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You are in my guts Shah and I am acting because you are alive... *ILU* ~@LarvK

"I read everything including the laundry list that comes at my home. When I used to stay in a hotel and couldn't find a book to read I used to read the instructions on how to escape in case of a fire. I love reading and like to read almost every book. I need to read before I sleep" ~@iamsrk

SHAH RUKH KHAN...YALE CHUBB FELLOW...SO PROUD OF YOU MY SHAH, *ILU*~ "World...Move over you’re standing on my oxygen tube.... I need to breathe~" #YALESRK... @iamsrk~

Sunday, February 28, 2010

~ Shah My Vampire Knight~

So this one is a poem dedicated to my most favourite actor and human being in the whole world... Shah Rukh Khan! Yesterday it so happened that he tweeted about being a vampire and instantly my mind went to overdrive...Me and my SRK overcrowded mind.. atleast you know who to blame ;-))
@iamsrk..."sun is coming out. the vampire needs to retire in the folds of his quilt before it hits him. read & write to u all tom. goodknight & lov"

The allure as you can tell from the above tweet was too much for me to resist, hence my inspired poem for him below; I Hope you love it Shah...I love you more than words can describe~

It’s a night of dark desire, a song of subtlety, Wolves vent their howls, the immortal one wakens.

Suddenly am face to face with him, my heart races, I can’t move... the night shrouds his toned form, a timeless life.

His black tamed hair cascades over translucent face, his eyes piercing the very core of my being,

He gazes at me as if hesitant for a moment of what he’s about to do; I melt within for he has already undressed me.

Then his full puckered lips part slightly, as they taste the soul streaming from my pale flesh beneath him..
"Oh my God!" I whisper! Now...A night of ecstasy, I smile lucidly.

You Rock My World Shah...!!!


shell said...

Oh my gosh, that was steemy. My disappointment: I've never EVER had a "romantic" dream of our dear Shah. Not once. Not ever. SO SAD! That isn't to say he doesn't invade my daydreams all day long! I'm glad I'm in good company!

LarveeK said...

Thanks Shell, but it wasn't a dream ;-)) I surely hope you can manage one dream at least with @iamsrk one of these fine nights...If it's any help, scroll down on here and vent out in the my vampire knight's bath tub anytime or day no judgement of course XD x

stairway to heaven said...

what can i say ! this one is so invading me with open arms!
He is the dream and the reality
the one and the all
the rise and the fall
is the truth and the lie
the silent craving cry
he sets my tunes to his melody
resides in my eternal fantasy
as the knight of the soul
and the answer to my lifetime call.
only him sets me free
let me be
as his own surrendered proprety.
not million word can do him right
you said it !
he is our vampire knight..:)

LarveeK said...

An invaluable truth he is...a lie not so much..
He consumes each breath in us as he grows stronger with every sip of our souls
Buried with him in an age old sin
whispering his name a thousand times
He holds us closer
searching deep through our eyes
as if we could tame him
He quivers slightly
I lift up my neck for him to see
you hold me still
I cannot let him be a shell
Go ahead; I say to him, it’s alright
Anything to help you survive through the night
My King..
I feel his tears pierce my neck
His teeth sink deep in my skin...Hah!
As my eyes close
i catch a glimpse of your smile
knowing all too well what it means
The Vampire Knight sighs
Another lifetime awaits us ~:)
~Queens of the Damned~

stairway to heaven said...

It rushed into my skin like a beat of life your words are just speaking my heart out.
It is not just love,not even lust
you are more then even a blast
this deep connection is our strength from God
we will always be here for you
even with a glimpse of your eye..you will find us there.
through the sadness and despair
the tender touch through your hair
will be our souls whispering your peace
and in your heart we will just reside
for we are your creations and you are the deified.

Anonymous said...

Too hot to handle that MJ music suits the post hehe ;P
Gauravg76 from twitter

Anonymous said...

This Vampire Knight awaits her queen..

Your Sun-

Vegas said...

Sounds beautiful. A gorgeous maker he would make.

Wild Rose said...

Vegas - Oh i hope so Vegas, makes me think of you and Colin...xx Glad to see you here babe :)

Wild Rose

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