of commerce. So it's a dichotomy; it'll always be so. Ki hum artists hain, lekin jab tak woh painting biki nahi ek crore ki, tab tak hum bade artist nahin hain. (We are artistes but until that painting sells for a crore we haven't made it to the top) It's a strange thing, that you are weighed purely by commerce, while you are artistic by thought and belief. So sometimes, the question is put to you as an artistic person, about national interest. And you're like, haan, main artist hoon, main aapse is baare mein bolta hoon. (Yeah I'm an artiste, so I'm talking to you on this issue)) Suddenly, it's a commercial question – and you go, arre, yeh kahan se aaya... (Arre, where did this come from) It's a fait accompli, an occupational hazard, and I'll never be able to resolve it.

So when someone says to me, speak about communal harmony, I will say – yeah, I believe in communal harmony, in my house there's communal harmony. I believe my nation is truly secular, I truly believe that. So I will talk about it. And on the same platform, like you were just pointing out the contradiction, someone will ask me – toh aapka six pack aa gaya? (so have you got your 6-packs yet?) So you're like... how do I answer something on communal harmony and on six packs in the same breath? So you're, like I said, schizophrenic. You know you're playing two parts simultaneously, and so on days, you try to avoid playing at least one of them.

I don't know if people understand, from the outside, the dichotomy of questions that we are subjected to, ki bhai, kya poochh rahe ho same breath mein? (what are you asking in the same breath?) You don't ask the other part to national leaders, you never ask them a frivolous question. And just because we entertain, by jumping and doing fight scenes and dancing, it does not make us different...it takes a lot of intellect to do the silly things that we do on screen to convince a billion people that this is true. It takes a lot of intellect to be able to convince people to believe in fantasy – but people don't seem to be able to recognize that.

Like, Walt Disney wasn't a cartoon...
Absolutely. Walt Disney is not a cartoon. He is genuinely, internationally, the longest lasting phenomenon. You don't laugh at him when you see his face and say, he's Mickey Mouse. He's not Mickey Mouse – he's the creator of dreams. And some dreams are funny, some are silly, some are sweet – that does not make the creator any of those things, it just makes him very imaginative. It makes him versatile.

I like talking when people ask me sensible questions. Ask me senseless questions also, but in a context, and I can have fun, I can make you laugh at my answers. But it should not be that you are just doing it for a purpose which is so transparent, and you are questioning my intelligence by asking me a question like that; ask me a question, but don't question my intelligence. That's what it comes down to, many times. Come with a question, but don't come with a motive behind a question. But... you live with it. You do get irritated also, at times... maybe that is why people are taking to more social networking stuff. They are actually moving away. That is why you may find in the long run that the fastest information, the most important information, finally, all celebrities will end up giving through their own channel – be it a book, a blog, Twitter, XYZ. If I'm not talking about a topic on my channel, it means I don't want to talk about it. I'm very clear now, for example, I don't talk about religion. If somebody asks me a question, I usually won't answer, because what I say hurts people. So, it's like, sorry, now you can't have my views on religion, publicly, because you don't know how to appreciate it, because it causes too much strife.

Transmission losses?
Ya, ya, it all gets... in fact, in some time, I'm gonna take a position that I will not answer questions about co-actors. Ask me about my film, my work, my job, my stuff – good. Bas.

So if it is about your suit in " Ra.One", or the six packs, the pop answers, you will answer anyone, but if it is about something that you actually think about, like religion, you won't take a public platform, won't share it?
No, I won't share it. Not with the popular media. I don't think they're even interested in knowing. I doubt if there is any real interest. It is like – aap bol dijiye na, thoda sa bol dijiye communal harmony pe... matlab? (tell us a bit please, just say a few words on communal harmony....what's that?) It's like advertising. They just want me like someone who is selling that thing right now. Thoda sa bol do na... Shah Rukh ka affair ka story chala denge, toh uske andar ek yeh bit bhi aa jayega communal harmony appeal ka. (Just tell us a few words na?.....we'll start the story with Shahrukh's affairs and throw in a bit about communal harmony too) I think a lot of actors and right thinking people will be perplexed by that, won't they?

You've stuck to that line, of not commenting on issues of social relevance?
Yeah, I don't think movie stars are nationally relevant – it's as simple as that. Or, are thought to be not relevant enough to speak in the national interest, on national issues, without it turning out to be a full blown controversy. We are not supposed to have an opinion. If we have an opinion, it has to be controversial – that is how we are always projected. It is difficult. I do have my opinions, in a private room, and I like to share them, and I do like to figure out if they are correct or wrong; I am an open, 'discussive' kind of person, but it is so unfortunate that today, I am so worried about saying anything – can't even say anything nice about the city (Delhi) ki bhai kisi aur city ko bura na lag jaaye! (in case some other city gets offended) I may say things with the right intention, but more often than not, people will misconstrue it.

I couldn't help overhearing you talking to friends about the question of money-making in projects of national relevance, before we began this interaction...
If anyone is working on something in the national interest – even if there is this human nature, that I would like to earn because I am working the hardest in this activity, or whatever, if you feel you are not being paid enough for it as per your efforts, say so, make a clear-cut demarcation about these things. But be clear, whatever I am doing in the national interest, for a public activity, at least 51 per cent should go to the nation, I can look to make 49 per cent from it. It cannot be that 99 per cent I make and give 1 per cent to the nation! You need to give back. And when I say give back, I am not being idealistic, I'm a material guy, I'm a businessman, I'm a f****** rock star! Okay, maybe I shouldn't be talking like that, but the point I'm making is that, if I'm ever asked to do something in the national interest, do a project of national relevance, it's not as if I will not charge for it, but I will ensure that what I give back is not just worth that money, but is a little more than that. It should not be just value for money, it should be a little more than value for money. If you are in a business, your personal venture, take 100 per cent profit, take 500 per cent profit by all means, but if you are working on a national project, the objective cannot be to take back a 500 per cent profit. If somebody is working very hard, or deserves a lot of money, pay him upfront, say he is going to be working for so much time, he deserves it – and then put the rest of the money where it should go. But unfortunately, that sort of transparency is rarely there.

In that context – Rahman being paid 5 crore for the games song, which is widely seen to be a fiasco. Do you think this is an instance of delivering more than a little value for money, as you say, or is it that when politicians and bureaucrats commission something, even a Rahman ends up delivering a sarkari output?
Uh... you see, yaar, creativity has this problem, sometimes it'll be liked, sometimes it won't. It's unfortunate that perhaps we expected something more popular from this music, and it isn't that. See, this is very subjective. You will find enough people who like that also, I think. But perhaps one has decided at some level to take the Commonwealth Games and say, everything is wrong. Ek predisposed idea ho gaya hai – Commonwealth hai, sab kuch kharab hai. Paani aa gaya, dengue aa gaya, traffic aa gaya, yeh ho gaya, woh ho gaya... sab kuch galat hai. Ek wrong footing par aa gaya hai games,(It's become a predisposed idea now - It's the CWG, everything's rotten. There's floods, there's dengue, too much traffic, this...and that...everything's bad) and the song is also caught up in that.

Also, I think the whole spectacle is a reflection of how little we appreciate sporting events in our country. We as it is are quick to demean it, and of course all these recent controversies in cricket etc are not helping it either. It's a slightly grey area for us.

A Bollywood superstar, brand ambassador for a state, a little later is brand ambassador for another state with a completely different political ideology...?
You can see it one way, I see it the other way, like I am affiliated to, say, Pepsi. If I leave Pepsi, and later Coke tells me to do something for them, I'd do it. I have no issues, whether Coke and Pepsi have different ideologies or not. See, I'm called for a job, I'd do it. I used to endorse a computer company; they don't use me any more, for the last one and half years. There's another computer company that just called me, and I said of course I'll do it. Of course I believe both the companies are good at their job. And I believe it is my job to tell people about what the good points of either company are. I'm not lying in either case.

If I'm called to launch the Delhi Eye, I'll say okay, I'll come, I was excited by the London Eye, so if there's something like that opening here, and I'm called, I'll come. Tomorrow if I'm called to launch the Chennai Eye, I'll go and do it, or the Bhopal Eye, or the Lucknow Eye. There's no political line, as far as I see it.

Find Original Article here:


I think we look at stars or public figures as servants of our own egos and not human enough to feel and do the things we do simply because they're portrayed as a bit alien with something more than a normal person. Hence, we emulate them and blame them at the same time for simply being human. But it's time we realize that they're no different than we're they just happen to be in a different line of work than most of us. Okay granted they make more money but anyone who works hard enough or invents something can make that kind of money. However, this is besides the point. I have met women who tell me that their kids look up to President Obama and therefore when he smokes he's setting a bad example. Yeah you heard me right...Please do excuse my French but who the fuck thinks like that??? How does your parental responsibility get transfered to the President of the United States??? Does he not have enough responsibilities on his plate as a public servant of this United States of America, he has to babysit someone's kids, a responsibility that is solely theirs as parents?? Oh and as if that isn't enough you find parents that that let their kids watch whatever is on the TV or online like a Lady Gaga video and then when their kids want to dress like her they decide to blame the Musician and completely fail to see how idiotic that is!! Because Gaga didn't give birth to their child, they did it's up to them to shelter their kids from anything that maybe a bad influence or overexposure to the Media...

I fail to understand this kind of mentality where people project their personal responsibilities to movie stars, musicians, political figures and other celebrities.

Why do we ask movie stars and musicians questions about politics or how to run our country? Isn't this the work of those congressmen, senators and Members of Parliament we voted for and put on those high end seats to run our countries and governments? And who says movie stars and musicians don't have a political opinion? Are they not citizens of their countries and well serving members of those very communities? They have every right to voice their opinions just like everyone else but we make it a big deal that they have spoken and God forbid they said something sensible so we turn on them and use their words against them. But wait... when we need them to show up for an event (fund raising etc..) we're promoting then suddenly their opinions seem to matter. How wrong is this???

So here is my take on it because it annoys the living daylights out of me...

People...all the above persons have their own lives to deal with besides yours. They have their own:
-Families (Children ) to raise
-Jobs that they have to work hard at to survive
-Trying to please all their fans or followers
-Entertain everyone
-Keeping up appearances everywhere
-Maintaining the the peace amongst us because we're just too stupid to work together on common goals that benefit us all as human beings (Democrats and Republicans)

Now get your shit straight ya'll, get on top of your game and take care of your own damn responsibilities and issues as parents and members of your communities instead of sitting on your asses and blaming some public figure who has no clue what your psychosis or egotistic self centered-ness is all about!!!

Ask yourselves what your responsibilities as parents, members of society and as human beings are before you throw all that to some actor, musician, or politician. We all have an obligation to ourselves and an interest in our communities and need to evaluate how we're making a difference for ourselves, our families and others around us before we designate that accountability to someone else!!



Galaxyhera said...

I read this article over and many times and i felt bad for SRK and other stars. People can be very mean and he doesn't deserve this kind of treatment :( Made me sad. SRK we love you no matter what ungratefuls say out there. Thanks for sharing it here sweetest one.

Love, hugs & billion kisses,

Couture Carrie said...

Fab interview!


TALON said...

I enjoyed this article, Wild Rose, and thank you for sharing it. It's true that we are all just human beings - regardless of life circumstance or how fame or money is involved. I would imagine it's difficult to live in the public eye because for stars. The public feels they have the right to know them beyond their movie role or their music or any of their art. And to expect any public figure to be a role model for your own children is ridiculous. I know my children's role models growing up were people they could meet with, interact with, relate to in person and not through media sound bytes or CD's. Mind you, they didn't grow up with all the media available these days that blurs the lines even further for celebritites between keeping their presence public and keeping their private lives just that. But they do have a right to their privacy and the right to keep their own counsel - just as we all do. And maybe it's a good thing they now have more personal control over what is known about them through the media.

Amanda Sablan said...

This was quite a departure from your sexy poetry but I like it! I agree with what you're saying. There should be total freedom of self-expression because it's not up to the rich and famous to teach your kids: that's what parents are for. If they're not comfortable with their kids watching a certain TV show, say, all they have to do is put a child lock on and monitor their kid's internet activities.

Some parents just need to be a little more proactive.

Anonymous said...

I too read it yesterday and felt a little sad for SRK but seems like you felt really really bad for SRK after reading the article and it is this love of urs for SRK which made you to comment on it. But you know what dear today’s generation for whom he enjoys a status of an icon in true sense hardly get disturbed reading such articles because whenever they truly search and look for somebody to look up to they LOOK for models who have really left an IMPACT and not for CRITICS… celebs r often targets of such things….people write about, ask you weird question, condemn you praise you and treat you like public property … haha hope you know that there wasn’t ever a statue built in the honour of a person whose job was just to criticise.
Cheers dear ur Shah as you usually address him is a ruler and RULES hearts. Cheers to SRK too.

Jingle said...

cute interview!

Jingle said...


pass to 1 to 10 friends..
Happy Weekend!

Wild Rose said...

Hera -Thank you babe because i feel the same way you do and yes he deserves better for all he's worked for.

Lotsa Luv to you muah~

Couture Carrie -Thanks darling xox

Wild Rose said...

Amanda -Babes thanks and you know me i like talking politics, films and poetry so you bet anything that affects us not just within but around us too so this is one of those posts.

Jingle - Thank you sweetie will check it out :)

Wild Rose said...

Talon - Dearest am so glad you enjoyed i have been peeved since reading it and needed to rant. Thanks for enjoying my venting. And you're absolutely right celebs and other public figures have every right to express what they feel without being overly judged. Am comforted by the fact that he just refuses to answer some of the media's obnoxious questions because they don't appreciate his thoughts when he does. More power to you my Shah. It gives me such pleasure haha.. :))

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous -Thank you M love your thoughts and couldn't have said them better sweetheart, get well very soon :)xo~

Anonymous said...

You really love your SRK...ha ha
I felt bad for him too but when he has someone like you by his side that adores him unconditionally then everything else said pales in comparison.

Your Sun

Wild Rose said...

Anonymous -Those are words carved from my own heart...you got it my sweetest darling xoxoxox ~:)

SY said...

Celebrities get the fame but the trade off isn't always in their favor. I feel for them. They are human just like the rest of us

Jingle said...

It is Monday again, I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poem treats to share via the link on the top! You could use an old poem.

Jingle said...

Thanks for linking ...

not everyone understands the struggles behind movie stars and more...
awakening highlights...

Talli Roland said...

I love your poem but you're absolutely right! Well said!

Desert Rose said...

I read the original article of course, and i totally agree with you darling, a lot of pressure is put on celebreties and stars. Media is just looking for more victims and they are their easiest target cos they are sensitive and closer to people.SRK is an icon that will remain an everlasting legend to crown the history of humanity.nothing can ever touch his place in our hearts.
love your style in writing and expressing your opinion which is exactly what we all feel, well done and you know how much talented you are Queen, in everything you do.

tight hugs & lots of kisses

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Thanks for yr visit and kind words... will follow you on Twitter also

Warmest Salad

Luke @ WoedSalad

Jingle said...


awards for you.

Jingle said...

Our poetry potluck is NOW open, welcome linking in..

betweenhearts75 said...

I think this was a great affition among your writing for people to understand better.

~Though I hold many stars/actors/musicians/artists/anyone who may be in some spotlight, in high regard and respects given the status, I've never been one to understand a lot in the reasons behind some actions of people on terms of how they treat them.

The spotlight is I think one of the most difficult positions a person can be in despite all the hype, they live in a world that contains very little privacy, and I like to say hyper-criticizm, because it can be drawn out so far.

Honestly I know very little about some stars, and to me they are human, just like everyone else. (and sort of funny the only knowledge really of SRK has been from here, in admirations/affections of ~ amazing poetry too =))

Great highlight of this sweet dear!

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